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hi we're Joel and Lia and today's video
is all about how well I know Joel

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I genuinely think I know everything about
you I think you

I think you do
I think you know me very very well I
wouldn't trust anyone else oh oh I wouldn't get anyone go near ya
so the first question I think is really

important when you're marketing me
to my
potential matches

what is my biggest
thats a bit of a tragic thing to start off with
I know but I feel like you've got to start
on like the worst qualities because you

could tell me my good qualities I know I'm
kind I'm funny I'm generous but I know that!

you know that I know that!
tell me something I don't know
what is my weakness
i'll do a compliment sandwich
oh okay you're really amazing really
kind and funny and like generous yeah
weakness coming now okay
because it's a sandwich
you're indecisive okay so just making a
decision Joel do you want to go here you

want to go there
I don't know where do
you want to go

yeah just tell me where
to go and just do it
oh the thing is i'm so chilled out
like on a date not long ago I was like literally I'm the perfect date because
you could go anywhere with me and I'll
be fine with it I'm thinking like I'm

like I'm so easy but they're probably going

you need a personality
omg no Joel let me wrap up
that compliment sandwich by saying

you've got an amazing personality but
indecisiveness makes them think you don't

know what you want
tick ok tick
oh i've got one other weakness is that too much?
sometimes you can snap
you can get angry you can
switch it on and it's foul too much yeah

I don't think many people get to see it
because I don't get close to many people

but you've seen it
yeah I do I do have a bit of a temper
I need to reign that in
right so the next question
is what is my biggest turn off? Oh turn

off okay bad breath
oh yeah hundred percent million per cent

erm like
spit in between teeth like you know like the Miley Cyrus video
where she's like on wrecking ball where
I'll put clip in yeah where she's like (pic)
and you see a string of spit that's rank

literally yeah
see I don't know if arrogance
would turn you off or would it?

if someone's arrogant in that they're
self-obsessed and they don't stop

talking about themselves and what
they're doing and their life and all

these things that would turn me off
no yes

someone who isn't interested is
my final answer
good tick
you passed that one as well
I love that you knew the spit thing
he doesn't like spit he doesn't like spit
the next one linking on to
that is what is my biggest turn-on

oh whats your biggest turn on
ok keep it clean keep it clean
I think someone who's got their
own business or someone that's like

successful in their own right
yeah cos I'm so

because I'm so
passionate about being self-employed and
having my own business and things like

that I could never imagine well I have worked for
other people but I don't ever want to work

for someone else and you really admire
people that have done it themselves
yeah that they're just self-made that
their own boss they're in charge yes

and it's just like you don't work for anyone else
I love that you just answer to you and
you've got that ambition and motivation
that's such a turn on omg it turns me on
oh my gosh I just dribbled
and just like nice face
yeah gotta look good for those selfies!
okay so
link to my biggest turnoff

yeah but not quite severe what are my
biggest pet peeves so imagine I'm in a

relationship okay
and I love everything about them but

what is it that they do that I'm just

you really wind me up
noise like people that like slam
heavy-handed in the kitchen
noise I cannot stand noise

I hate noise, loud noises I hate
bad manners would be piss you off I
think so I think all linked with those

like if you're being inconsiderate or
you've got bad manners I'm just like

also people who don't say thank you to
waiters rude to people in general I'm

just like that's not attractive - it's like
that might be fun amongst your group of

friends yeah we've got manners here
ok what would be
my best date be and what would my worst

date be I think best date would be wake
up having like American pancakes go to

like a farm yes oh my gosh yeah
go to a farm
has to be like all these activities

separated by yummy food oh yeah yes
because you love food and animals
go to a farm like see all the animals

hold the chickens like take loads of
pictures then go for like a pub lunch

yeah pub lunch with a walk
we'd like a lovely walk yeah
somewhere countryside yeah that would be perfect
that is literally my perfect day
animals, walk, food
and like Netflix and chill
awww netflix and chill that would be so nice
and worst date would be
waking up and them being like let's go

for a run
mm-hmm and then be like okay I think we

should like train with each other like
lets do some PT together and then

they're like oh I'm not really a person
that like eats anything so you're just

you're starving yeah all day and you're
just pretending oh those people that

just forget to eat I'm like okay
what you forgot?
for lunch to a fish
Oh seafood seafood he hates seafood
so you've got all of them right
I am actually really impressed I trust
you with my wingman

oh amazing
if you've enjoyed
watching this video thank you so much
leave a comment let us know what your

biggest turnoff is before we go we'd
like to thank Wingman for sponsoring

this video
I'm really excited that Lia's taking

control of my dating life
and swiping left and right for me so go

check them out if you're interested
thanks so much for watching guys we'll

see you next time
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British Best Friends Talk About Dating | How Well Do I Know Him? #ad

178 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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