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Man, I'm pooped!
Working for a living stinks.
I just wanna relax.
And how!
Who's a good boy?
Who deserves some treats?
What the...
I'm out here busting my hump 24/7, and all this guy does is fetch some slippers and he's living on Easy Street?
I gotta get in on this.
Be a good boy and fetch the paper, huh?
Thanks, Goofy!
Why, you deserve a treat!
Yeah, yeah! Give me, give me!
Say, let's go to the park.
Oh, man!
How great is this?
Now we're both living on Easy Street!
Fetch, boy, fetch.
Good boy!
Roll over, boy!
Yeah, boy!
Say, "I love you."
I love you, Mick.
Easy Street...
Ooh! Ooh! Two slippers, coming up!
Don't worry, Mick, I'll find them!
Hey, you should rip up them slippers and blame that jerk.
He'll get kicked right outta here!
How could you?
You stay out there and think about what you've done!
Okay, Pluto, I'm sure you've learned your...
Oh, boy!
We gotta get you to the doggy spa.
Doggy spa?
Pampering, here I come!
Oh, boy!
We're gonna get world-class massages!
Great idea, buddy!
Pierre! Code red!
Quick, to zee bath!
Time for zee de-worming!
What? Not my worms!
Living on Easy Street ain't worth all this!
I'm outta here!
Guess he won't get his treat.
Who's my good boy?
Who's my good boy!
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Easy Street | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

10624 Folder Collection
jasmine published on July 2, 2019    jasmine translated    Evangeline reviewed
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