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Hi, we're Joel and ia and today's video is all about British insults that Americans might not understand
Now this video isn't just for Americans, it's for anyone who is interested in British insults
Where I'm drinking some Prosecco while we're filming for once and that's because we want to say huge
Thank you to everyone
Who's bought us a coffee, coffee is our page that people can like donate money for us to buy coffee? We spend it on
Prosecco usually .... sad times
Thank you so much for the coffee's definitely. really, it
Helps us get through the filming
So thank you so much , because we really hate each other yeah
And we often use these insults to describe each other, so this helps us
And if you are new to this channel don't forget subscribe we make videos all about British things
Accents culture of the lot, yeah when we compare America to the UK quite a lot
so if you're American you're watching this you should especially subscribe (don't hate us)
So okay, so the first insult is the word
I hate this word is TWAT
That's what and basically the actual meaning of the word is so gross
Yeah, doesn't it means it's female yeah. I mean it's not I don't like it
Yeah, it's rude its not gross. Yeah. It's not a very nice term
People do use it a lot if you're a child you might have been brought up to use the word twit instead of twat. Yeah
Yeah, it feels really horrible to swear. doesn't it. but you might get called that. someone might be like "youuu twwattt"
And that's not a compliment no if you're if you're a twat even though the literal meaning is
Woman's its reproductive party immediate major an idiot like Europe. They might say dickhead. That's another
One that I love that
What's the next one? the next one is saying that I call Leah often, *give me the strength not to smack him* it's
Leah's like the opposite of this is the word slapper
Which is the opposite of a classy lady? Yes, so slapper is basically just like a girl
Often a woman. Yeah, it's always you never hit
Oh never. I think it's because I think I think originally it's a derogatory term for a prostitute
Yeah, so guys might be like ah I saw a slapper at the weekend
But now it's used for non. Prostitutes. Just women in general
Yeah, just describe the way a woman dresses someone might say. Oh, she looks like a right stopper, and it's really not nice
It's horrible horrible. It's other words
You could use as a slag or a slut terrible words you should never ever use them. Honestly. I get so offended
No , its um, to be honest slapper
I think our generation don't really use that a lot, but all the generations would say slapper
Yeah, like on to the next. okay
the next one's often used to describe men and that is tosser so it's another word for a *hand gesture for willy*
I can't say it
I'm sorry mum and dad watching this video like *not in my good christian suburbs*
I think
It's a kind of old one as well. How many people get.. you might get called a tosspot
Yeah, I think the older generation might say tosspot, but i have heard people recently used the word tosser
Yeah, but yeah, I think people might use the word wanker a bit more frequently than tosser
Yeah, they mean the same thing "you're an idiot". "You're stupid", but again. It comes back from a sexual meaning
I think lots of these have sexual connotations. Yeah, but they actually nowadays. Just mean idiot or
Promiscuous. on a completely different note because we've not eaten. I am feeling wasted we
Lia, we've had one glass each. We still got pretty much a full bottle. I'm really wasted
That's just just to say guys safe drinking. drink in the home environment. Oh definitely
Okay, that's what makes us safe drinkers because after one drink. We're like *not today satan* yeah, no one can call me a slut. I'll stay in
So the next one can be used for men or women, and it's Minger
Oh, yeah minger , and I've got one to address and mingers like someone who's not very good-looking. Yeah, and
London, like London specific, butters
I love that. with two Ts, so its like "butters", but we'd say butters yeah like butter, "you're so butters"
doesn't that, but doesn't butter or butters mean good body, but bad face (its like everything's hot butter/but her face)
Yeah, I'm pretty sure. its like Mingers all over. Mingers, full on mingers. we use that word, minger isn't that offensive?
She's a right minger. He's a right minger. Whatever. Minger. But yeah, I think I think
Let me know in the comments if this does mean it, but i'm pretty sure butters means like great
They've got a great bod but an awful face
And is there any other word that we can use when someone has got a great bod but an awful
Face because you see it so often yeah
You go that's the reason you've got a good bod, because you're making up to something else. where's me & Lia are the other way around
We've got amazing faces... terrible bodies
Drink! can you talk me up, please sorry I don't want to be the pillock
Into our next word okay, it's like like it's light-hearted if you describe someone as a pillock
Or if you're described as a pillock. It's nothing to be that offended by I mean it isn't insults it means again
You're stupid, but it's sort of like are you pillock like youre harmless or like you mean well
But you're stupid and what was the other one? Muppet. Muppet. That's another one my personal favorite. You donut! *insert gordon Ramsey meme*
You Donut
They're all friendly. oh someones watching us film. (fake) hello youtubers
Big window there. get used to it. like so many people are youtubers nowadays. get over it. get over it, honestly
They're just fascinated. Yeah, those endearing ones. Just want to end on the high note. Yeah, Muppet pillock
Donut. I was gonna say cock one ball, but that's a bit more offensive
That's another nother video anyway. That's more than five, but that's solved like five different categories. Maybe I don't know... we've... we've had glass of Prosecco
If you enjoyed it let us know in the comments, do you Americans actually know these
Insults? and do you use them, I'd love it if an American was like "you're butters" butters. Yeah, whatever mate
Oh, no. She's so butters. Oh my god
What is? no they'd say slut, they would say slut. but they wouldn't say slapper. slapper. "what is a slapper?"
No I don't think so
But let us know if there are any American insults. I'm pretty sure us in the UK would know most American insults
Oh, yes, we're very Americanized here
But let us know anyway because we might not've heard of them you might do the opposite of this video what American?
Insults that we've never heard have never heard of I'd love that yeah
I hope there are some words we don't know, but I'm pretty sure we would know most of them. comment them below
Don't say the meaning and then we can use them in a video. Yeah, thank you. See you next time. See you soon. Bye
is this skinny Prosecco. No it's not it's it's full of sugar. Is it. Yeah good. Just the way. I like it
Here to educate. here to educate and entertain
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BRITISH Insults AMERICANS Won't Understand! | American vs British

498 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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