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- Oh this one's hilarious.
- This one is probably the
funniest one I've ever heard

of a difference between
American and English.

(bouncy tech music)
- Hi we're Joel and Lia
- And this is words
Americans pronounce wrong.

- Okay
- Disclaimer!
- Thanks for clicking on the video.
It's actually just
words we say differently

but to get people to click
you have to say wrong.

- Wrong, cause people like to get triggers
so we reel people in by clicky titles.
And then actually we just know
it's just words you say differently.
- We don't care how you say it do we?
- Exactly, we don't care.
(laughs) overall.
But thanks for joining us.
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Wow, I'm really selling us today.
- Unsubscribe if you like.
- It's fine
- We've done some videos before
words Americans pronounce
wrong or differently.

But these words are ones we
haven't mentioned in other

- Videos.

Okay let's get going.
- Okay
First word lever.
- Lever

- Lever
- Lever
- Lever
- Lever, it's so strange.
- It sounds like someone from the UK
saying leather but with an accent.
- Lever.
- I love my lever jacket.
- I'm just wearing a lever jacket.
But when do you ever say lever?
I don't think I've ever said
the word lever since
like 2003 or something.

- I don't think my mouth's ever said it.
- No (laughs)
- My mouth is a lever virgin.
- I don't think those sounds
apart from in this video.

- Ever gone together
- No

- In your mouth?
- In my mouth.
I don't think my mouth
would make those sounds.

- Yeah, your mouth.
Congrats, first time for everything.
- Lever is the first word,
lever so that's a nice different
word that we both have.

- Yeah
- And this channel's about celebrating it.
- Yeah it's celebrating the differences.
Obviously we love banter
as Brits we love banter

we like making fun of our
friends that's what we do.

And I know some Americans do that as well
but I know banter tends to
be like a Britishy thing.

- Yeah, do you know what banter is?
- Banter, do you know it?
It just means like
making fun of each other

or like joking around
like that's our sense of humor.
So because we regard
America as our friend,

we have banter with America
so we'll sometimes like make fun of
or poke America to be like
come on give it back to us.

- Give it back.
- But some Americans
just get triggered by it

and they're just like I can't
believe you've been that rude

no, it's a joke.
Tell us that we're
rubbish and we're stupid.

We love that we find it funny.
- We started saying, 'Oh my gosh,
stop getting triggered by everything.'
And that's how these tops came about.
If anyone's new here,
I don't know why I'm treating
this like everyone's new.

If you swipe up, no that's on Instagram!
- Instagram! Wrong platform!
Go to the-
- Link description.

- Link description you can get
your very own triggered top.

- (laughs) Link description.
- Link description
Okay I know it's going off on a tangent
but the reason we might
have lost it in this video

is because we filmed this exact same video
with our good friend Hailey
- With our friend Hailey.

- The other day-
- Go subscribe.
- Watched it back, the
sound isn't working.

- Here's an example
Today is all about words that
Americans pronounce wrong.

- Awful, so we've had to refilm it.
- I know I'm really upset.
Hailey was upset, ourselves.
- I know
- So if anyone wants to be amazing
this video was meant to be
a collaboration with Hailey

go and check out Hailey's channel
we'll also link her in the description.
- We will be doing more videos
with her because she's fantastic.
- And you guys love her.
- Go subscribe.
Next Adidas!
- Okay this one is the
only one technically.

- That you guys say wrong.
Everyone says to me,
cause my favorite brand
is Adidas as you all know,

that I say it wrong and they're like,
'Oh Joel, says,' what do they say?
'He says Adidas so funny.'
and I'm like it's not Adidas
his name is Adi Dassler
- Adi Dassler.

- Mr. Adi Dassler.
What's his full name Joel, let's find out.
- Adi Dassler.
Yeah, but what's his first name?
- Adi
- Oh of course
- (laughs)
- Oh of course.
- His first name's Adi,
his surname's Dassler

and that's why his name is Adi Dassler.
His name isn't Adi-dassler,
like Adidassler

- Adidassler.
Like that's the genuine one
that Americans do say wrong.
So if you do say Adidas you
are saying it incorrectly

but we accept that we say Nike incorrect.
Cause it Brits say Nike but it is Nike.
- It's Nike.
- So you're getting Nike right.
- We're getting Adidas right
so you know we're still friends.
- We're still friends.
- Trying not to trigger anyone (laughs)
- But yeah you can check that story out
just go on Google and that's a true story.
- And you'll find that Joel
and Lia are quite correct.

- And if anyone wants a fun fact
he used to run the
business with his brother.

He doesn't anymore they fell out.
And now his brother owns
Puma and they're rivals.

How do you say Puma?
- Puma!
- Puma!
- Puma!
- Puma! Have you seen my Puma sneakers?
- But I don't think he's
Mr. Puma so I think,

- No, that's his brand.
- I do find the word Puma hilarious
just because it's got the word poo in it.
- Puma!
- Puma!
- I've got some Puma suedes.
I love 'em.
- Anyway we'll get people
saying we're waffling.

New subscribers are like,
'You guys waffle too much.'

- Welcome to Joel and Lia.
- Welcome to Joel and Lia.
- You get a little bit of
this and a bit of this.

- Yeah.
- And a lot of that.
- Whatever that is.
- This and that are.
On to the next word okay.
- Do you know how they say this?
- Oh!
- Risotto, yeah.
- Oh I'll just get a, what's an American-
- Parmesan risotto.
- Parmesan risotto.
- We say parmesan.
- Parmesan
- Parmesan. We sound so thick.
- Would you like parmersan with that?
- Yeah
- And then they're like just say when?
- Whereas in America they're like,
'You want some parmesan?'
and you're like wow you've
made that sound sexy.

I've never been turned
on by cheese before.

- (laughs) Oh I have.
- Oh I have.
- Cheese,
- Camembert, brie.
- Camembert
- Oh
- In the oven.
- Lovely.
- With ciabatta.
- That you dip in.
- What do you call ciabatta?
- Ciabatta.
- Risotto, can't imagine
ordering one of those.

- No.
- I'd say can I just
get the risotto, please?

- Risotto, yeah.
I think the reason we
think it's said like that

is because of the double
't' which shortens vowels,

so you go risotto whereas if it
was one 't' then it'd be risotto.
- Yeah it would be
- We all know the rules of
language are ridiculous.

They don't work out.
- No, nothing works out.
- Nothing works out.
- We had an argument with Hailey.
Scone or scone.
- And it's scone but obviously
lots of people say scone as well.
We can't agree in our own country.
- What do you guys call them?
Biscuits so you're out of the argument.
You're off the grid.
- I can't even begin to argue with that.
- We're like scone or scone?
- And you guys are like, biscuit.
Next one is
- Basil.
- Basil instead of,
- Basil.
- Basil.
- Basil
- Basil.
So I feel like it's when you were saying
when we were filming this
video the first time,

it's a lot of foods.
- Yeah it's a lot of foods isn't it?
It's like basil, risotto, parmesan.
- Cucumber, courgette
- Courgette, zucchini, eggplant.
You have loads of
different words for foods.

I don't know why our countries
don't agree on food names.

- I know I was about to
say something stupid,

What do they call noodles?
- What do they call noodles?
- Noodles.

- They call them zoodles
if you're thinking of zucchini noodles
whereas we call it courgette.
- Courgette.
I love courgette.
There's nothing you
can't do with courgette.

- Courgette's great but it's quite watery.
- Doesn't fill you up.
- No.
But we can all agree on carrots.
We say carrots the same.
- We all, (laughs)
- When Lia said carrots
randomly in one of our videos

we laughed about it with Hailey
it was so funny.
I'd forgotten about it.
- Oh my god, so it was
just a random video.

For any loyal legends that are here,
please maybe link up the
video in the comments.

- I can't remember what video it was.
- It's a video where we
were just sitting there

discussing some words or something
and out of nowhere. (laughs)
- She just went,
- I just went,
- Carrots.

And I just stopped what I was saying,
and I was like why did
she just say carrots

randomly in the middle of this video.
It was so good.
- Carrots.
- I was sitting there I remember doing it
I just can't remember what video it was.
- Honestly, it's one
of the greatest moments

in Joel and Lia history.
So many of you really loyal viewers
still to this day mention it
like 'remember the
moment Lia said carrots.'

I don't know what video
it is, I can't find it.

- I can't remember. (laughs)
Like if we ever get our sitcom one day
we'll be like guys
there's got to be a scene

where something's happening
and then you're in an
argument with someone

or like something's happening
and then one person's just like
- Carrots.

- It's just so ridiculous.
- Next!
- Okay so we say leisure.
I would say this morning I've
been a right lady of leisure.

- Or I've just been to the leisure center.
- Yeah if it was the year 2000.
Or 'we're taking the kids
to the leisure center,

they need to go to swimming lessons.'
- But Americans say leisure.
- Leisure.
- Leisure.
- Which to me sounds like a cut.
- Yeah like a lesion.
- Yeah leisure and that doesn't sound fun.
Leisure is like,
you're here for business,
oh no that's pleasure.

- Leisure do you say pleasure?
- Yeah why would you say?
- Or pleasure.
- Oh this one's hilarious.
- This one's probably the
funniest one I've ever heard

of a difference between
American and English.

- Okay so in the water in the sea
you get buoys.
- Yeah it's spelled
B-U-O-Y, that's a buoy.

You guys call it buoy.
- Buoy.
- Buoy.
- Watch out for the buoy!
- Guys there's buoys!
Like we just think that that sounds like
something someone in a
relationship calls somebody else.

- You just go aw that's my buoy,
come over here buoy.
- Buoy, buoy give me a kiss.
- This is my buoy Lia.
- This is my buoy.
- It is so funny.
- Babe.
- Buoy it just sounds so funny
but it's not even spelled buoy
because the U comes before the O.
So it should be buoy.
- It should be watch out for the buoys
- It's strange.
- Maybe they got their name
because someone was
like that's a big buoy.

- Oh yeah that's a buoy!
- (laughs) Who named them?
- Well they were sailing
and they hit into it

and they were like buoy.
I don't know.
- But then Americans sailed into
and went buoy!
- Buoy!
Oh cause they didn't want to swear
so they're like oh buoy instead of oh.
- Yeah how did that even, who coined that?
- It's just so funny.
- How did across the pond
become so different.?

- I know.
- Buoy.
- Buoy.
- It sounds like boobs.
- My buoys, watch out for my buoys.
- Like my buoys are so heavy today.
My bra is hoisting them up.
- But basically you've
got big enough boobs

then they would act as
buoys in the water or buoys.

Flotation devices.
- You're such a buoy.
I bet you can float with
your boobs on the water.

- Do they float?
- They float but they
don't allow me to float.

- No life jacket needed guys.
My buoys will keep you alive.
I'm so sorry if anyone
watches this at work.

So many comments are like,
'I watch you guys when I'm at work,
with my headphones,
and people look at me when
I just burst out laughing.'

- You thought boobs allow you to float.
- Yeah love and support.
- Love and support.
- And actually Hailey said this as well
when we did peace before
and she was like in
America peace is like this

but in the UK that's a swear word.
Yeah that's rude.
- We wouldn't do that on a photograph
or to anyone.
I'd feel mean doing it to you.
- Cause that is the same thing
as the middle finger in the UK.
But I've seen Americans pose like 'hey,'
and I'm like gosh.
- Yeah I'll do it to them across the road.
- They're looking.
- Are you kidding?
- No.
It's Joel and Lia!
Last one is the obvious one.
Actually I think we have
mentioned this before

but let's just say it.
- What?
- Aluminum.
- And we've said oregano-
- Oregano, oregano.
- Oregano.
- Oregano.
- More food and food related things.
- Yeah, cause we just say foil.
We won't even say aluminum foil
we just say foil.
- Imagine if I was like,
'Joel, can you pass me the aluminum foil?'
You'd be like why are you being so formal?
- Whereas do you guys say aluminum foil?
What was it cling film,
Hailey said that Americans
call it saran wrap.

- Saran wrap.
- What is saran?
- Like ceramic
plastic wrap?
- I don't know.
- That's weird.
- But anyways guys thanks
for watching that's it.

Let us know if you say any
other words differently.

Chances are we've covered
it in another video

but let us know anyway.
Buoy, hilarious.
- Buoy is the best.
- But subscribe we post
videos thrice weekly.

- And we'll see you again next time.
If you are interested in
buying some of our merch,

- Yeah
- Then we're advertising it right here
on purpose for money, thank you.
- For money.

Support Joel and Lia.
- Thank you (laughter) Bye guys!
- See you soon, bye.
- (Lia) I love the idea
of someone sitting back

at their desk or booth just dying.
- (Joel) Just dying, like
crying with laughter.

And their boring coworkers are just like,
why are you having fun in the office?
I watch Joel and Lia.
- (Lia) And you don't
want to share it with them

cause you don't want
to give them that fun.

- (Joel) No.
- (Lia) So that's why we're not growing.
- (Joel) That's why we're not growing.
No one's sharing us.
- (Lia) No one's sharing (laughing)
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Words Americans Pronounce Wrong! | American vs British!

46 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on May 25, 2019
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