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Hi we're Joel & Lia and today we're reacting
to Homecoming Mums. Yeah which we thought

were parents until now. Someone was like you
guys need to react to this and I was like

"Joel let's google homecoming mums, I think
it's about pushy parents, I think it's like

people who push their kids into being in pagents
and stuff". And I thought that as well when

you said homecoming mum I was like oh this
is going to be hilarious, these mums... turns

out the mum isn't a mum. Yeah so the mum is
a piece of fluff that you attach to your body

to celebrate coming home. Coming back home.
So let's watch it. Yeah our British minds

are a bit baffled but hey we're representing
America ... represent! Repping America...American

Freshman. What are they wearing? Why have
they got bows on their head? On your toot?

What's toot? On your bum. What's a senior?
The bear! But you're like 16 year old you're

not 2. I've got two, you've got one, but I've
got two. Oh my gosh so it's her and her date

who's probably gunna break up with her. Okay,
okay, pause. So the dates make it for the

other dates... well that's what Madeline Hicks
is saying. So she's saying that my date has

added stuff to my mum. Why is called a mum?
I'm really confused. They need to just call

it a big fluff ball, a craft. I've been doing
some arts and crafts and this is the thing

I've made that represents who I am, also how
old are seniors? They must be old coz they're

called 'senior'. In the UK if you're a senior
you're a senior citizen, you're over 60. But

I'm just like why are you in your teenage
years, and you're making crafts, like that's

what 6 year olds do. Like why are you being
told to make these crafts? I don't get it

Joel, I just don't get it. But also, that
must cost a load of money. What a waste! When

you could spend it on something else. Right
come one Madeline, what you sayin? Senior

class VP, what's that? Vice President? And
Homecoming Queen! Congrats Madeline! What?

Oh my gosh, coz she's theatrical! It's all
her personality. Who's seeing this? No one

sees it, when you walk past Madeline, you're
not seeing this. Okay, are people watching

this on YouTube for inspiration for their
own mum? I can't say the word mum without

thinking of our mums, coz that's how we spell
mum. So do you, when you say 'Homecoming Mum',

do you think of this as being something completely
different, because it's spelled m-u-m and

not m-o-m. But to us, that's like homecoming
MUM. Why do they wear- let's google why...

oh here we go '12 things non-Texans need to
know about Homecoming Mums!' Yes! If you're

enjoying this video don't forget to click
subscribe and the notification bell, we post

videos thrice weekly. And the poll for today
is: have you ever created your own Texas mum?

Homecoming Mum. Not a Texas mum! That too!
Right so, that was an experience, I'm baffled!

I still don't get it, I've got the same questions
as you, why do we wear them? Well this article

says that Homecoming mums is something that
is very specific to Texas, so maybe there'll

be lots of you out there that are just as
baffled as we are but then our second biggest

audience are people from Texas. So, you've
got a lot of explaining to do! So like these

girls are just wearing their mums. I'm gunna
insert this picture from this website which

is 'Yes to Texas dot com' so you just walk
around school with bears... there's fluffly

bears, a feather boa which is cut in two,
and they cover up this area. Maybe it's for

modesty, they're like "I don't want you looking
at my daughter coz she's hit puberty now"

so they cover them with this trash! It's got
all her achievements instead like the theatre

and the megaphone, yeah maybe. Because why
aren't boys wearing them? SO I'm guessing

it's a girl thing. But the girls on there
are representing their boys as well, coz they're

like this is the soccer ball. But what if
you're a lesbian, then who makes it for you?

You can answer that! Mums started as a simple
flower, so this is what the world has done,

they used to wear like a little flower, a
chrysanthemum gift from a boy to a girl and

now it's turn into this "I'm just gunna be
a flower", just classic America isn't it,

like starting with a flower and then it's
like BA-BOOM like massive things, it's amazing!

That's hilarious, oh my gosh it's so funny.
Yeah of course it was born out of something

simple and something beautiful and now look
at it. It's so tacky. It's very tacky I don't

know .... I still don't understand why grown
teenagers/young women and young men are making

these for each other and exchanging them it's
like why don't you just buy her a tequila

shot and just get wasted? No I'm kidding!
Girls also give guys one called a garter.

Oh so they wear it on their arm! See that's
a bit more passable, yeah they're trying to

make it look more macho but you're still wearing
a flower on your arm! You're still wearing

like an arm band, like a big blowy up armband.
Wow!!!! What?! So it says being able to make

mums can make you rich! What?! SO not everyone
is crafty enough to make their own, oh come

on it's not hard is it? But people can be
dropping between $60 and $300 for one. Shut

up! This is ridiculous. What is the most anyone
has spent on one of these, where you live?

If you've got them there. So people are making
careers out of this, do you think they're

like "hey I'm a mum creator!" and you're like
what does that mean? And they're like "I put

together tacky things for you" yeah but Joel
we can't say anything because we make YouTube

videos and some people still don't believe
that's a job. It's true. So they make flowers

that go on your body, but at least ours is
a bit easier to explain, yeah and I feel like

what we do, not everyone finds the value in
it, but hopefully everyone that's subscribed

is like "Oh it's entertainment or educational"
whereas this, what does it do? This mum thing

like, it seems like it's just for five minutes,
wear it and then it just lives in the loft.

Yeah or you just chuck it in the bin. But
these videos aren't going anywhere. Oh so

some people electrify their mums. Wow! And
it ain't cheap to electrify... they put LED

lights in them. See this is the other thing,
yeah America, with the British school system,

how we have to wear uniforms, it was always
told to us when we would always complain like

"In America they get to wear whatever they
want" and our teachers would be like "yeah

but this way you don't have to worry about
what you wear to school everyday" we're like

not giving children this competition of going
"I need to wear cool clothes" surely this

is exacerbating it where some of these girls
will be like "look I'm really rich and cool

because I've got an LED mum" whereas the poorer
kids would be like "I can't afford that" and

then they're seen as not cool. yeah it's really
difficult I actually really do love that we

all wear school uniforms in British schools.
There's no classism, we all look the same.

We all wear the same. You don't have to make
a decision in the morning. Do you know how

long it takes me to decide what to wear? Because
you know when we went to college, and as soon

as we got to college which is about 16-18,
we're allowed to wear whatever we want, it

was awful, and that was a nightmare because
I would wear one set of clothes, one outfit

per day because if you go in the next day
in the same clothes people would go "why are

you wearing the same clothes" how ridiculous
is that?! But that's what it would be like

at school. Exactly, exactly. I can't believe
this, this is funny. You can actually get

injured wearing these coz they can be quite
heavy. They can be heavy around the neck and

you need to have a back-support going on.
You need back support to support this thing.

They need to call it fluffy overalls. Not
a mum! It's just very weird. "Mums are an

expression of our personality" I'm sure they
are, but are they necessary? Yeah exactly

and why aren't the other states doing it if
it was that necessary why aren't all the other

50-something states doing it? 49 states? I
dunno. I should know this by now. It's 49

Joel. I thought it was 52 states but that's
52 weeks in a year. Is it 50 states? yeah

it's 50. Okay 49 other states. 50 stars isn't
it, on the flag? I have no idea I've never

counted them. I'm sure it's 50, yeah anyway,
why aren't all the other states doing it,

was Joel's point. And also, just a disclaimer,
this isn't supposed to be offensive, we're

just literally kind of in awe, kind of baffled,
just trying to get our British heads around

it. Mostly just intrigue. Like someone said
go and research this so we have. If you've

got any other weird stuff you want us to look
at, send it our way. We'd like to start doing

some more of these reacting to (classic American
things) videos. So whether we're reacting

to NASCAR crashes or reacting to, I dunno
anything that's like .... beauty pagents with

like 3 year olds... what are they called,
there's a programme called that.... oh I love

it.... with Honey Boo Boo.... Dance Moms but
yeah I know what you mean. Those sorts of

things, oh my gosh, because honestly America
is such an amazing, weird and wonderful country

like it's so funny! And you're all so diverse,
like Texas is like the only state that does

this. I mean let's give it a new name, okay
we'll call it "Giant Fluffball with a Teddy

on it" So thanks for watching this. So thanks
for watching Brits Reacting to Giant Fluffballs

with a Teddy on it" we'll be back next time,
please subscribe to our channel if you're

not triggered and click the notification bell
to be notified when we upload videos, yeah

coz we post thrice weekly, yeah and come back
soon! We'll see you later, bye! Do you think

we lost a lot of subscribers doing that? Probably.
We've probably offended all our Texas audience

and they're my favourite audience. Yeah you
love all them! I love Texans, do you know

what, let me try and think of one positive
for the mum.... it's creative. Creativity.

Creative juices. And a workout from wearing
the mum. "I think I lost 4lbs wearing it"

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Brits React to Texas Homecoming Mums!

25 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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