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Hi we're Joel & Lia and today we're going
to be doing a general American quiz.

We've done one of these before and we were
tragically quite bad but this is to see if

we've improved on our general American knowledge...
knowledge of general America... general America...

okay so these are questions that most people
should know, I've not looked at them - actually

how will we know the answers?
There's no answers on there.
Then you'll have to tell us.
That's what happened on the last one, we didn't
go through the answers but most people told

us in the comments so we're not gunna know
how we've done, until it goes out and then

we'll get all the people being like "you got
this wrong", so you'll just have to tell us.

Okay.... wow!
That just came out like "ooookay".
Question number 1, this is one of eleven questions,
but I think if there are any terrible ones

we should just skip over them.
Okay sure.
So Question 1: The capital city of America
is New York, true or false?

That is... false.
No, sorry in my head it's because all through
life, I go through life like New York is the

capital of the world... well that's the thing,
I did have to think about it a little bit

because in the UK, we pretty much only know
LA and New York and New York is like London

and it's like NEW YORK and everyone assumes
that's the capital but it's not it's Washington

So we got that right, tick!
Okay next question.
The currency used in America is the US Dollar,
true or false?

True, obviously true, duh.
We're so good at this!
Okay, the tallest mountain in America is Mount
McKinley, true or false?

Also, who calls a mountain Mount McKinley?
You could think of a better name for it.
I think it's Mount Rushmore, isn't it?
How do you know that?
Coz it's the one with Presidents faces in
it, they carve Presidents faces into a mountain.

Oh right, dunno why.
Well lets say false then.
False, I don't know that's mostly on you.
How many states are there in America, 40,
50 or 60?

I'll say 50, I think 50 too, 50 sounds true.
Sounds about right doesn't it.
What is the national bird of America?
Probably a chicken.
A chicken!
Yeah coz they love chicken.
You eat chicken all the time, KFC, that's

Please, just watch Cowspiracy and stop eating
so much chicken.

Become a vegetarian and just cut down.
Just cut down, you don't even have to be fully

Yeah, your country is the problem, sorry!
It's too much, too much.
Okay, I'm gunna get hate!
So much hate!
Let's not all contribute towards it (America).
What is the national flower of America?
Rose, Iris or Sunflower?
I didn't know you had a national flower.
I'm gunna go sunflower.
I thought an Iris was inside your eye.
Yeah I did.
I didn't even know there was such a thing
as a national flower!

What a weird thing to be a national thing!
That's really weird.
Or would it be a rose?
That's like more of an English thing.
English Rose.
And like the Tudor Rose...
I don't really know what I'm talking about.
Yeah I know what you mean.
What is the largest city in America?
Probably LA?
Is it?
I don't know!
Isn't LA really small?
No I thought LA was massive and you have to
have a car.

Yeah we've heard that!
Someone told us you have to have a car, so
it must be the biggest city!

Wait, but there's gotta be big places.
New Yorks probably big.
Like isn't Texas like huge?
Texas is huge but that's not a city, that's
a state.

Oh a state.
Hooston... what about Chicago?
I'm just naming cities now!
I don't know.
What are the cities then, LA, New York, Chicago.
That's pretty much it.
That's it?
They're the only cities in America!
You're kidding?
Is that all there are?
Okay shall we submit for New York then?
I think LA.
LA it is!
I hope.
Okay next question: How many white stars are
there on the national flag of America.

Had to deal with this before.
30, 70 or 50?
Coz there's one for every state that's what
I've learnt from the comments in our latest

quiz video.
There's a star for every state so if we said
there's 50 states then there should be 50

Okay yeah, coz it'd be unfair if they left
anyone out.

Yeah, although what's a state that's like
shocking... one that I forget exists is Wyoming.

That's a state!
I've never heard of that.
Exactly, maybe they could leave them out of
the flag.

That's dreadful.
Okay, write down three states of America.
Oh, got this!
You should make me do it coz I don't know

No you can't have California, Texas or New

You can't have those.
FL... is that a state?
That is a state.
What does it stand for?
Yep you got Florida.
Okay another state, Oregon?
Yeah that's one.
But I only know that because my brother worked
in Portland, Oregon.

I work in Portland, Oregon and I was like

Sounds like oregano.
I hate oregano.
Oh I love it!
I hate it.
Americans call it oregano, which I just think
sounds weird.

The Greek words the best one, 'rigany', rigany!
I'm like dad don't put rigany on it I hate

That's so good.
He's like you like a mix Lia, I'm like no
mix, I don't like rigany!

So good.
Yeah Oregano.
Portland, Oregano.
Annnnnd, okay there are literally 50 to choose

I'm quite good with states.
No you can't have California.
Why not?
Coz I told you you can't have California,
New York or Texas.

So Washington.
I take quizzes quite often on naming American
states because I want to learn all of them.

You're such a joke.
I get about 35 out of 50.
Let me name some, Idaho, Ohio, OH I KNOW OHIO!
Yeah well done... pfft.
What else, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico.
Arizona, dammit.
It's my favourite girls name.
You wanna call your daughter Arizona?
No it's just a nice name for a girl, no it's

Sorry if there's an Arizona watching, but
it's not that nice.

Yeah it is.
Arizona, there's a drink called Arizona.
Yeah so you're like "my daughters a drink".
This my daughter Arizona, I just think it's
a nice name.

You just need to educate yourself, seriously.
Shut up.
Okay question 10.
What is the name of the American national

I was gunna say God Save the Queen but that's
ours. is it *sings*, "by the dawn of the night"?

I thought it was the one that goes "America,
America... *sings*".

What is the NAME of the national anthem....?
Could be like The American Dream.
It'd be very American for it to just be "America".
The greatest country on earth: America.
I don't know!
Shall we take a guess.
"Oh, America".
Yeah I like that.
Oh America! is the name of the American national

Slash, God Save the Queen.
Okay, 11.
What famous American people do you know?
Not many personally.
Well I know Susan.
That's not a general knowledge question, yeah
it said like actors, singers, sportsmen, presidents.

There should never be 11 questions on a quiz.
It should be 10, but that's like a bonus question
so the teacher can laugh at you.

I know plenty of American actors.
I do.
Like everyone we watch is American.
Yeah pretty much our media is saturated with
American stuff.

So how do you think that went for us?
I'm gunna say we got about 6 or 7 out of 10.
Yeah I think we probably got about 7 or 8
out of 10.

Okay 75%.
So if you could total up the scores if you
know all the answers, let us know in the comments

the percentage out of 100 please, percentages
are all out of 100. and we look forward to

the love mail in the comments, all of the
lovely comments from angry Americans.

Let's just open up the picture, just so you
guys know how uneducated we are, yeah we know

a lot about Britain but we don't know a lot
about America.

But do you know what, all of our, well not
all of our patrons, but lots of our patrons

are American and we love talking to them.
I know.
They literally, they're teaching us about
America every time we speak to them.

Coz I think they watch our channel and they're
horrified so they're like "I must talk to

If you're interested in Skyping with us on
Patreon and becoming one of our patrons then

we'll link that down below, so you can check
that out, but if you don't want to that's

fine as well.
Yeah, you can not only educate us, you can
just hang out with us on Skype.

We do them every month, and the links are
all below.

Or if you hate us, instead of leaving a hate
comment you could become a Patron, as pity?

No I just thought they could spend 15 minutes
saying hate comments to our faces!

Instead of writing it down.
Could you imagine that, it'd be awful!
Like I'm just logging on to tell you how stupid
you are!

I'd love it because I'd be like, go on then!
Say it to my face, go on.
Oh no!
You're like gunna be one of those people who
pays people to hit you.

That's disgusting.
You know like in films where they give them
$20 and they're like "hit me", no I don't

have any things like that, people do that
to get off on it!

Hit me, no!
Okay, or they pay to go and hit someone.
Would you be that?
No, I've got something to tell you off camera,

Oh my god, tell me off camera!
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British People Do American Quiz!| American vs British

102 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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