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You are a, oh, look at this!
What is this, what is this?
How are they?
They're not bad!
Hi, I'm Neil Patrick Harris, and I've been asked to read questions while playing with puppies.
And how do you say no to that?
Hi! You're that cute! Oh!
Here's a question, what's one of your weirdest or funniest fan encounters?
I had an old timey fan once, he was squeaky.
So then I got one of the newer Dyson fans, that's better.
If you had to give Count Olaf one genuine compliment, what would it be?
He is devilishly handsome.
He has metal, you know what that means?
Not metal like your collar, but metal, gumption.
What are you plans after the third season?
I'm assuming last season it will catch up to the last books of A Series of Unfortunate Events,
And when it wraps filming, will you go back to Broadway?
Um, that's my lace, of my shoe, thank you.
Um, I'd love to go back to Broadway some day.
I'm looking forward to resting.
A Series of Unfortunate Events is super fun
but all kinds of exhausting,
much like, you know when you really have to take a dump?
But you can't, because you're not outside?
You know that feeling, and you really gotta go?
And then you finally go and you're like, oh I need a rest,
that's kinda my life right now.
Hey question, what's the craziest rumor you've heard about yourself?
Um, that i was on Malcolm in the Middle.
In a movie about your life,
who would you want to play you and David?
Oh, that's a good question, who would play me?
Josh Dummel.
Who would play David?
Nick Jonas. Next question!
C'mon, c'mon.
This is my favorite, are we allowed to pick a favorite?
This one, fine, okay, it's the other one.
Fine, it's the other one then.
What in your opinion, was Count Olaf's best disguise?
They were all pretty good.
I think I like the Detective DuPaul the best, right?
He's in the bile village episodes.
And he's a hipster man and he talks like this!
Everything he says boop da da boop boop, cool.
Is there a celebrity that you've met that left you completely starstruck?
David Franco. Easy to look at.
To put it bluntly, Count Olaf is a garbage human.
How do you get into character to play such a despicable person?
It's kinda easy because if your ever grumpy, or wishing that you were,
or if you're down and negative,
you can just channel that into the character.
How often do you get to play someone who is downright awful, answer me!
Do you still talk to the HIMYM cast?
Would you ever consider collaborating or reuniting with the cast down the line?
I do still talk to the HIMYM cast, mostly Cobie Smulders,
because when you have kids that are similar ages.
And she and Taran, her husband, lived in New York for a bit,
but yeah we text and shoot the breeze.
I don't think we'd ever reunite on the show.
Now you are, you are a troublemaker, yes you are.
Yes, thank you.
These are so cute these dogs.
You played a lot of really different characters,
do you have a favorite one?
My favorite is probably... I don't know. Shirley St. Ives was fun.
She was a girl, and I sorta got to play like she was a mad man.
She talked like this, it was less fun when I had to pee.
Because I was wearing padding and spanx.
And kind of tucking, you know.
Do you appreciate it when fans come up to you in public, or is it annoying?
No, it's never annoying. I like fans when they come up, I like when people say nice things.
Less fun is when they just try to take your picture, while you're eating at a restaurant,
because that's never a good picture.
I'm like talking in the middle of a conversation, scowling or something, I look over, someone like this...
But if someone comes up and says something nice, that's always fun to hear, right?
Uh this one, this one, lover boy, girl?
Would you ever host the Tony's again?
Oh I would love to do that again.
It's a hard job though, maybe some day,
I need to take some time off.
The Tony's are great fun, great show for the host.
Because there's all the performances, it is the best show to watch.
It's all performances by people who are doing shows live.
So then you get the live show, all around you.
What did you learn as a young actor in Doogie Howser, M.D. that helped you later in life as an adult actor?
How to suture my own wounds.
How to neuter dogs, that hasn't helped me that much.
What has been the most memorable moment in your life that you would like to cherish forever?
Oh man, the birth of my children.
Holding newborn babies, that came from you, that's a pretty amazing thing.
Kids by the way would love you guys.
Thank God they're not here, because I would be leaving with four more dogs.
How do you go about choosing the themes for your family's Halloween costumes each year?
And can you hint at some potential options for this year?
No hints, we have talked about it. It's much more of a negotiation now.
Because the kids speak the English language and have opinions.
Before was so much easier. Here, put on this Hawaiian costume.
Here you look like Dorthy. Snap!
Now it's, c'mon, it'll be fun!
You're gonna do this, you're gonna wear this, put this on.
No, we don't do that.
What do you think happened with Barney after the show ended,
and what would he be up to now?
Um, probably same old same old, what would he be up to?
Two fingers of scotch, and probably, 15 chips.
What's your go-to karaoke song?
That's a good question, Rocket Man is good.
I tend to go with Elton John songs, because they're fun.
I also know all the words to The Devil went down to Georgia.
That was my New Mexico rap days.
He was in a bind, because he was way behind.
He was willing to make a deal.
When he came across the young man,
Sawing on a fiddle and playing it hot.
What's your idea of a perfect day?
Playing with puppies.
Or probably a perfect day would be, with my family, in Hawaii, on the beach,
drinking a Pina Colada, and riding Disney theme park attractions.
I don't think there's a Disney theme park in Hawaii,
but that would be a perfect day.
Okay, that's my arm, thank you.
Out of all the villains in Count Olaf's theater troupe, who is your favorite?
I got a soft spot for Hook Hand Man,
because he is my right hook man.
Last question, if you were willingly going to visit a deserted island for a few days
and could only have three things with you, what would you bring?
Three things on a deserted island.
A lighter or a tarp, one of those phones,
that you can call people that saves you.
Luxury items I'd probably bring, I don't know, a ukulele?
No? He said no I'm biting his shoe.
Um, maybe a "FLASHLIGHT".
Alright, those are all my questions. Thank you for asking them
And thanks for all these puppies, who are all available if you want to own one of these.
They're all from the North Shore Animal League.
So, thanks to the amazing people there for doing that,
and come give yourself an angry, biting dog, ow!
See ya.
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Neil Patrick Harris Plays With Puppies (While Answering Fan Questions)

238 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on May 14, 2019    Ellie translated    Evangeline reviewed
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