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- [Chip] About five weeks ago,
a few of my newly made
friends and I set off

on a camping trip.
We met due to our shared
interest in joining

the fraternity, Kappa Sigma.
We met with the house members,
and from that point on we
were considered recruits.

One of the rules of being a recruit
is that you are obligated
to only hang out with fellow recruits,
or members of the house.
Needless to say
we all became pretty close
friends rather quickly.

Out of our group, Jasper and I,
my name is Chip,
were the closest.
Our third was Evan,
and our fourth wheel was Jake.
He was an overly eccentric class clown.
He couldn't take anything
seriously if his life

depended on it,
and it would really test our patience.
A couple of days after the start of our
initiation we were told
that we would need to

prove that we were tough enough,
and worthy of joining the fraternity.
To do so we would need
to spend a weekend alone

out in the woods located about
20 miles out of the city.

Even though none of us
were natives to the area,

we had all heard about the
local rumors of the woods.

It was common knowledge
around these parts that

the woods outside of town
had some sort of dark

spirit looking over them.
Some referred to it as a demon,
some simply called it Mordayo.
There isn't much known
about this creature,

other than it will eat you alive.
Closing in on the weekend
we were set to head out

to the woods,
we were given a list of accepted
supplies to take with us.

Pretty much we were allowed
to bring our phone, a

knife, our toiletries, our
own rations of food and water.

That should last the weekend,
and a pack to hold it all in.
No tents, no sleeping
bags, no real flashlights,

just the basic supplies to live.
We were also introduced to Chris.
He was one of the seniors
of the fraternity,

and was set to watch over us on our trip,
and make sure we followed all the rules.
By Friday we had our gear all ready to go,
and were set to head to
the woods for our final

phase of initiation.
We met after classes had
completed and loaded up

into Chris's Explorer to
begin our weekend excursion.

We left city just as the sun was setting.
The drive itself was pretty uneventful,
Jake being his loud obnoxious self,
and the rest of us telling him to shut up.
Finally Chris just turned up
the music to drown Jake out.

We drove for about another
20 minutes before we

started feeling the vehicle
slightly stuttering.

Chris turns off the
music and hushes us all,

intently listening for any
sounds from the vehicle.

We arrived at the dirt road
that leads to our destination,

and turn off the highway
and start to drive down

it and into the woods.
We drive in silence for
a few more minutes before

a huge smile creeps across
Chris's face as he exclaims,

I hope you boys are ready for some fun.
The excitement once again
outweighing any other emotion,

we all hoot out in near unison,
then the Explorers engine dies,
leaving us in an eerie silence.
Chris tries to turn the key.
Nothing but clicking.
Then all the power cuts off,
leaving us not only in
in deafening silence,

but in complete darkness.
At that point Evan speaks
up asking if we should

call a tow truck.
Chris tells him that
we'll just let our house

know that we broke down,
and they'll come out to deal with it.
He gets his phone out
and quickly realizes we

have no signal.
Well shit,
we should get serviced
again once we get closer

to the campground up the road.
We'll just call there.
He tells us all to grab
our gear and to get ready

for a small hike.
We do as instructed,
and the vehicle is secured
before Chris puts the

keys under the rear wheel
well for our housemates

to find when they arrive.
We start heading farther up the road,
and concluded it would
be best if we use the

nearly full moon as our light,
as opposed to our cell phones
and drain the batteries before
the weekend even started.

As we were making our
way down the dirt road

towards the campground,
we hear a branch snapping in
the woods off to our right.

(branch snapping)
We all do a quick glance,
but quickly come to the
conclusion that it must

have been an animal.
We make it only a few more
meters before we hear it again.

(branch snapping)
We decide to investigate a little further.
We walk up to the edge
of the road and try to

look into the dense woods to
locate the source of the sound.

The moon isn't providing
enough light to see much

of anything off the road.
So we pull out our phones
and use them to light

the woods the best we can.
Do you guys see anything?
Evan asked in a whisper.
I don't see anything.
It must have just been another animal.
We are in the woods after all,
Jake answers.
We kept looking for a few more seconds,
slowly scanning the area with our phones.
Come on.
Let's just keep going.
The campground isn't far,
Chris instructs.
Everyone except Jake turns
off their phone again,

and we continue down the
road following Jake as

he lights the way.
We finally see the
campgrounds office lit up a

few hundred feet in front of us,
just as we hear one of
the most bone-chilling

howls I had ever heard.
(bone chilling howling)
In unison we all freeze
and start looking around.

Thoroughly spooked Evan
shouts out that we should

hurry up.
Without another word
we all start sprinting

towards the office.
We reached the door
panting heavily and burst

inside like bats out of Hell.
Greeting us was the gaze
of a middle-aged man

wearing overalls in a thermal jacket,
with a matching cap complete
with the ear covers.

The man stood behind the counter with a
disturbingly fake smile
plastered across his face.

His eyes shifted separately
and deliberately on

each one of us.
After about 30 seconds
of being eyed up by this

pasty woodsman,
Chris steps forward
and breaks the silence.

Hey, we rented a site for the weekend.
We're just checking in.
The man didn't say a word.
He just kept slowly
eyeing us up one by one.

The vibe I was getting
from this guy was making

me think twice about staying out here.
Then I remembered we
still needed to call our

house to have our vehicle
checked out an update them.

I pulled my phone out of
my pocket expecting to

have some sort of signal
like Chris had assured us.

Nothing, not even empty bars,
just a slash through my data icon.
I nudged Jasper and showed
him I had no service.

He checked his phone,
also out of service.
Jasper mentions it to Chris,
who too checks his phone
to see that there is in

fact no service.
Hmm, I was just here a
few weeks ago and I had a

pretty strong signal.
Hey buddy, you have a phone we can use?
The guy behind the counter
finally showed some

sort of reaction,
although I really wish he hadn't.
He locked eyes with Chris
and started to growl,

opening his mouth slowly
as his growl intensified.

I was about to bolt out
the door when all of a

sudden he stopped growling
and his head snapped

back violently,
then returned to a normal position.
Hi, how can I help you?
He exclaims in a gleeful tone.
His creepy demeanor had
been instantly replaced

by that of a normal cheery greeter.
We all exchanged confused
glances before Chris

once again explained that
we had the site reserved.

Oh yes, site 13's all yours.
Just head down the path
and you'll see it on the

left side of the roundabout.
Awesome, thank you.
Also do you happen to
have a phone we can use?

Our car broke down on
the dirt road and we need

to let our friends know.
Of course, he replied,
retrieving the landline.
Chris grabbed the phone
and let's our friends

know where the Explorer is,
where the keys are, and
that we will need a ride

when we get ready to leave,
and that we have no cell service,
so we could be reached
on the number that showed

up on the caller ID.
He hands the phone back to the man
and once again thanks him.
Just as we're walking
out the door we hear him

once again start to groan.
(low groaning)
None of us even turned around.
We quickly left and headed
down the path towards

our site,
intent on putting as
much distance as we could

between us and him.
The park was set in a pretty basic layout.
One main path was sight
sought to either side,

towards the end there is a loop where it
reconnects to the main road.
We reached the fork in
the path and took the left

towards where our campsite was.
That was when we noticed
how quiet the place was.

We hadn't seen any other
people except for the

strange man in the
counter since we arrived.

The lamps along the path
started to become more

sparse as we were making
our way farther down.

We all pulled out our
cell phones and quickly

found our site,
and began to set up our camp.
Chris heads into the woods,
returning a couple minutes
later with a bundle of firewood.

Chris pulls out a lighter
and starts the fire

while we unpack our
rations that we brought.

As we ate,
Chris insisted on
telling us more about the

rumors of the land,
and why it was feared by so many locals.
For over a hundred years
there have been stories

of these woods,
stories of families going on hikes and
disappearing without a trace,
stories of friends going camping,
just like us,
and then vanishing without a word.
They say there is a creature
that watches over these woods.

No one really knows where it came from,
but everyone knows what it wants.
Blood, it craves the taste of human blood,
and will stop at nothing once
the blood hunt has begun.

As far as we know,
there is nothing to deter the creature.
Once it started the hunt,
you might as well kiss your ass good-bye.
Over the years locals have
given it a name, Mordayo.

Mordayo is easily one of the most feared
creatures in these parts,
and many locals will not
even enter these woods.

Yet here we are,
sitting all alone in these woods,
in the dark,
in the middle of nowhere,
with no one that can help
us if Mordayo shows up

for his blood hunt.
Chris warns us we have
something very special

planned for the next day,
and we will need our rest.
Whether it be from all
the excitement of the day,

or from our walk out to the camp,
we were all pretty beat
and fell asleep quickly.

I woke to a nasty chill
and realized the fire was

now nothing more than glowing embers.
The morning fog was so
dense it felt like drops

were forming on my body as I gathered more
firewood and bark to get
the fire going again.

Everyone started to wake
up and we all huddled

around the fire trying to warm up.
It was not supposed to get
this cold this weekend,

Chris said.
The forecast was clear
skies and warm weather.

I laughed and told him that
the weather is never reliable.

Always expect the worst.
I made my way over to my
pack to get my toothbrush,

and my pack was gone,
along with everyone else's.
I was confused but came
to the assumption that

one of our group must
have hidden our stuff to

mess with us.
Okay, who's the wise guy?
Very funny, where is our stuff?
I asked the other guys.
All of them looked at
me with a confused look,

then started eyeing each other.
Jake give us our shit.
It is pretty obvious it was you.
You're the only one childish
enough to do it, Chris accuses.

Whoa man,
I may be responsible for a
lot of the stupid pranks,

but I haven't done a thing
since we started this trip.

My stuff looks like it's gone too.
How do we know it wasn't you?
Jake shoots back.
Well it sure wasn't me,
and neither Evan nor Chip would do it.
So is there any way an
animal might have taken them?

Maybe they smelled the food
and took off with the bags.

Let's take a quick look around.
Chris starts heading off into the woods,
followed immediately by us.
The fog was so thick it
made visibility maybe 20

feet in front of me,
coupled with the fact that we were in a
supposedly looked after
section of the woods,

it definitely caused some
chills to travel down

my spine.
10 seconds later Chris
calls out for all of us to

get the hell over to him now.
Look at this.
Chris trails off.
He's pointing at what
once was my backpack.

It was shredded to bits,
and a few feet from the
bag was someone else's bag,

also completely shredded.
I bend over and pick up
what's left of my pack.

What in the hell kind of animal did this?
Nothing is in here.
See if anything's left in your pack.
Chris walks over and retrieves his.
Nada, this is so weird.
Well at least we have our phones.
We're just going to have
to call off the rest of

the trip.
All at once when noticed
Jake wasn't here with us.

We start calling out to
him but a bone-chilling

silence is all we got in return.
We walked around for a
good 15 or 20 minutes,

calling out his name,
pulling out our phones
to see if we had signal,

and calling him some more.
No luck.
Maybe he just went back
to camp, I suggested.

Yeah, let's head back that way,
Chris said.
Just call out for him as we go.
We make it back to the
campsite and Jake is still

nowhere to be found.
Well shit.
I guess Evan and I all head
up to the office real quick.

Chip, you stay here in
case Jake comes back.

I agreed and watched
them disappear into the

dense fog.
I stoked up the fire and waited,
occasionally calling out
in hopes that Jake would

find us if he did happen to get lost.
I did this for probably
45 minutes before I

started to get concerned that
I hadn't heard from anyone.

I got up and started weighing my options.
Do I go to the office and
look for Chris and Evan,

or do I stay here in
hopes that Jake will still

show up?
I was still debating on what to do
when a blood-curdling scream
broke through the once silent woods.
I could immediately
recognize the scream as

belonging to Jake.
I started sprinting as
fast as I could towards

where I thought the scream came from.
Then he emerges from the fog.
Then he stops.
He just stands there,
not making a sound,
just panting and looking
like he will pass out at

any moment.
Jake what happened?
Where have you been?
His response still sends
a shiver down my spine.

Mordayo is here.
I asked in confusion.
Mordayo is real.
I saw it.
It was following me.
It has no skin.
It's a walking skeleton, dude.
It had antlers,
but was bipedal and had no skin.
No frickin skin man!
Wait, where are Chris and Evan?
Jake calm down.
Chris and Evan went to
the office to call our

friends to come and get us.
Jake doesn't even wait for
me to say anything else.

He starts taking off
down the path towards the

camp office.
I quickly follow suit,
and within a few minutes
we reach the office.

And it's locked with no signs
that anyone is even around.

I told Jake I had no
idea what we should do.

He brought up that if we
hadn't seen them on the path,

or here,
then they either left without us,
or it found them.
We came to the mutual
decision that we should

just start heading back down the dirt road
towards where the car had died.
Then we hear it.
(distant howling)
It's Mordayo!
Jake screams, taking off
like a bullet down the road.

I am right on his heels,
as I hear an all-too-familiar
voice let out a shriek.

I skid to a complete stop,
nearly losing footing on the loose gravel.
That was Evan.
We need to go find him.
We can't just leave him here.
I screamed at Jake as he
disappeared into the fog,

not even slowing down in the slightest.
The next thing I know
I'm dodging trees as I

sprint to find my friends.
(distant howling)
This howl stopped me in my tracks.
Evan is that you?
I take another step forward
before for the first

time in my life,
I am frozen in place.
I tried to move my legs,
but I was paralyzed in
fear over what was a mere

15 feet in front of me.
Evan was in fact in front of me,
laying on his back with
his intestines oozing

over the side of his body.
That sight comes second to
what I saw kneeling over him,

head down, chewing at his
guts like someone would

eat a pie in a competition.
It had the animalistic
features described in the

stories mixed with a human body.
Its face though,
it looked like someone
had skinned a deer's head,

covered it in slime,
and added the most hideous
teeth you could imagine.

Then to my utter horror and disbelief,
Evans head snaps to the
side with enough force to

make the breaking of his
neck echo through the trees.

He starts laughing and says,
you might want to run.
The blood hunt has begun.
As soon as his eyes broke my gaze,
I could feel my legs again.
I didn't stop running when
I made it back to the road.

I didn't stop when I
heard another terrifying

scream in the woods that I
easily recognized as Chris.

For all I know he was dead already too,
and this thing was just
using him as bait to lure me.

I finally caught sight of
the Explorer we made it

here in.
I ran up to the wheel
well where the keys were

and began frantically searching for them.
I couldn't find them anywhere.
In a last-ditch effort
before I kept sprinting

down the road,
I went to the driver's side
door and yanked the handle.

It opened immediately,
and I heard the familiar
ding the vehicle makes

if a door is open while the
keys are in the ignition.

I tried twisting the key.
(car stalling)
It tried to start,
but wouldn't turn over.
I had no idea if this
thing is making its way

towards me,
but I was not going to wait and find out.
I hightailed it all the
way back to the highway.

Once I reached it,
I finally slowed down to
a walk and pulled out my

cell phone.
I powered it back on and
finally had a signal,

and just long enough
of a charge to call the

police to come and help me.
After about five minutes
a couple of sheriffs

vehicles pull up next to me.
I tell them that they're
not going to believe

what I have to say,
but I tell them everything.
They then proceeded to
ask me if I was supposed

to be on any medications,
or if I had taken any.
These guys thought I was crazy,
and in a way I kind of
wish that was the case.

At least that way I
wouldn't have to go through

life knowing things like
the Mordayo are much

more real than we would like to believe.
(shocking indication)
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MORDEO Blood Hunt Creepypasta feat. Urmaker | Scary Creepypasta Story | Crypt TV

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Amy.Lin published on April 30, 2019
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