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- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- And today's video is British versus
Canadian versus American english words.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!

(quirky music)
So, lots of our followers are American.
But we also get messages from
a few Canadians that are like,

please can you include us?
So, that's kinda where the
idea for this video came from.

- Yeah, so we're gonna
try to keep doing this.

We want to branch out and include
Canada more and Australia.

We want to include everyone.
- It's like when
someone's kid is left out.

We just want to include everyone.
- We just want to include
- Everyone.

- We're bombarded with American
culture here in the UK.

So that's why we know,
sort of more about it.

Where as, these other places,
we don't really hear about Canada.
- No one chats about Canada.
- Which is a travesty.
- Isn't it, we're really sorry.
- Yeah, we're sorry, so we're
gonna talk about Canada today.

- And we're gonna celebrate Canada.
- Yeah, woo hoo!
- If Canada was a child,
we'd be like this is our kid.

- Yeah.
- Right, what's the first word?
- So the first word is the word toilet.
- Ugh, do you know, I hate that word.
Can I just say, as an
aside, I remember once

I was with someone's very posh mom
and I said "Where's the toilet?"
and she was like, "Don't you every call it
"a toilet ever again, it's a loo."
- It's a loo.
- And, I've never said the word
toilet since and that was in 2011.
- Yeah.
- Anyway, toilet.
- So Brits will say toilet or loo,
but that's what we tend
to say when we want to go

to the loo!
- To the loo!

- So, that's the word for the loo.
So, yeah, you've got the British one,
toilet or loo, and the
American, you've got

- Bathroom or restroom.
- Bathroom or restroom.
And then, Canadians call it
- Washroom!

Which I think is really,
- I'm gonna wash in there!

- Which again is even more
weird, I think, than bathroom.

- Or restroom.
- When Americans say bathroom or restroom,
because, it's like, if you're going
for a wee, you're not washing.
I mean, you'll wash your hands.
- Yeah, you'll wash your hands after.
- Maybe that's why.
- [Both] The washroom.
- It's like I'm just washing my hands.
- And when you pee in
the loo and you flush it

it washes it away, so
maybe it does make sense.

- Yeah.
- Right, so, there are a couple of words
that Americans don't
have a different thing.

They either side with Canada
or they side with the UK.

On this one they side with Canada.
We call that stripey thing to cross
the road we call that a
zebra crossing.
- Zebra Crossing.

I love a good zebra.
- Americans and Canadians
call it a crosswalk.

- Oh, is that what it is?
- Yeah!
- Oh, it's a crosswalk!
- It's a crosswalk.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah no the zeb, I'm all
for the zebra crossing.

- And I heard a Canadian talk about this
and Americans will probably feel the same.
They're like, not only is zebra
crossing weird because you think
of the animal and it's
not what we call it,

but you call it zeb-ra, not zee-bra.
- Oh!
Zebra, they're like what
on earth are you on about?

- Yeah, what is a zebra?
- Zebra crossing.
- But I really like zebra.
- I love a good zebra crossing.
- If someone says zee-bra to me,
it just triggers me, I don't know why.
- Aww, do you get triggered?
- Yeah.
- Aww, Joel, zee-bra.
- Zee-bra.
- Do they say the letter
"zed" in the alphabet Z?

- Zee, I think that could be why.
- A, B, C ... (mumbles
through alphabet) X, Y, Z.

- Yeah, they say X, Y,
Zee and we say X, Y, Zed.

- I love how I had to
do the whole alphabet

- [Both] (mumble alphabet)
I forgot the alphabet as well.
I was like, they're gonna know.
Okay, so let us move on to the next one.
The next one is clothing.
Do we call it footwear?
- Footwear, yeah.
- So, in the UK we would call the
shoes that you workout in trainers.
So, Joel loves trainers.
- Love trainers.
- Joel has got more
trainers than anyone I know.

And, as he gets more successful (laughs),
- It's getting worse!
- he just keeps buying trainers.
He's getting ridiculous!
- I've said to my family
all the way along,

I was like, I think that's
going to be my thing.

My thing is trainers.
- Yeah you love your trainers.
- I love trainers.

- If you could maybe
wear, this is too extreme.

If you one day, could wear different
trainers every day, would you?
- Oh yeah.
- Oh wow.
- Yeah.
- But then what happens, do
you give them away after?

- Yeah. I'd give them away.
- You've worn them, then you're like,
oh they're a bit dirty,
they go to charity.

- But then the thing is, I
get really attached to things.

So, I will wear them and wear them
and wear them and wear
them and wear them, so.

- Okay.
- I would like lots of trainers,
- Yeah.
- but I wouldn't just dispose of them
after using them once, because
if I like them, then I like them
and I would want to wear them.
- And, you're attached.

Okay, that's interesting.
- Yeah.
- You'll be like, oh, I miss Monday.
- Yeah, I miss Monday's trainers.
- Okay.
- Anyway.
- Anyway.
This is what you get with Joel and Lia
videos by the way, you get a bit of
informative stuff, then you get tangents.
So if that's what you're
into, then subscribe.

If that's not what you're into then, shh.
- Oh they'll be some triggered
people that aren't subscribed.
They'll be like, "You
two waffle too much."

I'm like, "That's what
this channels' about."

- That's what it's about.
- It's all about waffle.
Someone called us we should
be called Being Stupid.

- That's amazing.
I screenshot it.
I shared it on our Instagram
pages that this is amazing.

- Yeah.
- Being Stupid, dot dot, Joel and Lia.
(hysterical laughing)
- We should rebrand as that.
- We should, Being Stupid.
- Anyway, so we've touched on it.
We say trainers, Americans say sneakers.
So what do Canadians say?
- Runners.
- Runners
- Runners, yeah, so it's runners.
- That sounds Aussie to me.
- (Australian accent) Oh,
I love my new runners.

- My new runners.
- Yeah, I was just in the park
last week and I was just, like,
looking at everyone else's runners
and I was getting, I don't know what.
- I wonder if Australians do say runners?
If you're Australian let us know
in the comments what you say.
Do you say trainers or do you say runners?
- Or sneakers?
- I bet they don't say sneakers.
- Yeah, but, just imagine Josh right now.
Josh is our Australian friend.
Imagine him saying, "Oh I like your..."
- Runners.
- trainers.

He'd say trainers, no?
- I think he'd say runners.
- Really?
- I don't know.
(phone ringing)
He's probably out running.
- Yeah, probably.
- In his ... (phone answers)
- Hiya.
- Hi, Josh.
We've got a very quick question.
We're filming a video right now.
You're Australian.
What do you call the things you
put on your feet, casual things.
- No, for exercising?
- For exercise?
- [Josh] Oh, exercise?
- Yeah, what are they called?
- [Josh] I don't know, joggers, runners?
- Runners!
- [Josh] Sneakers, sneakers.
- Sneakers?
- Wait, what are runners?
What are runners?
- [Josh] That's how Americans say it.
- Is it?
- Well, that's just
ruined our whole video.

- [Josh] I'm so confused.
- So, we call them trainers, we've
heard Americans call them sneakers.
And, apparently, Canadians
call them runners,

but I that's an Aussie
thing as well, is it?

- [Josh] I have no idea.
- Oh.
- [Josh] I'm a bad Australian.
- You're the worst Australian.
- Great, thanks a lot, Josh!
- Thanks a lot, Josh!
- (laughing) Thanks a lot.
Thanks to you our video
is ruined (laughing).

Okay then, bye Josh!
- [Josh] Okay, bye.
- Bye!
- Thanks, Josh!
- I love it!
- Okay, bye!
- I love it when you end
a phone call, "Okay then!"

- He must just be like,
"What just happened?"

Anyway, Australians, I
think that's confirmation

that they call them joggers or runners,
but joggers to us means sweatpants.
- Yeah, jogging bottoms.
- Jogging bottoms.
- I wear my jogging bottoms.
Okay, moving on because we've
got so many to get through.

- I know!
- Okay, so the next one is what
we would call a multi-story carpark.
- Oh, yeah, why, what do they call it?
- So in American English you
might say parking garage.

- No.
- Yeah.
- No.
- (American accent) Parking garage.
- When it's a multi-story carpark?
- Yeah, a multi-story carpark.
- You can't call that a garage.
- A parking garage.
- No you can't.

That's a huge garage.
- That's triggering.
- But then get this,
Canadians call it a parkade.

(high pitched laughing)
A parkade, like it's an arcade.
- I'm like, (French-Canadian accent)
"What goes on in here in the parkade?"
- (French-Canadian accent) In the parkade.
- There's people doing.
Oh my gosh, that sounds like a disco.
- Yeah, doesn't it.
- With like, people doing parkour.
And people like flipping up and down.
That's hilarious.
- So funny.

(English-Canadian accent)
I'm going to the parkade.

Where are you in the parkade?
- So good.
- I wanna do my birthday
in the parkade, mom.

Comment below if you're
loving that as much as we are.

Okay, next one is a dressing gown.
Like a bathrobe, but you don't have
to wear it after you've had a bath.
You just wear it to keep warm.
So, we call it a dressing gown.
- Americans call it bathrobe,
so that's what they call it.

- Oh lovely bathrobe and ...
- And I've written this down.
I don't think Lia has seen it.
Read what Canadians call it.
You're not going to believe it.
- That can't be real.
- It is. It's true.
- Housecoat.
- They call it a housecoat.
- Housecoat.
- A house coat (laughing).
- Where's my housecoat?
- Where's my housecoat?
That's hysterical.
- Oh my gosh, that's
amazing, where's my coat?

Which one?
My housecoat.
- My housecoat, not my outdoor coat.
My housecoat.
- My housecoat.

- (laughing) That's so funny.
- So good.
And this was from a genuine Canadian
article by a Canadian that's like,
"Yeah, we call them housecoats."
- No that's too much.
- Baffling.
- That's amazing.
- So good.
- And over here you'll
find the housecoats.

- Yeah.
- That's so funny, imagine, imagine.
- I can't decide, though, what I prefer.
I really like dressing gown
and I really like bathrobe.

I just really like both of those words.
- Dressing gown.
- Dressing gown or a bathrobe.
I just love it.
It's so posh.
- Yeah, dressing gown or bathrobe.
- So, we've go two more.
- Okay.
- One of them is we call something you
put on your back, a bag you
put on your back, we call it a backpack.
- Oh yeah, I call it a backpack.
- Americans call it a rucksack.
- Rucksack, I've never really used that.
- No, but Brits would say
it, though, wouldn't they?

- Yes, it's not unheard of.
- No, if someone said,
"I've brought my rucksack."

I'd be like, "Cool."
But we mostly would call it a backpack.
- Yeah.
- And then Canadians,
apparently, call it knapsack.

- No. Stop.
- Knapsack

Where's my knapsack?
- I thought you said nap snack.
Where's my nap snack?
- Where's my nap snack?
- Snacks!
- Snacks. Nap snacks.
- I have heard knapsack before,
but I wonder where it comes from?
- We've got a friend who has a channel
on YouTube all about backpacking.
Her name is Backpacking Bananas.
And as we've read that one out now,
now I'm thinking maybe she should rebrand
as Knapsacking Bananas.
Reach different people,
like, Rucksacking Bananas.

- Rucksacking Bananas.
It doesn't sound as good, does it?
- Backpacking Bananas.
- Rucksacking.
- So, she has to be a
fruit beginning with R.

- Oh yeah.
- Rucksacking Rhubarb.
- Guys, this is our friend,
Rucksacking Rhubarb!
- Rucksacking Rhubarb!

- I hope she watches this!
- We should suggest this to her.
- She's gotta watch this.
Sorry, if you know
Christie, that's so funny.

- It's so good.
- Little rhubarb!
- Okay.
- Last one.
- So, the last one, I don't
even know how to say it.

Americans say the same as us, beanie.
The hat you wear in the winter
and you try and pronounce it.

I don't even know how.
- Is that a Q?
- Yeah.
- Toque.
- Toque.
- Like a toque.
- Toke not Tawk?
- T-O-Q-U-E.
So, if anyone can help us with that.
Why do I think that
the camera speaks back.

- Yeah, what is it?
- What is is guys?
Someone will be shouting at their screen
and I'm like, that's why YouTube
needs to do voice comments.

- Yeah, so you can pronounce it.
- But how scary would that be?
- I know. I don't want it.
But, people wouldn't leave hate comments
because people leave hate comments
when they want to be anonymous.
So, it would be quite good.
- Yeah, you'd have to, okay, anyway.
Toke or tawk, tawkie.
- It's just funny.
Where does that come from?
Maybe it's a French word?
Because Canadians, lots
of the speak French?

I don't know.
- Yeah, that's really
weird, it's a beanie hat.

I think if we sat with a Canadian,
and he or she was like,
"Hey, I'm just wearing

"my housecoat and I've got my toque
"and my knapsack."
- Sounds about right.

- We'd be like, "Huh?"
- Well, now we know all of them,
but five minutes ago we'd be like, "What?"
- But I love that
there's even a difference

between America and Canada when you
two are basically the same country.
- Oh!
- Is that offensive?

- Triggered!
- But they're very close and they
are technically both America because
America is like the continent.
- That's all the words and all the chat.
All the tangents.
- This video is probably very long.
If you've enjoyed it, don't forget
to give it a like and subscribe.
We post videos
- [Both] Thrice weekly.
- And, we will see you next time.
If you like what we're wearing we've got
an online shop where
you can buy our merch.

Not my vibe because, you know,
you don't have to explain yourself
if you don't want to do something.
Just, not my vibe.
- [Both] Say not my vibe.
- Sorry.
- That's it.

- That's what we're about.
So, thanks for that, we
will see you next time.

- See you soon.
- Bye guys.

- Bye.
I'm loving these not my vibe t-shirts.
- [Lia] Me too, they're
absolutely fantastic.

- [Joel] They're great aren't they?
- [Lia] They're so good, I'm not sweating.
- [Joel] They're actually
quite thick as well.

They're like comfortable
and I just love it.

Love it. Love it. Love it.
- [Lia] Love it. Love it. Love it.
I can't wait to see how it washes.
- [Joel] I know.
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59 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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