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Woody, why am I alive?
You are a toy.
You belong to Bonnie.
These are your friends.
Hello! Hi!
Woody, I have a question...
ummm...well actually not just one, I have ALL the questions.
Who wants to go on a road trip?
You need help with that?
No no, I got it.
I know this is a little strange, but we all have to make sure nothing happens to Forky.
Uhh, something happened to him.
Buzz, we gotta get Forky!
Roger that!
The panic is attacking me!
Change of plans.
Jessie, Hamm, Buzz, Bo, Rex, Potato Heads.
Hey! Watch it buddy!
What do we do?!
Let's go save a spork!
Do I need to be worried?
My guys are veterans, they'll hang in there.
On my way Woody!
I know the perfect toy to help.
Duke Caboom, Canada's greatest stuntman.
Huh! Oh yeah!
He's posing.
Duke, we need to...
Hold on, one more!
Ooooh yeah!
Hold on!
Woody will save me...
I've known that guy my whole life...
Two days.
Is that how we look on the inside?
There's so much f-f-f-fluff!
We have to find him, Mom!
Bonnie needs Forky.
Awww Sheriff Woody, you always coming to the rescue!
That's gonna be quite a jump for you and Duke.
For me?
Let's Caboom!
That's where Forky is being kept.
How do we get that key?
What about the ole' plush rush?
There ya go.
Where did you two come from...?
The keys! Give them up now!
Where are they? The keys! Give us the keys!
Well, we're not doing that.
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Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2

11539 Folder Collection
Ginger Liu published on June 2, 2019    Ginger Liu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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