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That'll be 863 yuan.
What? It was just an IV drip.
Why is it so expensive?
Hospital policy. (Did you get the results?)
What department was the emergency patient sent to last night?
Neurology. (Thanks.)
The doctors! Where are the doctors?
Where are they? Bring them out here!
Unconscionable quacks! (Quick! Call Director Wang!)
Bring our relative back!
Unconscionable quacks!
This is a hospital!
You can't cause a scene here! Please calm down! (Terrible. We won't bear. Where is he?)
Everyone just calm down!
Stop shouting! This is a hospital!
A perfectly healthy person is gone, just like that!
We deserve to know what happened! (Just tell us why!)
Give us an explanation!
Everyone be quiet.
Let me speak. (Tell us what happened!)
The operation was successful.
The patient's death has nothing to do with our hospital.
It was a sudden brain hemorrhage,
and we did everything we could to save him.
We regret his loss too. (That's a lie!)
Bring out your directors!
You are all seriously impacting our ability to work.
If you don't leave right now, I'm going to call the police!
The police?
You killed him and now you're avoiding responsibility!
You unconscionable quacks! We deserve an answer!
Tell us what happened!
Stop hiding the truth!
We need an explanation! Tell us what happened! (Dr. Cheng, I beg you.)
How did my husband really die?
What happened to my son?
What happened? (Bring the doctors out!)
Stop hiding you cowards!
Sudden onset hemorrhage.
We misjudged his condition. I'm sorry.
We did everything we could to save him.
I told you long ago,
when it comes to situations like this,
there are plenty of reasons to put the responsibility on the patient.
But you refuse to listen.
When you do this,
it damages the hospital's good name!
this was clearly the hospital's mistake.
And on top of all that, to lie to the patient's family—
The board has already decided.
But why?
Because I told the truth?
The hospital made you a sacrificial lamb to settle the dispute.
That's not fair at all!
No matter what,
I told the truth.
I was honest with them,
so my conscience is clear.
I feel at peace.
You're a good Christian, so I know you speak from your heart,
but did you stop and think
the hospital dismissed you for malpractice?
That becomes a stain on your work record,
and it could be really difficult to find work in the future!
Next stop, South Chaoyang Road.
Cheng Nuo,
I know you might not want to hear this,
but they say
\"You can't blame someone for not knowing.\"
The hospital denied everything,
and no one else even said a word,
so why did you have to tell them the truth?
Mom, Heaven sees all the things we do.
I can't just ignore my conscience and lie like that.
Nothing against you believing in God, or telling the truth,
but there's a time and place for something like that!
Ma …
And now look! Jobless!
Telling the truth got you fired! (Hey Mom.)
Come on, don't be so hard on her.
She's going to find a new job.
I have to say something to her.
Stop it. We still have my income.
It's just someone as honest as her couldn't keep a job anywhere!
Okay, calm down, don't be upset.
Here, have some water.
So you have a bachelor's degree
and five years of clinical experience?
That's right.
And you used to work at a city hospital?
Wait to hear from us.
So then, you're saying you were terminated?
Mm, I was.
Ms. Cheng,
if we need you in the future, we'll contact you.
I'm sorry,
but I don't think this position is for you.
We'll get back to you.
I'm sorry.
You're not quite the right fit for our company.
I'm sorry. You can go now.
Oh …
Mr. Wang!
Mr. Wang!
The rebar this contractor used is narrower than before.
The cement's not thick enough.
If we cut corners like this, there could be issues down the line.
as long as the primary structure has no issues,
don't make such a fuss.
Do you know who the contractor on this project is?
A city leader's relative.
They've asked that we take care of him.
But, Mr. Wang,
if there's problems with the building, who bears the responsibility?
Don't worry, nothing will happen.
Deguang, be a bit more flexible.
Upsetting the city leader over something like this really isn't worth it.
Making things easier for others makes it easy for yourself.
It's been three months, and she still hasn't found a job.
Come on, don't worry so much about it.
How can I not worry?
I mean the monthly mortgage is over 3,000.
That much?
And there's Kai's school fees too.
Right now, Deguang is paying for everything.
Deguang works two jobs right now,
and overtime at night.
As his mother, I'm concerned about him.
Hey Cheng Nuo,
I just heard Shuguang Medical Equipment is hiring a new manager.
They're a foreign-owned company, and the salary is really good.
It's a good opportunity, so fight for it.
As a doctor,
I can tell what kind of equipment the patients actually need,
and I can give consumers professional direction and advice.
Those would be my strengths as the new manager.
you just said you resigned from your last job, correct?
That's right.
Being a doctor at a city hospital,
it's an admirable profession.
So why did you walk away?
When I studied medicine,
I thought it would be a very noble, holy profession,
but it wasn't what I imagined at all.
Most hospitals today
have self-serving doctors with their own interests,
and leaders that put profits above everything.
Hospitals aren't just places that save the dying and heal the sick anymore,
so I resigned and left the hospital
to hopefully find a job that suits me better.
Hey, so how was the interview today?
I lied to them and said I resigned,
not that I was fired.
For something as important as this,
a little white lie doesn't hurt
if it helps you get the job.
I feel so guilty for lying about it.
God requires us to be honest people,
and I want to practice according to His word.
Why do I involuntarily lie where my own interests are concerned?
Isn't everyone like that after being corrupted by Satan?
This society is too pragmatic.
You won't get anything done if you don't lie a little.
If we tell a lie,
we can just pray to God and confess.
Cheng Nuo,
to pursue being an honest person is completely in accordance with God's will.
The fact you feel guilty and not at peace when you lie,
that's a good thing.
You should go before God, reflect, and confess.
As for now, our spiritual stature is small,
and there are still some things the flesh cannot forsake.
Especially in important matters, we can still lie without realizing it.
I've struggled with it myself over the last few years.
But as far as pursuing being an honest person,
I don't think we can succeed without God's discipline, judgment, and chastisement.
You know, at least you're better than me!
You may lie about big important things,
but me? I still lie about small stuff.
Especially since I sell clothes,
I don't even know how many times a day I lie.
Afterward I always regret it,
and I hate myself for cheating my customers,
but when I see them there,
I open my mouth and lies just come out.
I don't know when I'll be able to stop.
Really. She's telling the truth now.
But there are times she can lie so easily.
Even if something looks terrible on them,
what else can she say?
\"Wow! That shirt is beautiful!
It looks amazing on you! Just perfect!
Like it was tailor-made for you!\"
Oh, and you lie any less than I do?
Whenever I hear your boss call you,
all that you do is kiss up to him.
Even with his co-workers,
it's nothing but polite clichés and compliments.
It's just work.
That's no excuse!
You said everything to Mom …
You're both like eggs.
Six of the same; half a dozen of the other.
But, I have to tell you,
you've believed in God for a while now.
You need to take your faith seriously and pursue the truth.
You can't be confused and live like non-believers. Huh?
I know, Mom!
It's true.
Your mother is right. You should listen to her.
Dad, Mom, come on. Don't worry so much.
Of course I believe in God.
I've read a lot of God's word, and I see this world clearly.
It really is dark and evil,
which is why I resolve to be honest.
But I only seem to do it when I'm with my brothers and sisters.
When I'm around unbelievers,
I still have to be careful about what I say.
I don't want to offend anyone at work by saying how I really feel,
otherwise I might lose my place in the company.
But now I realize I lie a lot in my life,
and it really does worry me.
Mom, you know I'm a true believer too.
I try my best not to lie and to be an honest person,
but sometimes I lie involuntarily. (Yeah.)
Just trying to control it doesn't work.
I'm learning that being an honest person is difficult,
and it looks like resolving it is a very big deal. (Yeah.)
Mm, it is.
I can say, over the last few years, in my practice,
I think the reason we struggle
is that we can't forsake our flesh.
I discovered that every time I lied,
it was my fleshly nature controlling me.
We only lie when we're led by our own goals and intentions.
Without a heart that loves the truth and fervently wants God,
we are still concerned with image and pursue fleshly interests,
so there's no way to solve the issue.
Mm, that's right.
In all the years I've believed,
I still haven't resolved the problem of lying.
If being an honest person were easy,
then we wouldn't need God's judgment.
Through God's discipline, I got a little better,
and though I lie less now,
it can still happen in certain circumstances.
Lies and deceit are the deepest-rooted corruption,
and they're not easy to escape!
I saw clearly only after God's judgment
that people who lie lack their humanity.
Isn't someone who can easily lie a devil themself?
Unless we see the issue clearly,
it won't be easy to stop lying and be honest people.
It's really serious, the nature of lying.
When I would hear about Satan,
I thought it meant evil spirits in the spiritual world.
But now, (That's what I thought too.)
I know that deeply corrupt mankind is filled with satanic dispositions,
and lies and deceives.
So it's fair to say
that we are Satan's descendants, living devils!
Even if it's hard to accept, it's the reality.
You know, these words resonate with me.
In the past, I thought I was a good person.
Since I don't break the law and I don't hurt anyone,
I thought
\"Hey! What's the harm in a few lies?\" (Yeah.)
But now,
when I look back on things based on God's word,
even though I don't look like I'm doing anything obviously evil,
the fact that I tell so many lies means I'm not even worthy to be called a human!
That's true.
People who continuously lie are the devils,
and if we don't repent,
we won't be able to gain God's blessings.
You're right, that's why we have to repent. (Yeah.)
That's exactly right! Repentance is key.
If we want to be honest people,
yet don't resolve the problem of lying,
it isn't true repentance.
If we believe in God without repentance,
how can we enter the kingdom of heaven?
God's word also says,
God is holy and righteous,
and He likes honest people.
Only honest people can sincerely love and obey God.
After so many years, I think I finally understand,
if we believe in God but can't be honest people,
God will eliminate us!
Only honest people are truly kind.
They have a good conscience and reason,
and can earnestly win the trust of others and God.
Only honest people are true humans,
and are qualified to receive His promises and be brought into God's kingdom.
God detests cunning people,
who often lie and engage in deceit.
In the end, if they don't change,
they'll be sent to hell and punished!
God has redeemed mankind,
and in the last days,
He does the work of judgment to save them
because He truly desires to purify mankind,
which is corrupted by Satan and is full of lies,
to turn them into honest people
and bring them into His kingdom.
That is God's sincere love for mankind!
Before, when we believed in the Lord,
we didn't understand God's righteous disposition,
so we blindly believed our pastors and elders,
and believed that by faith alone,
the sins that we committed would be forgiven,
that when the Lord came,
we would be brought into the kingdom of heaven,
and that believers in Him were all people of the kingdom of heaven.
But after reading Almighty God's words,
I finally understood that this isn't true at all.
Without experiencing judgment before the seat of Christ in the last days,
and unless our satanic dispositions are purified so we live as honest people,
we're not qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven.
That's right.
The pastors and elders in the religious world fail in that
they don't accept the truth expressed by God in the last days.
They deny Christ, and condemn Him,
which is one of the greatest sins.
They don't accept the truth at all.
They don't enter the kingdom of heaven, and they try to stop others as well.
Their tongues speak only in lies,
and their hearts are full of deceit.
They are all modern Pharisees.
How could they be worthy to enter the kingdom of heaven?
We can't follow the same path of these Pharisees in our belief in God.
If we want to be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven,
we need to resolve to live as honest people.
Only honest people are able to truly repent,
and only by being an honest person
are we worthy to enter and be a part of the kingdom of heaven.
It's great to be able to fellowship like this.
I've enjoyed it.
Hey, so later …
Sister Cheng, 19 votes.
That's great! Wonderful! Thanks be to God!
Sister Zhang, 21 votes.
Sister Zhang Jie is our new Watering Deacon.
Wonderful. Thanks be to God!
Sister Cheng,
losing today by two votes must've been tough.
Are you doing alright?
I never thought I would be selected.
A Watering Deacon's job
requires an understanding of the truth and practical experience.
I'm far from qualified,
so I'm not surprised that I lost.
If I reveal corruption, please feel free to point it out to me.
It'll help build our partnership and help us in our duties.
I'll think about it.
She's a church leader,
and I'm just a group leader.
If I actually did say something like that to her face,
would she think I'm arrogant?
Well, we haven't known or worked together for very long,
so uh, for the moment I don't have anything to criticize.
I really do tell too many lies!
I've got to put an end to this!
Take a look, everyone.
If you have any information, let us know.
There's a reward for reports.
\"Completely Banish House Churches …\"
They're arresting believers in God again.
The Communist Party won't stop until they eliminate all Christians!
That's right.
A few days ago, they arrested my neighbors who believe in Jesus.
They still haven't found anyone to take care of their child.
The Communist Party really is evil!
I heard if you're arrested, they might send you to jail or worse!
Hey, Nuo …
What are you doing here?
I'm running an errand.
The CCP is arresting Christians everywhere,
and you're still going to meetings?
I'll be careful. I promise.
They're posting notices outside our door …
Ma, it's OK. Why don't you go home?
Come on, let's go this way.
In the past, I thought I was an extremely honest person,
but after some reflection and prayer,
I realize that I still lie quite a bit.
Especially in matters concerning my own interests, reputation, and status,
I still lie and deceive so easily.
It's a lot worse than I thought.
Why is it a big deal?
To achieve their own personal goals, one can tell any kind of lie,
which means their heart is deceitful and dishonest.
The fact I can tell all these lies
proves I can do these dishonest and deceptive things.
How can I say I have conscience and reason?
If I cheat my conscience and continue lying,
how can I be worthy to enter the kingdom of heaven?
Resolving the problem of lying isn't so easy!
Yeah. Absolutely.
Lying and deceit aren't minor issues.
If a government official or president lies about something,
how many people will suffer?
The CCP gained power through lying and deception,
and continues to rule through violence and lies.
Ever since they've been in power,
they've told countless lies
and have corrupted generations.
Chinese people lie more than anyone.
Lying and deceit are known hallmarks of man's corruption,
and are a stubborn disease.
In all people,
these are the most serious satanic dispositions.
I often lie in my business,
and sometimes I really try to control it,
but it doesn't last.
The moment my interests are concerned, I lie again!
I've lied about things in my marriage.
I said I earned the money to pay for this house,
but I actually had to borrow it!
But if I hadn't said that,
her parents wouldn't have agreed!
It looks like we all have some clarity.
So then, how do we resolve this issue?
God's judgment in the last days is to resolve mankind's corrupt dispositions
and allow people to become as they were when God created them.
Let's read from God's word.
Okay. Sounds good.
I'll read next.
Praise be to God!
Amen! Praise be to God!
God's repeated demands that we be honest people have meaning.
In the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus said,
In the last days, Almighty God has come,
and He repeatedly continues to demand that we be honest people.
He has told us many principles of being an honest person,
and has pointed out the path for being one.
To practice being honest people,
first we must hand over our hearts to God,
accept His observation and judgment, pruning, and dealing.
We must come to know how deeply Satan has corrupted our nature based on God's word,
to be able to truly loathe ourselves and to genuinely repent.
Only then can we be honest people.
Amen. Yes.
That's the correct path.
Praise God!
We must reflect on ourselves based on God's word.
Why is it we can't control ourselves
when it comes to lying and deception?
This is human nature, and it represents our true disposition.
That's correct.
If we don't understand our deceitful nature and the root of our lying,
and try to rely on controlling ourselves to resolve lying,
it solves absolutely nothing.
This method isn't good enough.
Right. That's absolutely right!
Many fail in their experience of being honest people.
We should learn from their failures.
Absolutely we can!
there are lots of people that think lying isn't a big deal,
that it's not actually a sin,
and that it doesn't represent their character, but this couldn't be more wrong!
That's what I used to think in the past.
And now, we practice being honest people according to God's words,
handing our hearts over to God, (Amen!)
and accepting His observation.
This is crucial to resolving lying and being honest people.
Yeah. Yes. That's right.
I have my own experience I can fellowship with you today regarding this.
Okay! Great! Alright!
I remember once,
my church leader asked if I could point out any shortcomings he had,
and I'd clearly seen that he spoke letters and doctrines at meetings,
and didn't resolve practical problems,
but I was afraid of telling him the truth and offending him,
so I thought of a few unimportant things to muddle through,
but I felt guilty in my heart.
I remembered that God said,
I prayed to God in my heart,
\"God! I've seen I'm afraid to speak the truth,
that I try to muddle through and confuse people.
I tell too many lies,
and I speak and act with no principles.
I pray to ask that You discipline and enlighten me …\"
So, I said to the church leader,
\"You speak too much in letters and doctrines,
and you can't resolve practical problems.
Is working like that in accordance with God's will?\"
When he heard this,
he wasn't upset at all!
He thought I made a valid point.
He began practicing the truth himself,
and after, his fellowship was much more practical.
Thanks be to God!
I was very happy to see that.
I saw how being honest and telling the truth didn't hurt others,
and in fact helped them a lot.
That experience of being an honest person genuinely produced results.
Amen. Yes it is! Being honest is great!
Praise be to God!
Today's fellowship has brightened my heart and given me a new path.
In the past, if I told a lie,
I simply went to God and confessed.
That was it.
But I didn't accept the judgment of God's words,
or reflect to understand my satanic nature and disposition.
I just let these things slide,
and even when I had the chance,
I chose to lie again.
Now I understand,
the most important way to stop lying is to give our heart to God,
always accept His observation,
reflect on the intentions, background, and root cause
of each lie we tell through God's words,
and clearly see the essence of our humanity,
and understand our lying satanic nature.
This is the most important thing to practice.
Right. Exactly.
That's right! Wonderful!
When we seek the truth and see these matters clearly,
and come to know our satanic dispositions of selfishness, deception, evil, and greed,
we're able to see that the true reason we lie is to protect our reputation and status,
to protect our own interests. (Right.)
We lie to hide the ugly parts of us, our selfish goals and motives,
which makes all of us hypocrites!
Yes! That's exactly right!
Lying is despicable and shameless!
When we understand the essence of lying in depth like this,
we're able to loathe ourselves and detest it.
And when it happens again,
we are able to practice the truth and reject lying.
Yes. Glory to God!
After this fellowship, I've gained some understanding as well.
Thanks be to God!
Dad, grandma, I'm home!
Oh, Kai's back!
Yeah, Mom, right there!
Stop moving!
What's all this? (Don't squirm.)
Old injury. It's not a big deal.
Oh really? No big deal?
You work all day,
and then keep working till the middle of the night.
I'm surprised your body hasn't fallen apart.
Mom, I'm fine. Really.
When will it end?
Here Dad, let me massage you.
Oh great.
Deguang, (Yeah?)
please don't take urgent jobs like that anymore.
Don't worry.
Shuguang Medical Equipment called me back for a second interview tomorrow.
It looks like this might be it.
Think Mom's got it? (Yeah.)
Tell Mom good luck!
Good luck, Mom!
Good luck, Mom!
You got this, Mom!
Ms. Cheng,
if hired on as our business planning manager,
how would you go about performing your job?
Before I answer,
there's something I want to say.
At my last job,
I was actually terminated.
I didn't tell the truth during the first interview.
I hid the reason I left my job.
Ms. Cheng,
you realize the implications of what you just told us?
I do.
It means I might not get the job.
But no matter what happens,
I'm grateful for the opportunity with your company.
I'm sorry, Ms. Cheng.
But thank you for coming in.
Thank you.
Mr. Zhang!
You can sit down.
I've interviewed a lot of people.
And every one of them says whatever they think will get them the job.
But you, you're different.
I appreciate your honesty.
Our company could use more people like you,
blunt, honest, brave enough to accept responsibility.
You're too kind.
Welcome to the team!
Thank you!
Welcome aboard!
I just can't believe it!
You admitted you lied, and they still hired you.
God truly blesses people who practice the truth and are honest!
Here, let's sit down.
Yeah, it sounds like you found a great job!
Thanks be to God!
Jiamin, here you are. (Thanks!)
What happened changed my views dramatically.
I used to think
the world is dark and evil, full of lies and deceit,
and that being an honest person wouldn't be practical.
But after this experience,
I realize views like that aren't true at all.
Things like \"Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost\"
and \"Man can achieve nothing without telling lies\"
are all just fallacies Satan uses to deceive and corrupt people.
When people live by this,
they only become more deceitful and selfish.
They lack the slightest amount of humanity.
Being human means practicing the truth and being an honest person.
It makes you feel secure and at peace,
and grants you God's grace.
That's wonderful.
It's been hard for her to gain this kind of experience and understanding.
I wish I had that kind of confidence!
Just means we need to work extra hard to catch up.
Hey. I just remembered a passage of God's words.
Let's read it together.
Okay. Great.
I'll read it.
This one.
Thanks be to God!
God's word is the truth.
If we practice the truth and are honest people,
it absolutely will work;
we can still survive all the same in this world,
because God is the Creator of all things,
the source of all life.
He is the One who cares for us
and rules over the fate of mankind,
and He is the One who leads mankind forward.
God expresses these truths in the last days
so that all who believe in Him could practice and enter into them,
and gain these truths as life.
If we live by God's word,
we can gain His blessings and approval.
In my experience of God's words over the last few years,
I've gained some enlightenment.
I've seen that God's words are truly valuable,
and they really can become our life.
your experience and understanding is so helpful.
Now I feel more confident in practicing the truth and becoming an honest person!
Thanks be to God!
Uncle Yi!
Come play with me!
Let's play some soccer! (Okay! Let's go.)
Sounds good! (Hey, Deguang.)
I want to tell you something.
What is it?
This new job won't be as busy as my last,
and I'm thinking of taking on more church duties.
What do you think?
It's a great idea,
but … the CCP's arrests are so intense now.
Doing church duties is dangerous.
I'll be careful.
Oh my goodness! It's a feast tonight!
You hungry Kai?
Here, I'll get a piece of meat for you.
A building at the Lotus Riverside complex in the Minhang District collapsed,
killing one worker onsite.
The reason for the collapse is still under investigation.
After the incident, residents of two adjacent …
Oh my, the whole thing collapsed.
That's horrible!
Residents were able to return to their homes the following day
as it was confirmed …
you don't have these kinds of issues, right?
Every builder cuts corners nowadays.
That's why so many buildings collapse.
poor construction quality can kill people.
You can't be so careless about it!
As believers in God,
we need to have principles and a bottom line in what we do.
We can't do deceitful, unconscionable things.
Back on the 21st of the month, at around 8:30 p.m.,
a building under construction in the same city …
Eat while it's hot.
Here Kai.
Have another piece of fish before it gets cold. (Okay.)
There were some mistakes that I found here.
Hey, Cheng Nuo. (Yes?)
There's someone outside to see you.
Oh, okay.
Sister Zhang?
Come on, we'll talk over there.
Sister Cheng, there's a problem in the church.
Sister Fang was arrested.
When did that happen?
Last night,
Sister Fang and Sister Song were discussing church work
and one of their neighbors reported it.
What about Sister Song?
She escaped.
The church arranged a hiding place for her.
What do we do about church work?
That's what I came to talk to you about.
I know we're both familiar with the workings of the church,
can I partner with you to help with some of the workload?
That's exactly what I was thinking.
Our first task is to protect anyone who might be at risk.
Let's go.
Recently, thanks to strict surveillance by the Long Cheng Municipal PSB,
26 members of The Church of Almighty God have been arrested,
including 5 church leaders and 8 preachers.
To date, over the past 2 months,
the provincial PSB has arrested 152 members of The Church of Almighty God.
It's so late! Where is she?
The CCP is arresting Christians everywhere,
and she still goes out to meetings.
If they find and arrest her,
who knows what they'll do!
And the rest of the family will suffer too!
You should go find her!
Don't go out and do church duties anymore.
We can still read God's word, let's just have meetings at home.
if we give in to the CCP's persecution
that we don't even perform our duties,
don't we lose our testimony?
How is that sincere belief in God?
It's only because I'm worried about you.
If you spend all day running around like this
and one day the CCP arrests you, they'll torture you.
They'll force you to betray God and sell out the church,
and if things go wrong, they might kill you.
Believing in God in a country ruled by the Communist Party,
and trying to gain the truth as life and be saved by God
without being persecuted?
That's impossible.
Did you forget about that?
The church leader was arrested,
and the church needs someone to do its work.
Nothing reveals more whether people have true faith and sincerity …
Many brothers and sisters in the church are looking …
In such difficult situations,
we should have even more faith in God.
There is no force that can stop the work of God.
Good night. I'm heading out.
Hey Cheng Nuo,
the boss is buying dinner, come with us!
I can't tonight, I have something to do.
Living as an honest person requires experiencing God's judgment and trials.
Only then can we escape our satanic dispositions
and live out a true human likeness. (Right!)
Stop where you are!
Stop! Stop now!
Stop running!
Stop Now! Police!
Sister Zhang Jie, 23 votes,
Sister Cheng Nuo, 25 votes.
Cheng Nuo and Zhang Jie are the new church leaders.
Thanks be to God! Alright.
Mr. Liu, we have a problem!
We found cracks in the floor's support beam.
Which floor?
The 8th floor, sir.
Let me see it.
Where did you see it? Which area?
There's one there,
there, and there.
Here, here, and here.
Just three places?
Only three at the moment.
Let's go take a look. (Alright.)
What do we do?
The handover is tomorrow. (We can't hand it off like this, can we?)
Can it be fixed?
He's my only son!
If something happens, how would I ever …
Mom, how is he?
He suffered a major head wound.
There could still be delayed hemorrhaging.
If it's bad enough, it could endanger his life.
How could this happen?
You said you both believe in God, right Nuo?
Why didn't your God protect my Deguang?
Auntie, don't cry.
One of the tower cranes snapped without warning,
and the workload fell.
One person was instantly crushed and died.
Your husband is lucky to be alive.
Wang Ling, take me to him.
He's been unconscious for several days now.
We don't know when he will wake up,
so it might be best to prepare for the worst.
Nuo, you need to eat.
Dad, I'm not hungry.
My girl, stubborn as always.
Nuo, let's go for a walk.
I know there's a lesson.
God is trying to tell me something from Deguang's accident,
but I don't understand.
I risk getting arrested
and sent to jail every time I do my duties,
and I work dawn to dusk in my duties,
suffering and expending for God,
so how could something like this happen to Deguang?
Why didn't God protect him?
His mom blames me,
and my friends and family mock me constantly …
I feel so weak that I don't want to do my duties.
I can understand how you feel right now,
but we can't blame God.
People say,
\"Accidents happen, and life is unpredictable.\"
Everyone goes through troubles at some point in life,
and when disaster strikes non-believers,
they become helpless and resentful.
But as believers in God,
even if we are also in pain,
we can pray and rely on God.
We feel God's presence,
and have comfort and guidance of God's words.
Even though it hurts,
it doesn't hurt too much.
Take Job.
During his trials, he didn't blame God.
He said,
Job was honest, upright,
and feared God, and shunned evil.
In all things, he was unwilling to sin with his mouth.
God praised Job, calling him a complete person.
don't you fellowship that we should be as Job to live as honest people?
Why do you complain now only after what happened to Deguang?
That's not what an honest person would do.
Nuo, you haven't slept in two days.
Your dad has things handled here.
Go home and get some rest.
And read God's word. 'K?
God's word precisely reveals my true state.
It's true I only feel motivated to do my duties when my family is safe.
After Deguang's accident,
I blamed God and questioned His will.
I see I was only doing my duties to gain His blessings.
I expended for God only to benefit myself.
It's for gaining blessings, and not for satisfying God.
Isn't that trying to trade with God and deceive God?
That's not what it means to be an honest person!
Why didn't I understand this before?
I don't know her.
Okay. You can go.
You, come here.
Do you recognize the person in this photograph?
How about this one?
Did you even look at it?
I don't know her.
What about them?
Never seen them.
You really don't know them?
Never seen them before.
Hey, you, wait. Come here.
Let us know if you see them.
There's a reward if you do.
Okay, got it.
Hey, come here.
Do you recognize the person in this photograph? (You, come here.)
This one?
I've never seen her before.
Do you know the person in this picture?
Hey, wait up.
She looks familiar … (Come over here. Hey!)
Take a good look.
This is …
This is Dr. Cheng!
Where is she?
Wasn't that her mother-in-law that just walked by?
After her!
Driver, City Hospital.
Deguang, are you awake?
Deguang, you're awake!
Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!
Why isn't she answering the phone?
Driver, faster!
Everything looks normal but we'll need to keep him overnight.
Understood. Thank you!
It's good he's awake. (Yeah.)
We'll let you have a moment. (Thank you.)
Nuo! Where are you?
Nuo! (Mom? What is it?)
The police are coming to get you.
You need to get out of here!
Captain Wang, we're on route to the hospital.
Hurry up!
Be good and listen to Grandma, OK?
Kai, time to let Mom go!
Be safe. (Mom …)
Take this! (Mom …)
Now go. Get out of here!
No … (Let her go, Kai!)
Mom …
Quick! Don't let her escape!
Dammit! Where's Cheng Nuo?
Temperature looks normal.
You're recovering quite well.
But you still need more rest.
Understood. Thanks. (Thank you.)
If Dr. Wang is right,
you should be able to get up and walk.
Wanna give it a shot?
You do?
Great. Let's give it a shot.
Help me up.
Deguang, you're out of bed!
Kai's here!
I can't imagine how exhausted you are.
I'm grateful for the help.
I don't think I could've done it without you two!
Thank you both!
You don't need to thank us, auntie.
It was just the right thing to do.
I've been worried about Nuo too …
Don't worry, auntie.
We have brothers and sisters taking care of her.
That's right.
Kai, (Yeah?)
I'm going to pick you up tonight.
Got it! Okay!
Take some baozi.
You can have some on the road. (We're heading out now.)
Get some rest.
We'll see you soon.
Sounds good.
Take care. (Dad …)
What's up?
When is Mom coming back? I really miss her …
Mom …
Mom will be back soon, okay?
Mom …
Sister Tan, let's sit down here for a minute.
Sister Cheng, are you feeling any better now?
Praise God!
After reading God's words,
and with the fellowship and support of my brothers and sisters,
I'm feeling much better.
I see that my husband's accident and the CCP's hunt for me
revealed my true stature,
and I see my corrupt, satanic disposition.
My faith is too small.
When God kept my family safe,
and everything went well, I thanked God,
and I had passion for my duties.
But as soon as He tested me,
I tried to argue with God and complained.
I became someone weak, who had absolutely no motivation.
I truly lack any obedience to God!
Going through trials,
and being able to see your own corruption and shortcomings
means you've already grown!
Through prayer and reflection,
I saw that in my expenditure,
my actions weren't in obedience to God,
and I wasn't doing the duties of a creature.
I was trying to use my labor to ask for God's blessings,
to ensure my place in the kingdom of heaven.
Isn't that just an attempt to trade with God?
Isn't it just deception and lie to better serve myself?
I realize that in the last few years,
I've pursued being an honest person,
and even though I lie less now
and try to be less deceptive with others,
I still attempt to trade with God.
Isn't that even more serious deceit?
I'm not an honest person at all!
Let's walk while we talk.
Without experiencing trials,
we can never understand the impurities in our belief in God,
nor can we understand our deceitful intentions behind attempting to trade with God.
There's a saying,
\"Time reveals the heart,\" and \"Adversity shows one's true nature.\"
God uses trials to reveal the truth and test people,
and makes us see our true essence in just how deeply we are corrupted by Satan,
and see whether our faith in God is true or false,
and whether our hearts are truly honest or deceptive.
This is absolutely necessary to know ourselves and pursue being honest people!
Sister Song.
Come in. (Alright.)
Everyone is here!
Hello, Sister Song!
Sister Song!
Sister Cheng!
I'm really surprised to see you.
I know. It's been more than a year.
I know. (Let's all sit down.)
I was just told a few days ago that you were in the region …
The biggest thing I learn during all of this
is just how much there is to learn about being an honest person.
Especially after everything that happened,
I finally see that to be honest people,
we not only have to resolve the lies we tell,
but also much resolve the cunning and deception in our hearts.
When we resolve the deception in our hearts,
we no longer try to cheat God or trade with God,
we can genuinely obey God,
and we no longer lie to or try to deceive others,
and we do what we say and love others as ourselves.
This is what it means to be honest,
and how we live as a true human.
That's right! Yes.
Thanks be to God! Amen!
There's still a lot I have to learn
about how the deceit in our hearts can be permanently purified
to become honest people.
Sister Cheng, that's a fantastic topic.
To be an honest person,
we not only have to resolve the lies we tell,
but also resolve the cunning in our hearts.
This is extremely difficult to do!
Lies are easy to discern,
but the deceit in our hearts isn't easy to see.
The Bible says,
Satan's corruption of man is a corruption of our hearts.
The satanic poisons in our heart produce satanic natures,
which is the source of cunning and deceit.
Without the judgment of God's words and revelations of the facts,
we would never discover
that these lies and deceit come from our satanic natures.
Why is it that people are cunning and deceitful?
And why, despite believing in God, do we have our own despicable intentions?
Why do we attempt to trade with God?
Where is the root of all these problems?
First, let's watch a few videos of God's word to learn.
Sounds good. OK. Alright.
That's right! So true. Yeah.
That's right!
God's words really cut deep! (They do!)
These words make everything so clear! (That's exactly how I feel too.)
Yes! I couldn't agree more. (Thanks be to God!)
God's words reveal the root of our deceit very clearly.
Yes. Yeah.
Man is so corrupted by Satan,
and all kinds of satanic poisons, logic, and philosophy
took root in our hearts long ago.
Ideas like \"Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost,\"
or \"A hand in power is a hand in one's own fortune.\"
\"Those who toil with their minds govern others,
and those who toil with their hands are the governed.\" (Yeah.)
Or \"Officials are just looking out for number one, not the public.\" (Right.)
These philosophies become the foundation for how mankind survives.
When people live out their lives by these satanic rules,
they become ever more arrogant, self-conceited,
twisted, cunning, selfish, and greedy. (Right.)
They live by their own goals and intentions,
and their interests always come first.
They do anything for money, power, and prestige.
And people scheme and deceive one another,
to the point that even friends and family cheat and take advantage of one another.
Yeah, that's really true. Yes.
We smile and happily meet with whoever can serve our interests,
but the moment our own interests are compromised,
we become enemies. (Agreed.)
Is there any humanity and conscience in living like that?
Not at all. None. There is not.
Satan has corrupted mankind for thousands of years,
to the point where we're more demon than human.
Mankind is becoming even more sinister,
leading the world down an evil path.
We have become Satan's descendants,
and just as Satan is deceitful and cunning,
so too are all people.
Just as Satan resists God, so do people.
Yes! That's true.
This is the truth of mankind's being corrupted by Satan.
Yes. That's right. That's absolutely true.
If we continue,
without undergoing the judgment and chastisement in God's words and being purified and fully saved,
we'll all be destroyed!
Yes, I couldn't agree more.
Mankind has been deeply corrupted by Satan,
their hearts are full of cunning and deceit,
and their words and deeds only serve their individual intentions and goals.
Just like CCP officials,
who claim to be \"the people's servants,\"
wave their banner \"to serve the people,\"
as they shout
\"A better life for the people is the goal which we struggle toward.\"
That's right!
But have they ever actually done anything for the common people?
Even if they seemingly do good things,
it's only for their own political merit.
It is just to improve their relationship with the people, (Yeah.)
so as to protect their own political power,
as well as prevent any riots. (Yes. Right!)
In the decades the CCP has held power,
their atrocities have been too numerous to list.
They resist God, and carry hate in their heart.
They want to eliminate God's work by persecuting Christians.
This angers both Heaven and the people, earning God's curses.
That's right.
The CCP brings countless disasters to the people of China,
and they have committed unspeakable crimes.
They truly are demons reincarnated!
The CCP says anything they can to seem good,
but all their actions contradict this! (Right. Yes.)
The CCP is truly evil!
Why is it that some people now can't clearly see the CCP's evil essence?
Because they are so cunning and sinister.
Of course the common man is fooled and deceived!
The CCP is just a demon that deceives its people!
Without constant analysis and fellowship,
we wouldn't be able to see the CCP's devilish nature and maliciousness,
nor would we see that these satanic philosophies and natures
are the root of people lying.
Yes. That's right.
That's exactly right.
These satanic poisons corrupt us
and increase our desire for profit above conscience.
All throughout our lives, people could never see
how many times we lie and cheat for our reputation and interests.
These satanic philosophies truly corrupt us!
Yes. Right. Yeah.
Through the revelations of trials, and the judgment and chastisement of God's words,
we see that mankind is indeed deeply corrupted by Satan,
and that our natures are full of cunning and deceit.
Even in our belief in God,
we have our own intentions and motives.
Many people believe in God to satisfy themselves
and to enjoy God's grace and blessings,
not to gain the truth, escape their satanic dispositions,
or live out a life as a true human being.
Some people labor for God and even forsake everything for Him,
but this is just in exchange for the blessings of the kingdom of heaven. (Right.)
This is why, when disasters come,
or they begin to suffer trials,
they may rebel and blame God if their desires are unmet.
It's all because of man's cunning natures.
So, resolving our cunning natures is all too important!
Yes, incredibly important!
Yes, it's truly is. Thanks be to God!
Almighty God has come to express the truth and do the work of judgment in the last days
to resolve the problem of mankind's corruption.
This is God's great salvation for mankind!
Praise God! Amen!
Thanks be to God!
As we experience the judgment in God's words,
trials and refinement,
we gain some understanding of our satanic natures and cunning dispositions,
we see that we have been deeply corrupted by Satan,
that our natures are full of selfishness and cunning,
and that we are filled with Satan's philosophies and toxins,
so we begin to despise ourselves, striving to pursue the truth,
and we are no longer willing to live by these satanic natures and philosophies.
When we continue to practice God's words,
the satanic philosophies within us are reduced,
to different degrees, our dispositions change,
and we become more honest.
That we can have this understanding and change
is achieved by experiencing the judgment in God's words.
Yes. Right. It is.
That really is the truth. Thanks be to God!
That is so true!
God's work of judgment is so important for us!
Yes! It is. Amen!
Absolutely. (Dad! Let my dad go!)
Pack the books up first.
I'm going to check it out.
Why are you arresting him?
Let him go!
You can't arrest him!
What law says he can't believe in God?
What about the law? (Let go!)
Dad! Let him go!
Get back! (Let him go!)
Let him go!
He's a government-approved pastor! Why are you arresting him?
Huilan, Huilan, Huilan …
You bastard! Get in!
Dad … (Zhiming …)
Pastor Shen from the Xincheng District was just arrested by the police!
What? Arrested him?
The CCP's persecution of religion is getting even worse. (Yeah.)
Even in Three-Self churches, crosses are being torn down
and pastors are being arrested.
The CCP wants to completely eliminate any religious faith!
From now on, we need to be extra cautious,
and we should have someone always on watch.
We can have our meeting in peace.
There are several brothers and sisters keeping watch outside.
Good! Great!
Yeah, I feel so much better. Yeah.
Let's start the meeting.
Last time we fellowshiped on aspects of truth regarding how to be an honest person.
If anyone still has something they don't understand,
we can follow up on it today.
Great! Wonderful!
I still have some questions about living as an honest person.
How do you put it into practice,
and how do you resolve the cunning in your hearts?
Can you discuss your experience on this?
Sounds great! Yes please.
I'd like you to discuss that too!
Thanks be to God!
Then I'll talk about my own experience and understanding.
Please. Yes, go right ahead. Great!
Over the years,
I've experienced God's judgment and chastisement,
as well as some trials and refinement,
my cunning intentions and satanic dispositions
have been purified to some extent,
I'm more honest in my words and actions,
and my life disposition has achieved some change.
This, to me, is the salvation of God!
Amen. Praise God!
In my first two years believing in Almighty God,
I was very enthusiastic,
and I actively performed all my duties.
So much so, I was chosen as a church leader.
In those days
I worked dawn till dusk for the church,
watering and supporting my brothers and sisters,
and my work began to bear some fruit.
Before I knew it,
I became arrogant
and began to believe I was better than others.
I showed off in front of my brothers and sisters
to convince them to support and admire me.
And I didn't focus on pursuing the truth and dispositional change.
I only pursued fame and status.
So I lost the work of the Holy Spirit
and was replaced …
At the time, I felt tormented.
I felt I'd lost everything, my reputation,
my status, my future.
My passion for believing in God was nearly stripped away!
One day, I sat down to read God's word,
Thanks be to God!
Thanks be to God!
In God's words of judgment and revelation,
I saw that what I had forsaken and expended was a guise for my deceitful intentions.
I did what I did to satisfy only myself in my desires of fame and status,
to wear a crown,
and reap the rewards of the kingdom of heaven,
not to be considerate of God's heart and do my duty well.
How was I any different than the hypocritical Pharisees,
or the religious pastors and the religious elders?
These people often interpret the Bible for the church,
and they appear to be very pious and love God,
but in truth, they never exalt or testify God.
They don't seek the truth or God's will as it is in the Bible,
and they don't guide believers to practice God's words
or to follow His commandments.
Instead, they strive to exalt and testify themselves,
and make others worship and obey them.
Because of this,
when God incarnate appears to work,
to protect their own status and livelihoods,
they wildly resist and condemn God's appearance and work,
and prevent others from accepting the true way,
thereby offending God's disposition.
The path they walk is the path of resistance toward God.
Yes. Yeah.
The Lord Jesus accused the Pharisees, saying,
These kinds of people appear pious and pretend to love God,
but they hide deceit within their hearts.
All they do is to satisfy their own desires.
They are deceivers of God, using Him,
and this offends God's disposition.
Thinking of these things
filled my heart with terror.
I felt unsafe, scared.
God is holy and righteous,
He loathes evil,
and does not tolerate us corrupt beings to deceive or resist Him.
God wants people to sincerely believe in Him and serve Him in earnest!
But I …
I enjoyed the care and protection of God, and the supply of His words,
yet I didn't expend for God sincerely,
and I didn't perform my duties well.
Instead, I pursued my own interests.
I was too cunning,
and the depths of my soul had become unclean.
But even then,
I still wanted people to admire and keep me in their hearts.
Completely shameless!
I was so disgusted with myself.
I really wanted to slap myself.
Then and there I swore an oath to God:
I would accept His observation
and perform my duties in accordance with God's will,
and if I ever again pursued fame,
and if I deceived Him,
I begged God to discipline me.
From then on,
I began to focus on pursuing the truth,
and often self-reflected as I performed my duties.
When I found cunning intentions,
I prayed to God, forsook myself,
and consciously began to open up,
expose, and analyze my own corruption.
I no longer suffer the constraints of fame and status.
No matter what duty in God's house was arranged for me,
or if I had status,
no matter how anyone in the church saw me,
I normally performed my duties.
Thanks be to God! Glory to God!
My heart became pure and honest,
and I felt much more free and at ease.
These were all effects of experiencing the judgment in God's word!
Thanks be to God! Amen!
Experience like this is wonderful, and so practical!
Thanks be to God! Amen! Yeah.
through this kind of fellowship,
we know how to be honest and escape the cunning in our hearts.
That's right. Yeah. Exactly. Absolutely.
Let's read from God's word
to better our understanding of the path before us.
Okay. Alright. Yeah.
God's words say it so clearly.
The key to being an honest person is an honest heart.
The Lord Jesus said we should
use our heart and honesty to worship God.
Looking at it now,
only by escaping our cunning nature can we meet God's requirements.
I've been practicing being an honest person according to God's words.
Each day I focus on accepting God's observation
and often reflect on myself.
When I discover cunning intentions,
I pray to God and seek the truth,
I analyze myself based on God's word.
Through this, I see clearly the root of my states,
the satanic philosophies I live by,
and how it goes against the truth.
Why is it actually fallacious and absurd?
What dangers and consequences does it bring?
When I understand this,
I have the motivation to forsake my flesh and practice the truth.
I do my duties with truly honest intentions.
I don't consider my own reputation, status, or destination,
or selfishly satisfy my own desires,
I seek only to fulfill the duties of a being created by God,
and to be considerate of God's heart.
Practicing this way for several years,
I have actually achieved some results.
Thanks be to God!
My views on belief of God have changed so much,
and many of my false intentions and impurities have vanished.
I feel much more calm and secure.
I revel in the joy and happiness of practicing the truth and being with God.
Only those who are honest are truly human,
and only in this way
can we live in the light openly, uprightly, and generously.
Praise God!
The fellowship on your experiences,
I can't explain how helpful they are right now.
Now I have some clarity about how to resolve my cunning intentions,
and I have a path to practice.
Glory to God!
God is the Creator, and we are His created beings.
It is the right thing to do,
believing in God and performing our duties.
Whether we're blessed or scourged,
whether we have an end or not,
we should obey God and be loyal to Him.
Just like Job,
who was honest, upright,
and believed in God without personal intentions.
God sent hardships and disasters,
but Job obeyed God, never complaining,
always glorifying God's name,
and in the end he obtained God's approval and blessings.
He appeared to Job and spoke to him in wind,
and it was like seeing God face to face.
This allows me to see God's righteousness.
God delights in and blesses honest people.
As believers in God,
if we pursue the truth, resolve our cunning intentions,
and escape our selfishness,
we become honest people.
Nothing could be more meaningful.
I agree.
This experience has taught me so much.
From now on, I will be as Job and Peter,
and completely hand over my life to God,
and no matter the trials to come,
I will seek the truth,
obey God's orchestrations and arrangements,
and be an upright and honest person.
Sister Cheng,
a letter from your husband.
Someone from the church delivered it.
Cheng Nuo, getting hurt like this
has caused me great suffering,
but I've also learned many lessons.
Being in the hospital for over a month
has given me the time and quiet space to reflect on myself.
I've seen how, in the years I've believed in God,
I never pursued the truth.
Instead, I focused on working, making money,
but I didn't make any place for God in my heart …
Hey, it's time to go.
Although in the past, I supported you in your duties to the church,
when things became dangerous, I was afraid for you.
I was scared you'd be arrested and tortured,
also that my job and our family would be impacted and suffer as well,
so I tried to stop you from doing your duties.
I wasn't acting like a believer in God, I was acting like an unbeliever!
You could say this accident forced me awake.
I've seen what happens in a world without faith,
and how vulnerable we are as humans without God's protection.
Our lives could be taken from us at any time.
But pursuing the truth and gaining it,
those are the most meaningful things in life.
From now on,
I'm willing to pursue the truth,
to gain God's salvation.
My love, while you're away,
devote yourself completely to your duties.
Everything at home is OK.
So don't worry about us …
Through reading God's words, I realized
that my understanding of being an honest person was very shallow.
Up there! After them!
Hurry up! Go! Get moving.
Come on, this way!
Hurry up! Hurry up! …
Hurry! Hurry! …
After them!
Let's split up!
OK! Let's go!
Hurry! Don't let them get away!
Come on! Faster! They went this way!
Split up! We'll go this way! (Yes, sir! Let's go this way!)
Sister Tan!
Quickly! Don't let her escape!
Come on! We gotta move! We've almost got them.
Let's go!
Get after them! I can tell they're close!
Sister Tan, let's go!
Be careful!
There they are!
Get them!
Freeze! Stop running!
Freeze! (Quickly, let's go.)
We told you to freeze! Stop running. Now freeze!
After them!
Cheng Nuo, I can't keep going. Just run! Go now! …
We go together! We go together!
They're just up ahead! Hurry men! Follow them!
Stop! Stop!
Stop running!
There they are!
Cuff them!
Cheng Nuo,
so you think if you don't talk,
there's nothing we can do?
To be honest,
we've been following you for a long time,
and we know what you do.
You're a church leader
and often go to nearby cities to preach and lead meetings.
So, who is this?
Your superior maybe?
Who's hiding the church's money?
Talk now!
It's not against the law to believe in God.
It is right and proper,
so what do I have to confess?
You arrest Christians at will,
beat and torture us during interrogation.
It's illegal, and you're violating our human rights!
Damn you!
Who are you to speak to me about the law?
Understand, the Communist Party is the law!
Fine. Don't confess. See what happens!
Don't confess and see what happens!
Who said you could sleep?
You know,
even if you don't confess,
it's still a sentence of at least 8–10 years.
Your son will be expelled from school.
Your husband will lose his job.
And your entire family will suffer with you.
Do you really want to drag them down and ruin them with you?
You … you torture me like this,
threaten my family and deprive us of the right to live.
Do you have no respect for the laws of Heaven?
Damn you! Sounds like you're just begging to die!
Hang her up!
Keep an eye on her.
Let's go.
God please, please give me faith and strength!
Listen here,
there's a limit to our patience!
You've got 10 minutes.
If you don't confess,
you won't make it out alive!
The Central Committee ordered long ago,
for believers in Almighty God, it doesn't matter if you die.
Whether you live or die is your choice.
You've got 10 minutes.
If you don't confess,
you won't make it out alive!
Oh God, I put my life in Your hands.
Even if I die, I will stand firm and testify for You.
I will not betray You!
Chief Ma?
Right, got it. We'll come right over.
Captain Lin, emergency mission. Let's go.
Keep interrogating her.
You got lucky!
Defendant Cheng Nuo,
for the crime of utilizing cult organizations to undermine the law,
we sentence you to five years in prison.
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2019 Full Christian Movie "The People of the Heavenly Kingdom" | An Inspirational True Story

301 Folder Collection
YixinYang published on May 26, 2019
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