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- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- And today's video is
all about misconceptions

about the UK, so the idea for this
came from Google!
- Goo!

- Google!

- Actually, it was my own idea.
I did have to go on
Google to like Google it.

- Yeah.
- 'Cause I only came up with one.
- Yeah.
- I was in America and, or
maybe it wasn't in America.

- I think you must've
been driving in America.

I've heard, I've heard this story, no?
- I was driving, let's say I was driving.
- Okay.
- And I get a message from
someone being like, oh,

I thought you used kilometers per hour.
I think I highlighted the dashboard--
- Okay.
- With the speedometer.

And they were like--
- On Instagram stories?

- Yeah.
- #FollowUsHere

- That's weird, follow us
at these, these places.

- These addresses.
- Addresses.

And they were like that's
weird, like why are you using

miles per hour, is that an American car?
And I was like, are you joking?
Brits use miles per hour,
like what are you on about?

- Yeah.
- And I realized it's
'cause Europe tends to be

kilometers per hour and
so they obviously think

oh, you're part of Europe,
you use that, but we don't,

we uses miles per hour.
- Yeah, it's like when
an American asks you

like, how many kilometers away is that?
And I think they think
they're trying to be

helpful to you--
- Yeah.

- And you're like, I really
don't know kilometers.

- We don't do kilometers, all our signs--
- Especially not kilometers per hour.
- Are miles.
- Yeah.

- Like it would say,
London, 60 miles away.

- Yeah.
- Or it's like, going 60 miles per hour.
- Yeah.
- It's all miles, miles, miles, miles.
- I know what like driving at
10 miles per hour feels like.

- Yeah, whereas kilometers--
- 'Cause I'm a grandma.

- No idea.
- Kilometers per hour,
I couldn't tell you.

- I noticed that recently
I've been putting kilograms

on my Instagram because my--
- Oh yeah.

- Trainer is saying do it in kilograms,
but that's not normal,
loads of people are like

oh, we Americans don't do kilograms,
it must be a Europe thing.
And I'm like, no, it's not even in the UK,
we tend to do stone or pounds.
- Oh, I quite like kg's.
- Do you?
- Yeah.

- But what did you grow
up learning, pounds?

- Stones.
- Yeah, stones, then pounds.

So there's 14 pounds in a stone.
- Yeah.
- And that's what we use,
whereas Americans I think

purely use pounds, they don't use stone.
- Oh, I have no idea how many pounds I am.
I think, 'cause when we
were in that gym in America

it had one of those proper.
- Oh, proper scales.

- And we went on YouTube
where we were like how to use

a proper scale.
(Joel laughs)

- All the viewers must just
be like, you're so thick.

- Obviously you have to like move it
until the thing balances.
- Yeah.

- But I just, I was like, but surely like
if your eyes are a bit off and that bit
is never gonna really
look completely balanced.

- Yeah.
- And that's why, and you
can lie to yourself as well,

you can be like, mm, I think
that's my weight, because--

- Yeah.
- And then that just, I, I don't know.
- Yeah.
- Anyway.

- It's confusing scale, like
we don't know how to use that

as #millennials.
- Millennials.

- We just like digital things.
- Yeah, I like to just stand on the scales
and be shown the number--
- Yeah.

- And I'm like that's what it is.
- Yeah.
- But, yeah.

- But anyway, that was the first one,
we use miles per hour just like in America
and we use miles just like in America.
- Miles, yeah, so we're very similar.
- Very similar.
- So, the next misconception
is about our monarchy,

the queen, and the royal family.
So the misconception is that
the queen rules Britain,

but she doesn't--
- No.

- We have a Prime Minister
who rules the country

and the queen is sort
of here to look good.

- Yeah.
- No, she's here for kind of--
- Like ceremony, I love
that you just aren't even

obviously like subtly like looking at her.
She's just here for ceremonial reasons,
like just to like all the
pomp and the like Britishness.

- Yeah.
- She's here for tourists.

Like that's literally what
the royal family here for.

- And they do a cracking job.
- They do a great job.

- And obviously they do
their sort of royal duties,

no one really knows what they go and do,
but they do, they do really good stuff.
- They do.
They bring so much money into the country,
more money than they cost the taxpayer.
- Yeah.
- So anyone that complains
about them being like,

oh, we're supporting people.
It's like no.
- They're helping us.

- Like they're helping our country.
- Yeah.
- Like most of--

- I'm such a big fan, I love them.
- Same.
But so many tourists,
if you're not British

and you wanna come to
the UK the chances are

you wanna come because you
wanna see Buckingham Palace,

you wanna just like see all
the like royally things,

all of the palaces.
- Just, all of, yeah.

All of it, Windsor Castle.
- Yeah.

- Go and see like St. Paul's Cathedral--
- Afternoon tea.
- And all of that.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

But they do, they do
actually, so the queen

can overrule something if she wants to.
- Yeah.
- But they, they never do.

- Yeah, I think they have,
a monarch hasn't done that

for like hundreds of years or something.
- Yeah.
- But technically they can
be like, no, you can't pass

that law, but they can't
actually like pass a law

themselves either.
- No.

- Like the queen can go
actually you know what,

I'm gonna make it illegal
for you to have fun, like.

- No, she can't do that.
- She can't do that at all.

- She can't do that, the
Prime Minister can though.

- Yeah, the Prime Minister
can, and Theresa May

probably would, let's be honest.
- Let's be honest.

She probably would stop us having fun.
- Yeah, although she does
run through fields of wheat,

so she is fun.
- Yeah.

And she loves Abba.
- Oh yeah.

- She loves it.
- Awe, she's so sweet.

- She actually, she
would have fun with us.

- Yeah, she would.
- She's just a clown.
- She is, awe.

Good old Theresa.
- Good old Theresa.
- Yeah.

- Will we get away with
that in our contract

calling Theresa May a clown?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, fine.

- Yeah, it's good behavior.

Okay, the next misconception
is that Britain is a country,

which I guess most people think that it is
and even I as a Brit will
probably be like oh yeah,

Britain, like a country,
but technically it's not,

it's a collection of countries,
'cause Britain is made up of
Scotland, Northern Ireland,

England, and Wales.
- Wales.

- Which Wales always gets
forgotten, doesn't it?

- It does.
- Americans don't tend
to know what Wales is.

- Yeah, do you guys go
want to go to Wales.

- Honestly.
- Like you do go oh, let's go to Cardiff,
like let's go and have some fun in Wales.
- You should go, a great
castle there, Cardiff Castle.

- Oh, I'd love to go.
- Gorgeous, yeah.

- I've not been.
- It's huge.

- We ought to do that.
- Yeah, we should.

- Go on a near trip to Cardiff.
- We love Wales, I get sad
when people overlook Wales,

'cause I'm like, it's
such a, a really beautiful

and really cool country.
- Don't leave Wales out.

- Please.
- Yeah.

I don't know why, it just
made me think of Brittany,

like stop picking on Brittany.
- Oh, leave Brittany alone.
- Leave Brittany alone.

- Leave Brittany alone!
- Leave Wales alone!
- No, include Wales!
- Include Wales!

- Please, okay.
Didn't Donald Trump say
something where like he thought

the UK, unless it's
probably bad territory,

'cause Trump made a
mistake and he called Eng,

he thought England was the United Kingdom.
- Oh yeah, I remember that.
- And he, he said something
like in an interview

and then, or was it Piers
Morgan, like corrected him

or something.
- Yeah.

- And then he was like oh
yeah, I knew that, I knew that.

- Yeah, and it's like oh my gosh.
- And it was really funny
'cause everyone in the UK

was tweeting about it, like
of course Donald Trump--

- The President of the
United States like--

- Made that mistake, yeah.
- But then to be fair,
like it is confusing.

You can call us the United Kingdom,
you can call us the British
Isles, or Great Britain,

or just Britain, or England
Island, Scotland, Wales,

or like Northern Ire, like
there's so many different names

that make up different sort
of territories of the UK

that it's just really confusing.
- The British Isles.
- The British Isles includes
like the Republic of Ireland

whereas Britain doesn't include
the Republic of Ireland.

- No, it doesn't.
- It includes Northern Ireland

So it's just confusing,
like the different words,

like no wonder people get confused.
But still, the President probably
should've got that correct

especially as he is
descended from Scotland.

- Oh yeah!
- I think his mom is Scottish.
- Scottish mom.
- Scottish.

- Scottish Trumpy mum.

Okay, the next one is that
guns are illegal in the UK.

Well, it's only during this
video that I've actually now

found out that they're not
completely illegal in the UK.

- Yeah.
- You can actually get
a gun, but you can't

actually get heavy duty automated weapons.
- Yeah.
So you can get air rifles
like without a license

and we have one at my house.
- Do you?
- Yeah, mm-hmm.

- Get that on the quiet, didn't you?
- I think I've spent about
four years at shooting rats.

- No way.
- Yeah.
- No.

- So and it's quite a powerful gun.
- That was in London?
- No, house at home in Hampshire.
- Oh, I was gonna say.
- Not in London.

- You've got a gun in London.
- Yeah, that's like a
massive like air rifle thing.

- Oh my gosh.
- You can get them from
shops without a license.

- British YouTuber admits to having gun
at home to shoot rats!

You would get the shite.
- Such a rebel.

- Oh my god, okay, do you
have it in the garage.

- But you can, so I'm
gonna have to read this,

'cause I can't, but you can get semi-auto
or bolt action guns with a license,
so I don't know what that
means, but that's like hunters,

farmers, anyone who needs those guns
can actually get them, but
you have to have a license

and they have to be like locked away
when they're not being used.
So you can get guns in
the UK, it's not like--

- They're not like completely illegal.
- They're completely illegal,
it's just that there are

strong laws surrounding it
that makes it really safe.

- Yeah, which is I think
good practice, hopefully,

good example as well.
- Yeah, hope so.

- A lot of countries, if they want to.
- Yeah.
- Not gonna trigger anyone.

- No.
- But I can't believe
that, that's so funny.

You're like we've got a gun at home.
- Yeah, we've got an air rifle.
I don't know where it is.
- It must be in the garage.

- It used to be under our
sofa in the conservatory.

- No way.
- Yeah.

'Cause that's where me
and my dad would like

open the windows go searching,
like just like camp there

and like shoot the rats as they go go by.
- That's so fun.
- So much fun.

- Oh my gosh.
- We only shot them, by the
way, I'll get people triggered

being like oh my gosh, he shot the rat.
Because I had chickens,
and when you get chickens

you get rats 'cause the rats
like eating chicken food,

so we were like infested
with rats in our garden.

- Oh no.
- So we just had to put out rat poison,
we set out traps.
- Was it fun?

- And then drown the rats in
there, and we had to shoot them

- Right.
- And I just had to get rid
of them 'cause they aren't

getting to my chickens, 'cause
they can kill your chickens

as well, they can give them
diseases or like plague them.

- Oh no.
- And so I was like I'm
doing this for you Mazie.

- Yeah, oh my gosh.
- Put a cap in your ass.

And Oscar would join in and he'd chase--
- No!
- So obviously not when the gun was around
'cause we didn't wanna shoot Oscar,
but if Oscar saw a rat
he'd like run after it

and once this rat climbed up the tree
and like ran across a
branch and then the branch

was obviously really
week, so it like dangled,

and the rat was like no,
and Oscar was beneath it,

and it dropped, and
Oscar like ran to get it,

but the rat was super fast
and like ran under the shed.

But Oscar's great at catching rats.
- For context, that's Joel's dog.
- Oh yeah, sorry, not my little brother.
- Yeah, I imagine.

My little brother Oscar was
like, went underneath the tree.

- But yeah.
- Wow.

That's, rats, can they go that fast?
- Oh yeah, rats are super fast.
- Even though they're fat and disgusting?
- Yeah.
And we have baby rats as well.
- So you've seen it all then.
- I've seen it all.

- But do you, did you get a
little flashlight, flashlight.

- Oh, we did it during the day.
- Oh, great.
- They're brave little blighters.
- Oh, are they?
- Yeah, they're out during the day.
- That brave little blusher.
- Yeah.

- I'm just imagining you and your dog like
trying to get them.
- So good.

And then we'd just have fun
and like put some tin cans

and then just have a shoot at them.
- Oh really?
- I haven't done that for ages though.
- Oh wow, wow, you ought
to sort of do that again

and film it.

- But I think that will
be quite surprising

to lots of Americans 'cause
I think that the stereotype

is that in the UK everything's
like all guns are illegal.

- Yeah, surprising to me.
- Yeah.

- Yeah, I mean it's
surprising, it's probably

surprising to them as well.
- Yeah.

I guess it's not for me
'cause I've worked on a farm

so I've always been around guns and I know
that you can have them, but
it's just very strict laws

around it.
- Yeah.

- But yeah.
- Remember when we were in
that supermarket in Walmart

and I thought that the food was ice cream.
- Oh yeah, that was bait.
- Bait.

- Live bait.
It was like worms or locusts or something
and Lia was like ooh, ice
cream, by the hunting,

that's unusual.
Oh what was that, ice cream and guns.
- I, I know, I did.

- So good.
- I know, I did, and we
were reading the comments,

and everyone was like when
she thought that that was

ice cream, of course I just saw
it and thought oh ice cream.

- I mean, I didn't think
it, I was just like mm yeah.

- Yeah.
- But yeah, you're crazy.

- It was fun, it helped
with the comment section.

- Yes, it did.
- That went very well.

- That was, it went really well.
- It went really well.

- But let us know down in
the comments if there are

any other things you think about the UK,
like what do you think about us,
we'll let you know if it's a misconception
or whether it's true.
- I'm trying to think of
if I, if I know of any

that are like, oh that we all live,
that we all know the queen,
obviously that's so not true.

- Oh yeah, it's not true.
- We'd love to meet the queen.
- That would be great, Lizzie,
we'd love to meet Lizzie.

- But that's like a stereotype.
- Oh yeah, Lizzie.
- Lizzie.

- Anyway, thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to give the video
a like if you've enjoyed it

and subscribe, we post videos
thrice weekly.
- Thrice weekly.

And we will see you again next time.
If you're interested in
what merch we're wearing,

it's our own design, it's not my vibe.
You can.
- Embroidered.

- Yes, embroidered in New York.
Idea's born in the UK.
- Yes.

- So get yourselves some of that.
The links are all in the description.
And we'll see you next time.
- Yeah, see you soon, bye.
- Bye.

We all wake up and drink
like five cups of tea.

- [Joel] I mean, you probably do.
- [Lia] Yeah, I've been
drinking a lot of tea lately.

- [Joel] That's not a
miscon, that's a conception.

- [Lia] That is a conception.
- [Joel] It's not a misconception,
that's a conception.

- [Lia] That we've all got bad teeth.
- [Joel] Yeah, that's a
really bad misconception

'cause clearly look at us,
our teeth are sparkling.

- [Lia] Well I could do
with a clean, a deep clean.

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Misconceptions About the UK | not true.

49 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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