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- [Narrator] "Evening,
hon," Bethany chimed.

- [James] "How was work,"
- [Narrator] he responded
in an unenthusiastic manner.

"I know you don't actually
wanna know, James,

so don't pretend to care," she teased.
"Besides, we have more important
matters to handle tonight.

Why haven't you gotten dressed?
You know it's Ritual Night tonight."
James sighed as he rose form the couch.
- [James] "Do you think they will
actually have someone for
us to slaughter tonight?"

- [Narrator] "Well, they
can't exactly just continue

picking up people from
within town, now can they?

It would become too obvious
that people would be missing.

I was talking to Heather about the issue,
and I think I have a solution for it.
An easy one, at that.
I doubt Andrew would be
willing, with his recent

high-hose attitude, but I don't
really care at this point.

- [James] Jeez, Betty, relax.
You're way too high-strung about it.
We aren't the first set of members,
and we don't be the last.
You know I love it when you're angry.
Especially while in your ritual clothes.
- [Narrator] "Really?
Why do I bother with you?
You're all about the kill,
but you don't seem to grasp

the real meaning of all our hard work.
Remember, we introduce chaos
to disrupt the banality

of life, to make aware
what is truly important.

I swear, Andrew only
brought you in because

you may as well be a lumberjack."
- [James] "Are you ready to go?
We're gonna be late."
- [Narrator] He responded
quietly, sounding hurt.

"Yeah, I'm ready for another evening
full of excuses," she grumbled.
As they drove up the ranch-style house,
they noticed there were
fewer vehicles than usual.

"See, the people are already starting
to slack with their attendance.
I'm going to take charge
of helping us acquire

new, deserving targets for the ritual."
- [James] You keep going on about this.
I know you were just itching to tell me
what your grand master plan is.
- [Narrator] She took
that opportunity to step

out of the vehicle and
awkwardly accept the hug

Darlene was holding her
outstretched arms for.

This was probably the most unsettling
part of the whole meeting.
It wasn't the fact that
they stabbed people to death

or strangulated them, but rather the
potluck aspect that preceded the ritual.
The dining room table was always
filled with food beforehand.
It was Vicky's smoked ham,
Jimmy's scalloped potatoes,

and Jane's prize-winning rhubarb pie.
Bethany always showed up with the drinks.
She was no housewife, no cook.
She was the local dentist.
Beyond that, no one
knew too much about her.

She didn't even know what made the family
invite her for the first
time to begin with.

The extent of their interaction
was that she was Darlene's dentist.
Everyone piled inside of the
now-cleared-out family room.

- [Andrew] "Welcome, everyone.
I hope you have all
had a productive month.

First, I must thank all of
you wonderful folks that

contributed to our feast tonight.
Everything looks delicious, per usual."
- [Narrator] Andrew, the host and
head of the chapter, called out.
"It involves the internet,"
Bethany whispered

to James while Andrew
tried to move the attention

from the questions of
sacrifice back to the food.

- [James] "What does?"
- [Narrator] One glare
from her was all it took

for him to understand that she had gone
back to the pretentious plan.
- [James] "Oh, can you please stop beating
around the bush and just tell me already?
This is getting annoying.
I know how much you
love to hype things up,

but you're starting to bore me."
- [Narrator] By that point,
everyone was starting

to disperse, and most were lined up at
the dining room table, ready to eat.
She pulled him outside to the garden.
The moon was half full,
and the air was beginning

to get chilly early in the evenings,
since summer was coming to an end.
Andrew's home was unremarkable.
It was just another
home in a small suburb.

Two stories, three bedrooms, no kids.
The basement had seen plenty of
activity in the last few years.
A rummy tournament, a ping-pong showdown,
a sacrifice here and there.
The walls of the basement had
never been stained with blood.

Darlene, Andrew's wife, made sure of it.
But the floor couldn't be helped at times.
Bethany focused on the gardenias
that were failing to bloom in the yard.
"Do you know how easy it is to
meet people on the Internet?"

- [James] "Yeah, Einstein,
tell me something I don't know.
If you're gonna propose
that we lure someone

off the internet, then you are lost.
We have discussed this
as a family for months.

Jeez, for a second I thought you might
actually have a novel idea."
- [Narrator] "Would you just listen
before you make any rash judgements?
I'm not talking about
going on the internet

and luring some sap off
a regular dating site.

I'm talking about going a little deeper."
The last part was barely audible,
even to James, who was
standing next to her.

"I've been doing some
research on the deep web.

They have their own version
of dating sites down there.

You find some really putrid and
disgusting excuses for humans on there."
Her playful tone was now
frigid, matching the look

in his eyes while he stared down at her.
- [James] "What were you doing
on a dating site, Bethany?"

- [Narrator] "Really?
That's what you're going to focus on,
out of everything I just told you?
That is what you're hung up on?"
Silence filled the air, as one of the
family members waved to them from inside.
Both quickly feigned their
brightest smile back at him.

Through the fake smile,
she broke the silence.

"First of all, I was
not looking for anyone

to hook up with on the deep web.
You already know what I go on there for,
and it isn't to replace what I
already have at home," she blurted out.
Being vulnerable was not something
she was good at or cared to do often.
The wind was beginning to pick up,
and the trees in the backyard were
rustling too much for comfort.
It gave both of them the
feeling that they were

being watched by something
hiding in the dark.

"Back to the issue we were discussing,"
she continued as they
moved back into the house

and into the dining room, now that most
of the members had made their
rounds through the table.

"I was on the deep web
making my usual rounds,

and some guy under the
name Goon324 PMed me

asking if we had met out in the abyss.
Before you roll your eyes at me, trust me.
I know how it sounds.
How corny was that name?
I thought the same thing.
I was curious, though,
so I indulged the loser

for the sake of the
entertainment brought to me

by a pathetic deep-web dweller.
I responded that it was quite possible,
because I run through
many addresses on the web.

He responded by sending me the link.
I already knew that whatever he was
referring to, I had never visited.
You know me, I don't socialize
in the deep unless it's for business."
James listened intently while they stood
in the corner of the dining
room nibbling on some muffins.

To anyone observing
them, it must have looked

like they were having fun with
whatever they were discussing.
He took a sip of the strawberry lemonade,
and responded while smiling at one of
the family members who
was across the room.

- [James] Okay, and?
- [Narrator] "Well, I should've not been
surprised, but truthfully I was.
It was a deep web dating
site, online cafe.

Whatever weird fetish you're into,
they have groups to help you
find a significant other.

One doesn't really think about the
deep web as a centralized anything.
I mean, I know they have
their cannibal websites

and their crush lovers,
but I was surprised

to find it all conveniently located
in one place for them to find each other.
It was some morbid and twisted version
of matching and cupid."
Bethany shuddered at the thought
of all the freaks in one place.
- [James] "Ah, so this is where you want
to acquire the sacrifices?"
- [Narrator] "Yes, Captain
Obvious, that is the place.

What better place to
reach people that need

to be taught the value of life
than the cesspool that is the dark web?"
She ardently declared.
A few family members were starting to
shoot suspicious glances their way.
Andrew called out to everyone.
The evening went by as both Bethany
and James expected it to.
Another month, and no sacrifice.
Bethany knew that she
had to implement her plan

before more family members drifted away.
The following night, James found
Bethany with her laptop out.
"Ready, babe?"
She pulled up the Onion browser.
"Look, since I know you're territorial,
how about you talk to
these losers instead of me?

You probably know more of what
they want to hear than I do."

He pondered that for a second before
vigorously nodding like a child.
- [James] Sure.
I'll be sure to make this fun.
- [Narrator] He smiled mischievously.
"Okay, well, you do your thing and
I'll go catch up on my Hulu.
If you need anything, just let me know."
30 minutes later, he had his victim,
which just so happened to be Mr. Goon.
He handed her the laptop.
White letters shown on the dark screen
detailing all sorts of obscene acts,
and describing the connection he felt
with James, disguised as Annie720.
Bethany read the glowing screen.
Chat log: Annie 720: Hey there.
Fancy seeing you around these parts.
Goon324: Do I know you?
Annie720: Yeah, we talked
on the Silk Wold Remains.

Goon324: Uh.
Annie720: You thought we
had met on here before

because my avatar seemed familiar?
Goon324: You're into the
bitcoin trade, right?

Annie720: Funny how you call it that.
Yeah, I guess I am.
Goon324: So, what's good?
Were you looking for some of my goods?
Annie720: That depends
on what you mean, haha.

Annie720: What are you into, anyway?
What kind of partner are
you looking for on here?

What's your fix?
Goon324: A little bit of
torture here and there,

if you know what I mean.
Annie720: Fun.
If only you were closer, then we might
be able to have some fun.
Goon324: Closer.
You don't even know where I am.
I could be watching you through the window
right now as we speak.
Annie720: Nah, I know more
about you than you realize.

You're approximately
300 miles away from me.

Goon324: How you know that?
You freak, that's not cool.
Annie720: You know,
for someone who dabbles

with dealing on here,
you sure are careless.

Goon324: Nah, I have all the proxies.
No one has ever been able to
find me, and many have tried.

Trust me, all have failed.
Until you.
What advanced hacking
sorcery have you performed?

Annie720: Yeah, I could
show up at your house

right now and you would be none the wiser
until I had you tied up and
squealing like a pig, lol.

Goon324: Oh, you know me too well already.
Bethany had seen enough.
She closed the laptop.
The conversations
continued on a daily basis

for the next two weeks, until James,
posing as Annie720, convinced the fool
known as Goon324 to drive
280 miles to meet Annie

at a coffee shop two towns away.
The day of their meeting,
Bethany, AKA Annie,

chose to wear a golden
hair wig in a simple bun,

and a tight-fitting burgundy dress.
A bit overdressed for the venue,
but she had plans of taking him elsewhere.
He found her sitting in the cafe already,
even though he was 10 minutes early.
- [Goon] Annie?
- [Narrator] He asked in an unsure tone.
"I'm better known as
Jacqueline in these parts,"

she responded with fake cheer in her tone.
She thought it was better
to not use her name.

Before Bethany stood a
man about five seven,

small in frame with dark brown
eyes and straight black hair.

He seemed clean, but had an
air to him of inner turmoil.

No one would've guessed
by seeing him in person

that he dealt hard synthetic drugs
in the confines of the deep web.
He had more of an accountant feel to him
than a criminal that helped ruin lives.
That's not to include everything he
did to the women he slept with.
They went through the motions of niceties
and usual first-date banter.
He ordered a macchiato while she
pretended to sip on her green tea.
She could tell right away that he already
had goo-goo eyes for her.
She could've suggested
that they go anywhere

in the world, and he
would've followed her.

Which is why, to no one's surprise,
he excitedly agreed when she
asked him to go back to her place.
She would drive.
Of course, she would not be
taking him into her home.

She had borrowed one of
the rental properties

that one of the members
of the family owned.

A nice, lonely duplex far
from anyone that could hear,

since the surrounding
properties were being remodeled.

As they drove from the city, Tony's car,
that was the name that she had been given
by him, even though it
wasn't his true name,

was being driven into the bad part of town
to be picked apart by the
local scrappers in the morning.

- [Goon] Nice place you've got here.
How long have you lived here?
- [Narrator] "Enough with
the meaningless chatter.

That's not why you came here."
- [Goon] "I'm surprised
you were willing to meet

me on your own when we met in the
most vile place on the planet."
- [Narrator] He responded, changing the
tone of the conversation.
He was beginning to sound suspicious.
- [Goon] Aren't you afraid I might be
some murderer or human trafficker?
Those are a dime a dozen in the deep web.
Plus, do my inclinations not scare you?
- [Narrator] Yes, he was
definitely getting suspicious.

They would not be able to let him escape,
and he would meet his
end at the edge of an ax.

A beheading was not something
she was prepared for.

"Oh, I'm sure I've gotten
to know enough about you

to know I have dealt with
worse wolves than you.

I was willing to meet
you alone because I know

that you are no real threat to me."
She had now placed her coat on the chair
and placed a vial of GHB into her sleeve.
She stepped into the kitchen
and poured the entire vial

into a tiny hole that
her now-hiding boyfriend

had pre-drilled into the
Scotch bottle with a syringe.

She knew Tony had a
strong affinity for Scotch

and would end up drinking
it one way or another.

"Would you like a glass of Scotch?"
She asked while making it a point
to show him the empty glasses.
He may have been dumb for some things,
but she did not want to
take any risks that he would

sense any reason to be suspicious.
The less hassle, the better.
- [Goon] The company of a
beautiful woman, and a fine Scotch?
Who would say no?
- [Narrator] He walked towards her
and took the bottle from her.
- [Goon] I will do the
honors of pouring the drinks,

since you provided the Scotch.
- [Narrator] She knew he was just
testing the bottle to see if it was open.
He smiled innocently when the seal broke.
"If you say so.
I made sure to buy the good stuff."
They sat on the couch while
some jazz played in the background.
She thought it would help
him give in to the effects

of the drug faster, so she
could get the charade over with.

She did not want it to go any further
than the living room,
and James would probably

kill the guy too soon if he
made too much of a move on her.

He was listening and watching everything
from the guest room
through the hidden cameras.

He moved in to kiss her,
and for the first time

that evening she was truly nervous.
She thought that hopefully
James would just allow

it to happen without
running in to stab him.

She waited a few seconds,
to see if he would be

entering the room with the
ax, but nothing happened.

She gently pushed him
aside, making her excuses

that she needed to go to the restroom.
She had had one sip of the glass,
and was starting to
feel the effects of it,

which meant that he had
to be passing out soon,

since he had had a full glass.
Just as she suspected,
by the time she returned

to the living room, he was
unconscious on the couch.

James was already busy
duct taping his feet

over the black bag for easy transport.
"We did it, babe," she slurred.
- [James] We sure did,
but are you feeling okay?

You seem a bit unsteady.
- [Narrator] "Yeah, I had
to take a sip of the Scotch

so he would not get suspicious."
Down Bethany went onto the couch,
barely holding her eyes open.
- [James] I'll be back for
you in a sec, sweetheart.

I have to throw the goods in the car.
- [Narrator] He yelled back
as he threw Tony's body over his shoulder.
As Andrew placed the bag in
the trunk, he heard groans

coming from within, and
noticed some slight movements.

In a panic, he picked up the
crowbar and brought it down,

immediately regretting his decision.
He wondered if he had killed the man,
and everything would have been a waste.
He went back inside for Bethany,
and when he placed her in the car,
he heard movement in the back.
- [James] Great, he's still alive.
- [Narrator] He mumbled.
Now they just had to drive
back to Andrew's house,

and everything would be over.
Andrew greeted James warmly
when he stepped through

the threshold of the house with the bag.
After everyone was finished
with their ritual meal,

they made their way into the basement.
The wall was covered with plastic tarps.
Everyone was ready with
their masks in hand.

The sacrifice was struggling
and moaning beneath

the bag that had been
placed over his head.

Everyone was waiting to take a stab at him
as he sat secure to the chair.
Andrew's voice boomed out to the crowd,
with his usual speech of the importance
of the family and the
vision behind it all.

He asked Bethany to the center,
so that she could be the
one to initiate the ritual.

"Thank you, Andrew,
however, I feel, in the

spirit of togetherness and humility,
that I should give this
honor to my partner, James.

Under the guise of one
looking for a lover,

I found this excuse of a human being."
She pulled off the bag and forced Tony
to look at her anger-filled eyes.
"Selling drugs to those
seeking to disconnect from

this world through the haze of
opiates and hallucinogenics.

We are here to remind
others of their mortality,

and what it means to be alive.
What is truly important."
Tears began to stream down Tony's face.
Just then, all of the members placed
the burlap masks over their faces.
The crudely black
spray-painted smiley faces

on them made Tony cry even louder.
She handed the dagger to James,
which he gratefully took
with a menacing grin.

With one swift thrust, he
plunged it into Tony's stomach.

His cry was stifled by the
rag tied around his mouth.

As he stabbed him again,
James whispered into his ear.

- [James] And this one is for
kissing my girlfriend, you douche.
- [Narrator] The still weak
Bethany stepped behind Tony

and pulled his head back
so that his eyes met hers.

While holding a dagger to
his throat, she declared,

"this one is for the women
you have taken by force.

I know everything about
you, including your need

to destroy the women you sleep with."
Everyone joined in on
the ritual soon, each one

plunging their sharp weapon
of choice into the victim.

A puddle of blood and a maimed
Tony remained after it was over.
The faces of the family beamed
once the ritual had ended.

It had been much too long
since their last killing.

Now, they had no reason to fear ever
having to wait such a long
time until the next time.

After all, the world needed the reminder
that the family provided them with.
The deep web was vast
enough to provide them

with the star of their next sacrifice,
and the ones after that.
Their chapter of the Sunny
Family Cult would never be dry.

(metallic echo)
(metallic echo)
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SUNNY FAMILY CULT Slaughter Creepypasta feat. Margbot | Scary Creepypasta Story | Crypt TV

293 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on May 9, 2019
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