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- Please, please. I know, please. - Sit, please.
- No, you sit. You sit, as well. - Sit.
- You have to sit first. - Yeah, I know.
- It's -- It's polite. - I love your accent.
- Oh, thank you. I love yours.
- Oh, really? Well... - Yeah.
-[ British accent ] It's just that... I just grew up in, um... - Yeah.
What part of London is this voice?
[ South London accent ] It's probably like South London.
Oh, wow! You can do South London?
South London.
But how do you make it sound cute, even...
[ Normal voice ] I don't think I do.
Yeah, you do. You sound cute. What a year you're having, pal.
I want to talk about...you're on the biggest show in the world, "Game of Thrones."
You're -- You're about to be in the biggest movie, "Dark Phoenix."
And on top of it all, the best news, you just got married.
I did.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Yes! -Yes! -You did it! -Yes!
-You did it! -I did it!
- You did it!
- You showed 2019 what's up! - I did.
You're like, "2018 hold my beer."
- You know what I'm saying? - Hold my beer.
You married Joe Jonas, who we love and...
Look at this guy. Oh, my God. That's what I'm talking about.
Look at this couple.
Fashion plates right there.
- I saw you at the Met Gala. - Yes, briefly.
Yeah, it was really fun, though. The theme was camp.
- The theme was camp. - Yes, and so...
- So, everyone's very campy. - Everyone was very camp.
- Yes. And did you have fun? - I had a great time.
I didn't quite know what camp meant.
But I figured sequins and colors would do.
- Sure. - Sure. Why not?
And matching, isn't that quite camp?
Yeah, yeah. It totally is camp, yeah.
I had in my hair that I found, I keep finding in my belly button.
- See! That's, that's when you know you had a fun night... -Yeah.
- When you find glitter in your belly button. -I had a really good night. Yeah.
- The best part is, it's a cardboard cutout of Joe Jonas.
You didn't even come with him. You just --
- No, I didn't. - You just --
You're just -- You're holding...
I'm not actually married to him.
You're not even really married. Sure, it's perfect.
- No, I just took his cardboard cutout to the little white chapel and married him.
I have actually someone that... a fan of yours send in a video question.
- Oh, you did? - I did.
- Would you like to take one? - I would love to.
This is a question from a fan. I think his name is Joe.
- Joe, what's your question? -Oh.
- Oh, my God. Hi, Sophie Turner.
I'm Joe Jonas. I'm a huge fan.
I -- I honestly have a crush on you.
But I have got a big question for you.
Um, I- I watch a lot of "Game of Thrones."
And I was wondering...
you're definitely responsible for that coffee cup, right?
- Yes! It was you!
- It's wa... Okay.
- Look it. Here's the scene. - Let's clear this up.
- Look, here's the scene.
Here's the scene right here.
Look at that. And this is the scene. And what is that right there?
That is a Starbucks coffee cup.
And you know what's funny is that I saw a picture of you...
...holding a coffee cup!
- It was you!
- All right, Detective Pikachu.
This -- Okay, let me, for all of you guys that watch "Game of Thrones"...
-Yeah. - And this is a spoiler for a couple of episodes ago.
This girl dies in an episode... -- One of the episodes.
And this is the scene from the episode after she dies.
So, why am I holding this coffee cup?
That's in a different scene.
And, also... we all have the same cups for all of our water and tea and everything.
So, I'm gonna just go with --
I mean, look who it's placed in front of.
- Whoa! Wow, Emilia. - Emilia Clarke.
- Oh, my. Really? - She's the culprit.
- Oh, my God! - You're a terrible detective.
- Well, I got that out of you, didn't I? - Well, you did.
Did you -- Did everyone text each other?
All the actors on "Game of Thrones" be like,
Well, yeah, no. There was just, like, one text.
And it was from Nikolaj, who plays... Jaime Lannister.
And he just wrote, "Great episode. Is that a coffee cup?"
I know we can't talk about what -- what -- what's gonna happen.
There's only a couple episodes left.
No, we can.
No, no, we -- No, we can't.
No, that wasn't -- nope.
God, why do you guys -- you guys all come on the show.
And you're such good actors.
- Did you see what we did with Maisie? - Maisie.
...Maisie Williams?
- Her hands were shaking.
- She had tears in her eyes. -Her acting was so good.
I hated doing that bit.
I felt so bad. I felt bad for her.
Yeah, 'cause she looks like a tiny little girl, and you were just...
And she was just, like, crumbling. She thought she did a fake spoiler.
It was an April Fool's joke that we did. And I don't even like -- I don't even do those jokes.
I don't like getting tricked. No one -- please don't trick me.
I don't like tricking people. I don't like it.
But then you almost did something. But then you didn't do it.
But then, can you tell us -- do you die?
Come on. No, we don't know, but, look -- here --
Look, on -- This is a pain scale.
A pain measurement scale from a doctor's office.
Now, from -- from zero to 10, how much pain will we feel at the end of "Game of Thrones"?
Not you personally.
- The audience? - The audience, yeah.
- Okay, all right. You're gonna...hm. I mean, it's probably gonna be around...
Hm. I mean, it's probably gonna be
- No pain? - There!
- Oh, my gosh! You're -- -It will be.
-[ British accent ] There! -There!
Did I sound very English there?
No, it was great.
- There. - There!
-There -- The thespians. The English thespians.
Why be here when I can be there?
Can we talk about "Dark Phoenix" now?
- Oh, yeah, sure. - This is a giant, giant movie.
I don't even know if people understand how much work goes into these superhero films.
- It's a lot of work. - It is a lot of --
This costume is just one thing.
But, also, you're doing a lot of flying.
- Yeah, a lot of flying. - Which means, and I'm saying, spoiler alert, she really can't fly in real life.
Sorry, guys. I know. Spoiler alert.
But there's trickery -- there's trickery involved.
There is.
It's not really called that. But you're on wires, right, when you're levitating?
Actually, originally, I wasn't on wires.
I was on this thing that we call the Parallelogram.
And it was basically like there were weights on one end, and then this kind of bike seat on the other.
And so I would have to kind of prop myself up on the bike seat like that and dangle my legs.
And then they would lift me up into the air by my crotch,
which was just wonderful.
But on top of that, I was wearing -- I was...
for all of the flying scenes, I'm wearing, like, this purple leather jacket with this huge collar that comes up like this.
- Yeah. - And all the hair is CGI'd, so I have to wear a bald cap.
And so... I look like Megamind...with bad crotch pains.
"Bad Crotch Pains". I'm happy they didn't go with that title for the movie.
There I am.
"Dark Phoenix" is much better. That's you levitating?
Don't I look so dangerous?
I want to show a clip.
Here is Sophie Turner in "Dark Phoenix."
Hey, before we show this clip, any spoilers?
Um...everyone -- everyone dies.
- Don't go there. - Don't go there.
- Don't go there. Go over there. - Yeah! Here, here.
"Dark Phoenix," take a look.
Look, I know who you are.
- I don't want to fight. - No, you don't.
Stop that. I said stop that right now.
-It's not me. - It's me.
Get down!
Whoa! Sophie Turner, everybody!
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Sansa vs. Daenerys: Sophie Turner Blames Emilia Clarke for Game of Thrones Coffee Cup-gate

683 Folder Collection
Ellie published on May 13, 2019    Ellie translated    Evangeline reviewed
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