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  • Lily Carollo:I used to shower at night when I was a boy. But when I went full time, I

  • switched to morning because of the hair. The hair thing.

  • Isn't it pretty?

  • That right there is my mommy. This is my mommy. She's been very supportive. And my father...

  • I would prefer not to talk about.

  • So that's me and my dog, Speedy. I miss Speedy. He's.. he was such a good dog.

  • This is the best Star Trek series. DS9. This is the vinyl version for The Smile Sessions.

  • It's one of the best albums.

  • You remember such a small percentage of the dreams that you have, especially those from

  • your earlier childhood. But I remember this one clearly. I was onboard the Enterprise

  • D, and there was this transporter accident, and I had switched bodies with a female classmate

  • of mine in the second grade. And instead of being freaked out about it, I was kind of

  • content with it. I was happy with it. That was the first instance of... what was going

  • on.

  • From coming out, to getting hormones, to wondering if you'll get the surgeries that you need,

  • finding employment, what other people will think, it's, it's all hard. And I'm not going

  • to be here forever because I have one last thing I need to do for my transition, and

  • I need to be around family and friends to take that last step.

  • My mom has been so supportive, she's just been completely – I am her kid first. It

  • would be so much more difficult, without family support. Maybe near impossible.

  • Surf's Up is about -- it's a song about a man coming to realize that the only way to

  • achieve real happiness, the only way to be really happy, is to have childhood innocence.

  • Is to have that childhood innocence. And once you lose that, and becauseyou cant, you

  • know, get that type of innocence back. That's where the whole tragedy of the song comes

  • from.

  • Joe Posner, Vox: I think that you might be connecting some of the lyrics to your experience.

  • Lily: Um -- I love kids. I love interacting with kids but when I usually see little girls

  • I kind of look at them with envy. Because, you know, I'll never be a little girl. I was

  • never a teenage girl.

  • [Singing along] ...Aboard a tidal wave ...

  • I can't be a little girl I can't be a teenager. I feel like my high school years would have

  • been so much better. My college years would have been so much better, had I been just,

  • you know, born a girl.

  • [Music: "A children's song..."]

  • If I was the wealthiest person on earth, and if thereif I had to give it all away

  • to be born with a female body, I would give it all away.

  • Am I going to look like your average girl? Am I going to, is transitioning going to turn

  • out all right? Am I going to find a job? Am I going to ... will I get all the surgeries

  • that I think I need to get?

  • Joe: How long has it been, that you've been, like, working toward that?

  • Lily: About two years and nine months.

  • When I don't have to wake up and be worried about something big, that is, that is when

  • I know I will be through it.

Lily Carollo:I used to shower at night when I was a boy. But when I went full time, I

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Life as a transgender woman

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    Celeste posted on 2019/05/20
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