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hello guys so as you can see we're not
in our usual location we are out and

about in Soho and thought you'd like to
join us so you may or may not know that

we've been working with rosetta stone
over the last 30 days I am learning

Spanish and seeings as we've hit 50,000
subscribers the other day we thought

we'd go out to celebrate this evening at a
tapas restaurant and I'm gonna try out a

bit of my conversational Spanish skills
to see how much I've learned. And as you may or may not know I'm learning Japanese

at the moment with Rosetta Stone, so here's a
clip of me
this morning skyping with Yuya who's one

of our Japanese viewers on YouTube and
he's gonna help me with a bit of

conversation stuff I was really nervous
about it but I gave it my best shot

konnichiwa I can't see you! *Japanese*
Good job! Wooo yeah!
So for anyone who's wondering I'm just speaking to Yuya and he asked me what I'm gunna be
up to today and I said that I'm going

I didn't say why, Yuya it's cuz I've got a
photo shoot on Thursday so I'm not quite

sure how you say photo shoot yet and
then *Japanese word* is filming so we're actually

gonna be vlogging today out and about in
London so that's great

How are you doing? Yeah you told me that you're good! I said *Japanese word* which is are you good
yeah! Excellent! Ah that was nice, I was a bit scared to do that Yuya! Impressive!! Thank you! Too kind!
so we've had a really busy day so far we've
just have a meeting with our management

we have a photo shoot coming up on
Thursday and both of us feel like we've

got nothing to wear so we're going to go
shopping try and find the perfect thing

before we go for tapas! obviously we're
only 30 days into our learning at the

minute and I just can't wait to be like
a year later

twelve months later and to go into all
these amazing Japanese places that I

walk past in Soho all the time and just
to be able to like order in Japanese

it's gonna be so cool I can't wait
I don't know what to get! Oh I'm gunna have to choose!
We have walked past this shop for so many years - it's felt like years!
And we have finally bought a doughnut!
so we've heard of this amazing Spanish
tapas bar called tapas brindisa

they're in Soho and so we're gonna head
there now and get some maybe some

Spanish wine and maybe some cava and uh

see how my Spanish goes Cheers to
50,000 subscribers Joel! Cheers Lia!

mmm that is good. That is yummy!
Joel, how do you say I love you in Spanish? Flashback! "how do
you say I love you in Spanish?" How do you remember that? So embarrassing! Te amo! Te amo!

people think we're a really cringe Spanish
couple! te amo! how do you say 'I love us'? Los amo! Cringe couple! We're not even a couple! Los amo!

Fun fact: this Cava is actually Spains version of Prosecco. Yeah and isn't it made in Barcelona? Barcelona!!! Yeah it is! It's very good
I'm loving having this sort of like
Spanish day but also like some random

Japanese stuff I know it's so good although we did walk past a restaurant
earlier that was a mix of Japanese and
Mediterranean so it's like very gourmet

we didn't eat there but otherwise we
would have been there. Definitely!

Just in Soho with Joel and I'vejust come across a
Japanese restaurant with a Mediterranean

touch and I was like oh my gosh that's me a Japanese
lover who's also Greek look at this.

Japanese cuisine with a Mediterranean
touch that is you that's literally me I'm

like I saw the place and I was like I need to order something here. I feel like going in and being like, this is me.
I love that sound! It's when you get something right on
the app so how did you find learning

Japanese? I think with learning Japanese
because it's so unlike any European

language it's been a huge step out of my
comfort zone but it's been an amazing

one because it's like the letters and
like just - you have to really put

more into it to kind of understand it
and it's like you can't just like learn

the sounds I think the best thing about
working with Rosetta Stone

you've seen the app is that it literally
doesn't let you move on for like the

next step within that module until
you've got it right which is quite nice

you can like pick and choose if you want
to do like a writing listening

speaking lesson and so on but what's
really great is that you know the

attention to detail, the fact that
you have to speak back into the

microphone and they're checking whether
it's right or not it's like learning

with a real teacher. Like Lia said the voice recognition technology so it
literally listens to your pronunciation
to check if it's correct and the fact

they throw you straight into it without
telling you like "this word means Apple"

it sort of it just throws a word at you
and you've just got to do it by process of

elimination and you're like oh una
manzana means that one Apple so dos manzanas

must mean two apples without it
saying it explicitly, like this is what

it means! so their lessons make it feel
like you're figuring out things for

yourself and you're learning it yourself
rather than being told this is what it

means! thank you! gracias! so I just asked for the bill in
Spanish which I was really nervous about

I don't know why I said la cuenta por favor?
anyway two of our cards got declined

I think it was their machine so they
went and got a new machine but is so

embarrassing we're like okay this doesn't work
this doesn't work so awkward

it's just started throwing it down so we
might have to cut our day short!

We had a big evening planned but it's just miserable, classic Spring/Summer day
So Joel, where are we going? We're heading
into Liberty's which is the oldest

department store in London even more.... older than Selfridges!
I can see you in something like that! Hmmm no! Oh it's only £930!
I like that oh my gosh! I can see you in that. Do you want to hold it up to me! I really like that!
I can see you in that
that's quite a bit big for you... it's a large!

oh I can see you in that! Oh is it
Calvin Klein? that's awesome!

It looks kinda white on screen. Vote in the comments
yes or no - Joel wearing a top that says

meaning! is that a small? that's a large
but look how large it is! I bet that looks

amazing on! Wait I really wanna try that on! how
is it now night time I don't know the

day has just disappeared I can't even
see you it's so dark

You don't want any sugar do you? yeah sweetener! Thank you. That's okay! We have absolutely shopped
till we dropped! We're exhausted, so we've come to a Starbucks I've got a matcha latte which is a very Japanese
matcha is a sort of like a super powder
superfood powder it's got more caffeine

in it than coffee wow you're gunna be buzzing
for hours

and it's in latte form so a bit
of almond milk very nice, so yummy thank

you everyone for watching the vlog we
hope you've enjoyed spending the day

with us we know we don't normally do
stuff like this and thank you to

Rosetta Stone for sponsoring this video
don't forget if you'd like to learn a

language as well you can use our code
JoelLia50 which is on the screen right

now to get 50% off it is a really really
great app we've been dying to work with

them for ages and it's finally happened
so thank you! Amazing, we're so so lucky

as well that we've got this for 12 months now so
there may be some more updates along the

way of how it's going, check out our Instagram, follow
us on our social pages which are also on

screen and we'll see you next time! Bye!
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Are Brits Terrible at Learning Languages? | 30 Day Challenge!

86 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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