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Hi we're Joel & Lia and this is ten
questions that British people have for

Australians we've done a couple more
videos of this this is a brand new

series of questions we have for insert
nationality here this is the Australian

version and let's kick it off with the
first question why do you call

flip-flops thongs yeah and if you call
flip-flops thongs what do you call thongs?

yeah because a thong is just like a pair of
pants yeah with like a small something just

a thong yeah Lia wears them every day
I wear them every day, can't stand VPL, Visible

Panty Line I prefer the word thong to like
panties that makes me feel a bit sick well maybe they just

call it g-string cuz isn't that the technical
term? But I think that sounds more rude

than a thong yeah a g-strings like when
it's literally a string!

which I do not own! I remember when I
first discovered thongs! As a child well I feel like it's-

it's like I thought that was when they
were invented but they probably

weren't it's probably just when I
discovered them I just remember thinking

like *gasp* oh my gosh, like your bum
exposed by a little bit of fabric! That's so funny but anyway flip flops the

idea of wearing thongs on your feet just makes me think I've
got my knickers in a twist round my toes!
yeah moving on! the next question is why

do all famous people from Australia
leave as soon as they get famous? yeah

that's so true as soon as they see a little
bit of success they are out of there! Why does no one stay?

it's almost as if every management they've ever had like actors
presenters singers they must just go

right you've made it here yeah get
yourself to America get yourself to England it's

weird isn't it Kylie Minogue Margot
Robbie like everyone in Neighbours

literally they go straight from
Neighbours straight to the USA and get

straight to a soap opera or like in
pilot season it's weird it's pretty

hilarious no one stays Rolf Harris he's
now in prison in the UK no one stays in

Australia is it really that bad? so the
next question is why is Australia like

the main place for all the deadly insect
and animals and it's so bad isn't it?! like

deadly alligator deadly this the worst
spiders you could ever find in the world. Like it'd be scary to live there!

literally in the same way that we
wouldn't move to America because of

guns we probably wouldn't move to
Australia coz of the animals and insects! i love animals but like I just can't

live in fear yeah do you encounter them
on a daily basis what's it like why

don't you just kill all of the spiders
like I thought you were gonna say something way worse! I thought you were gunna say why don't you just

kill all the animals! I'd never say that! I love animals! No I'm all for animals, I'm
just not for insects and I'm just like

keep the spiders that aren't venomous
but just kill all of the venomous

spiders and then you wouldn't have a
problem I don't feel sorry for you

Australia! do they have really bad
mosquitoes as well? Probably! They have bad everything.... sharks! We live in like the

safest country in the world
we don't have guns like America we don't

have earthquakes we don't have extreme

we don't have deadly animals, yeah extreme
weather! We literally have nothing we

don't have tsunamis earthquakes hurricanes but we
think we've got it tough we think we've

got it so tough! We're like urgh I've got to walk with my
umbrella in the rain but literally why

is our country so safe compared to everywhere else? okay
the next question is a little bit

controversial and it's probably gonna
get a few people riled up but I don't

care why are some of you still so sexist
no joke so I have a friend well it's my

boyfriend's sister and she lives in
Manly and she's a doctor and she says

that on a daily basis she encounters
people that are like no can I see the

doctor and she's like I am the doctor
and it just drives me mental that people

still can't see/understand that a woman
is a doctor that a woman can be a doctor

and that she's not just a nurse. It's weird isn't it! Drives me mental! why are they so behind? well I don't
really know that that's true but I have
heard that in Australia there's still quite

a bit of sexism
racism things like that yeah they'd

probably just be like why you're not
just a housewife yeah like I want a

career because I'm an independent
businesswoman yeah like

why are women and men like not
equal yet not saying we're the same just

why we not seen evenly there that's a
question for ya!

so the next question is have you ever
caught chlamydia from a koala yeah

that's so weird
yeah we've read somewhere that koalas

carry chlamydia yeah what an awful way
to find out yeah well it's in their urine

apparently so you know people
tourists like hug koalas if they wee on

you, game over you've got chlamydia oh my

so how many of you have had chlamydia
from a koala? let us know in the

the next one is - urgh there's tourists watching us film.

oh my god this is so embarrassing! there's
tourists that are watching us film from

outside the window this is so embarrassing oh my
god oh no they're looking at the plants

okay the next question is why do you
guys abbreviate everything don't get me

wrong this is literally my favourite part
about Australia. I was about to be like yeah if you

catch chlamydia from a koala that'd be devo but then I was like i can't say that because we're about to diss them for doing that! I do it a lot as well!
but I've definitely taken it from you guys
oh definitely what's the track suit one?

that's my favourite! trackie-dacks!
trackie-dacks, servo for service station, arvo, bottlo,
all these things just ending O they tend to
lappy for laptop

I absolutely love it it's just it makes
so much sense like you just need to get

your sentence out just say the words
yeah my boyfriend sometimes say's hundy

for 100% it makes me feel sick! I've never heard that! He's not Australian but every time he says I'm
like vomiting in my mouth. So funny. He's like hundy! It's so weird because it's not an obvious one. You wouldn't hear
hundy and be like hundy, 100, 100%!
yeah like that's so obvi.... obvious!

isn't a hundy
that's kind of how Americans say

Hyundai! because they go that song
is like "Win a superbowl and drive off in a Hyundai"

So he's talking about Hyundai well done Australians I want to use more of that! the next question
leading on from that is do you get
annoyed that we always do your accent

Coz we always do it! it's such a difficult accent not to slip
into when you're talking to Australians

just because it's so similar to ours so
then you just end up like copying them

and then you think oh no maybe I'm
offending them but I'm literally just

doing it cuz I love it but like I absorb
it like while listening to it I just

like it's in my bones! I know I love it so

and our friend Christie from Backpacking
Bananas she's in Australia well she's in Sri Lanka at

the moment yeah she's a traveller and every time she comes back
from Australia she's got like such a
strong Australian accent funny yeah a

little bit Kiwi twang on it. Kinda leads onto the next one, which is do you
guys feel amazing that Kiwi people from
New Zealand like take their first step

up to Australia when it comes to success
and career and then feel devastated that

they then leave Australia for the rest of the world, they treat
Australia as a stepping stone it is a stepping

stone especially for like Kiwis yeah
yeah how do you feel about that? That sounds so

mean how'd you feel about that
yeah let us know! so I went to see a

comedian who's from Auckland in New
Zealand and then her first like jump was

to Australia and then from Australia
London and worldwide and I thought

it was hilarious and similarly Kelly who
lives here, thanks for letting us film in

your house Kelly she's from New Zealand
and her first jump when she was like 18

was Australia and then from Australia to London and I just think it's really funny, it's weird though coz Australia should be able to like have it's own success
because it's such a big country and
there's obviously so many talented

people from Australia yeah it's just
like why can't they keep a hold of their own talent!

Next question is do your toilets flush the
opposite way to ours coz you're the

other side of the world ours like goes around like
this I think so does yours go around
like that I don't really

understand that. Or the water in the sink
yeah apparently it goes around a

different way because it's the opposite
side of the world

but is it true? Let us know! I always think of dumb
things like when I would be on the beach I
thought I'd dig to Australia yeah

that's because you're thick but I was like five at
the time still thick and the final

question is does it bother you that
you've never had a cold Christmas in

Australia I mean what's it like having a
boiling hot Christmas Day yeah and do

you envy like seeing things on Instagram
that's like snowy winter cold Christmas

like what Christmas is all about for
so many people yeah are you annoyed that

society puts these values like Christmas
is snowy and it's cold and you're like

it's not for us! it must be so annoying
and it's summer for you but winter for us so weird

someone sends you a Christmas card and
it's just like a big snowy landscape and

you're like ah one day, slash never! does
it feel fictional? coz it ain't! So mean! It's reality!

but those are the questions I don't know how many
we did probably 10! Those are our questions so

let us know the responses in the comments we
love learning about each country we've

done this for Canadians and Americans so
far oh and they LOVED educating us. They love it so much! But it is actually helpful! I read like

some of them can't read all of them (reads all of them) No but
seriously it's been actually helpful for

us to learn about other cultures from
your comments so do let us know what

it's actually like down below and if you
want to you can buy us a coffee we've got

a little link here in our description
it's basically if you want to buy

us a coffee you can! And that's the British way of asking
you to tip us if you want to but you

don't have to I don't know I don't know
if Australian's are very generous with

money I don't know who knows, let us know! Prove yourself! Prove it! But yeah, don't forget to
subscribe if you haven't already we make
videos all about culture in the UK and

that differs to cultures elsewhere and we'll see

next time see you soon bye! I hope they
prove themself

I hope they prove themself literally
like pull out your wallet buy us a

literally we're gonna we're gonna send

you a picture yeah nothing rude nothing
well maybe if we've had too much prosecco!

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Questions for Australians! What Do British People Think About Australia?

55 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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