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Now are you ready to begin our Ultimate Friendship Week?
First, I thought we could draw some pictures with these new markers I got, neon 12-pack.
Eh, I kind of already drew pictures today with Chelsea.
She has glitter neon markers, a 24-pack.
Wait a minute. Who's Chelsea?
I met her in class.
Oh, man. She's so cool and funny.
Um, okay.
Well, let's do something else, then.
Roller skating.
Yeah! I love roller skating.
Chelsea and I were skating around the halls all day.
She wears these shoes with little wheels in the heel.
It's just so cute.
You drew pictures and roller skated without me?
Yeah, we did. You should have been there.
Ooh, I got to take this.
It's Chelsea.
Yo, Chells Bells. What is up?
No, I'm totally free.
I'll catch up with you guys later.
I'm just gonna go grab a scoop at Penguin Pete's with Chelsea. That cool?
Girl, I know it!
Ha ha! You are so cute.
Totally cool.
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The Powerpuff Girls | Ultimate Friendship Week | Cartoon Network

2597 Folder Collection
cin published on June 6, 2019    Julia Kuo translated    Evangeline reviewed
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