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Hello we are Joel & Lia and today's
video is five things that Brits do that

drive Americans crazy now we are not
American as you can s...hear. "as you can s...hear!" . Now we are not American as you can probably tell but we

have thought of five things that we
think drive Americans crazy so let us

know in the comments if they do drive
you crazy or if there's anything that

we've missed let's get started! alright, so excited.
So excitable. the first one is being standoffish oh
yeah so for anyone who doesn't know what

standoffish is, it's just a bit like.....
if that was if there was a gesture for the word it

would be that and that's
definitely how Brits are I think more so

than Americans and I think it annoys
Americans I think it comes across rude

even though it's not meant in a rude way
it's just sort of we're just different

yeah we're just different and it's like
never take that as a personal insult

it's just like them being so us be so
self-conscious about our own stuff it's

just like "no", irritating, I don't need anyone in my space
yeah, my bubble. so the next thing that we do that

we think probably drives Americans
mental is that we don't really tip

tipping's just not really a big thing here
unless you're made of money, throwing it around! it's just not

bred in our culture where it's like you have
to tip at least fifteen or twenty

percent is like what we're taught it 10%. We'll leave a little tip, and I usually only really... like my parents do
yeah I don't really do it. But my
parents always tip yeah and it tends to

be 10% and that's like generous yeah 10%
so if it's like a, what 50 quid bill? fiver

yeah that'd be 10% yeah course it would
knock off a zero. A* Maths GCSE!

maths genius right here. yeah just leaving a fiver and that'd be it. It'd never be 20% no
never it would never be. But we do try
when we come to America I feel like most

Brits are like this is a tipping culture
let's make sure we're tipping people but

maybe some don't and
I think that does piss off Americans

because again even though stuff is rude
in our country we forget that stuff is

rude in other people's country so like by
not tipping we're offending the person

that's serving us and in some countries
tipping is actually rude like in Japan

yeah yeah it's like no this is the cost
of the food it's exhausting it's

exhausting so when we go to America Joel
we actually have to budget for tipping

we haven't even thought of that
we just thought we would go somewhere

we'll have some coffees it's almost double what we- we
have to budget more for that because we tend to

think America is cheap so Brits are like
yes America is so cheap and it is but then

you add sales tax and you add tips and
it's like oh it's not actually that much cheaper. Sales

tax and tips is ridiculous just tell me
the cost yeah tell me the cost upfront

and I'll pay it, it's like getting to the
checkout and delivery's like the same

price as your thing and you're like well
just sack off this whole order then

abandon abandon so the next thing that
drives Americans crazy is that

British people are emotionless and
they're you know they've got a stiff

upper lip
that's what we call it when we're sort

of like we don't show emotion we have we
power through if we're upset we don't

tell anyone, we just power through
we've got a stiff upper lip. Which I think

is definitely something of like an
older generation yeah

whereas now we're taught to all
just like let our emotions out just like

cry, have a day, no that's Lia! Okay I cried a lot yesterday and it felt lovely, shoot me! Shoot me guys, I cried! And I actually took some pictures of myself crying! I was just like I'm crying
gonna take some pictures, dunno why! I just like to see how I look
when I cry! that's so weird! but yeah I think it's getting
less like that because our generation is

getting aware of how much that is like
affecting young people like to tell them

to bottle up their emotions oh god it's so bad! it's really bad but it is how we are I
think you're probably even though you do
show emotion I think you show emotion

less than Americans might or other cultures might
and talk about it less

I'll talk to you about it yeah but it's not
something I broadcast. Apart from on my youtube

channel! okay this one probably bit a
sensitive topic but you know Brits that

think Americans don't get sarcasm when

probably do. otherwise so many of them
wouldn't subscribe to this channel would they! Coz we're really

sarcastic. and that is a huge stereotype
that Brits are like Americans just

literally they don't get sarcasm but
that isn't true because like yeah like

you said we're so sarcastic and people
have sent us messages like I love

watching you guys so sarcastic so that's
just yeah that's one thing that we're

gonna try and correct over here, we'll be like Americans do get it you guys! Yeah they're more
intelligent than you and the last one is
kind of similar but it's Brit's

assuming that Americans are stupid
or that they're like all gun wielding

fat loud brash people that all voted
for Trump when obviously loads of you didn't. No and I think it's so

wrong like obviously we've got American
friends been to America got loads of

American viewers and we know that just
the same stereotypes of Brits having bad

teeth we all know that's not true, but some are. Bad teeth?! Is that like a thing?
never heard of that? no! So that's a big
stereotype that Americans are always

like British people have gross teeth
and we've had loads of comments about it being like you two are

like weird for Brits that you do have
nice teeth

it's like that that obviously isn't true
but there are some Brits that do have

bad teeth that's the same thing that
isn't true about Americans, but it is true for some Americans.

No, definitely it's a shame that like you
know Trump is like your president and

that a lot of sort of ignorant Brits
will look at that and be like

they're all like him they all look to him
and that's kind of what's pushed in our

media is like look at how many Americans
love Donald Trump

when actually most Americans hate him
yeah so we're sorry for

Brit's snobbery. British people are snobby! So snobby, sorry sorry. Joel you are
totally right because our media push the
idea of Americans so much and you know

they put Trump on on the news and
they're like look at how many people voted for him and it's like of

course just building up this image of
what we are supposed to think about

Americans and it's not healthy is it? no
it's not! It's not very nice essentially Americans

are very similar to Brits and I know of our channel we kind of highlight the differences
between them but they're minimal like I
think yeah we are very similar and it's

just Americans are a bit more open and
nice some of them but we're a bit snobby!

We're a bit snobby so there you go
we're a bit snobby and we love it

and what I always say is I always say this we can
all afford to be a bit more American you

do, you say that all the time! because we could all wear our heart
on our sleeve a bit more yeah show a little bit

more emotion speak about how we're feeling, if we've got a problem with someone just say hi
can I talk to you about something
it's bothering me and also be bold and be

confident like if you want to have a
meeting with someone if you're

networking just be like hi can we go for a
coffee I've got a great idea instead of Brits being like

or just never saying anything! You know we always go oh my god you can't even get into an uber
without someone giving you a business
card or their mixtape or something

they've made, in America that is, but
isn't that great like the idea of

selling yourself and just being confident. it's admirable and we want that
an element of it but not too much of it

not not too much so we'd love to take a
leaf out of your book and we hope that

you'd like to take a leaf out of ours! yeah
multiculturalism! Okay guys, that is the end of the video

we hope you've enjoyed it like we said
we did make the opposite this video

in reverse so click on the cards to
watch five things Americans do that drive Brits

definitely and we've just started a

Ko-Fi page which is an opportunity for
some of our supporters to buy us a coffee

so if you'd like to do that head down to
our Ko-Fi page the links in our

description, and that's it guys, subscribe
like leave the comments bla bla bla and

we'll see you next week bye howdy
partner bye partner bye y'all see ya

how do you feel about us having a bit of
the voice going underneath the endcard yeah that could be cool!

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156 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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