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(mid-tempo bright music)
- [Narrator] In a remote part of Japan
lives a highly toxic plant called the cycad.
And, believe it or not, people consume it regularly.
Beloved and cherished by the native people of Amami Ōshima,
eating the plant in its raw form could kill you.
(mid-tempo upbeat music)
Amami Ōshima is home to to hundreds
of types of toxic plants.
The cycad has been a staple crop
on the island for generations.
Because it is so poisonous,
locals take the necessary steps
to make the plant safe for human consumption.
- [Narrator] Through the process of fermentation and drying,
the poison is extracted from the plant.
(machine beeps)
(slow gentle music)
(slow tranquil music)
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Cooking With Poison in Japan

115 Folder Collection
許大善 published on May 26, 2019
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