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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 299. Today we're going to look at the

  • difference between malfunction and dysfunction and of course any other

  • forms of it. You know, like the adjective malfunctional or dysfunctional or you

  • know malfunction of a verb. Of course, will say will follow the same meaning as

  • malfunction as a noun and adjective as well. So let's take a look at the note

  • here. A malfunction means something has an incorrect or faulty function.

  • It basically means something does not work correctly, especially used with

  • machines. Malfunction tends to be used for single events you know something

  • that happened. It malfunctioned at that time. So it's not usually used for

  • ongoing or continuing events. At least you know, with the same person or with

  • the same exact object. Okay. Let's take a look at the second one here. Well, let's

  • continue with the note here. If something has a dysfunction, it means something

  • fails to work in an expected way or in a complete way. Dysfunction or

  • dysfunctional as an adjective is especially used in regard to medical or

  • psychological terms. It is often used with disorders or if a bodily organ

  • doesn't work correctly in your body something like that, is not working.

  • Dysfunction tends to be used with events that are ongoing or continuing or more

  • long-term. So there's another clear difference between the two. All right. And

  • let's look at some examples we have here. GM had to have a recall. A recall that's

  • when you know there's a problem with the car and they, they ask everybody who

  • bought the card to bring it back in , and they change a certain part. So GM had to

  • have a recall due to a malfunction in that part. So one part was not working

  • correctly. So again this is with machines and you know it's just one part that's

  • not working. So we usually would use malfunction for that.

  • Yeah. We don't usually say a dysfunctional part. That would be weird.

  • So again, with machines we almost always use malfunction. The computer system is

  • malfunctioning. Again here we're using it as a verb. It must have a bug or maybe a

  • virus or something like that in it. So again, it's not working correctly it's

  • not working properly. Okay. Number three. Again the that voting

  • machine seemed to be malfunctioning. Many voters complained that they voted for

  • one candidate and it recorded the votes for the opposite candidate. Yeah. That's a

  • big problem. In some elections, this happened. So that voting machine was

  • malfunctioning, was not functioning correctly. All right. Let's look at number

  • four. He comes from a dysfunctional family. All right. Yeah. Now we're getting

  • into like psychological terms or you know something to do with medicine. You

  • know, the dysfunctional families. A family that's not working properly, especially

  • in regard to behavior. All right. Let's continue. Number four. He comes from a

  • dysfunctional family. Oh no, That's what we just read so number five. Grandpa

  • is suffering from a kidney and liver dysfunction. All right. It's your body parts.

  • It's a body part that's not working correctly. So yeah we don't usually say a

  • malfunctioning kidney. We usually say dysfunction or dysfunctioning or

  • dysfunctional kidney. All right. Let's continue. She is showing signs of

  • dysfunctional behavior. Again. remember both medical and psychological terms in this

  • sense will probably use dysfunctional. And number seven. He is suffering from

  • erectile dysfunction. It's one of the ways they like to say it. If some poor guy

  • you know, he's a sexual part is not working in regards to sex anymore. You

  • know, it's a it's not getting you know hard like it supposed to. That's referred

  • to as erectile dysfunction. So that's another common way that you hear this

  • used. Anyway, I hope it's clear. I hope, I hope you have a better sense of when you

  • should use malfunction and when you should use dysfunction. Okay. Bye-bye.

  • Thank you for time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 299. Today we're going to look at the

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English Tutor Nick P Lesson (299) The Difference Between Malfunction and Dysfunction

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