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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Music Lyrics Explained (1) And the first
one we're going to cover is the Spider-man Theme song. Okay. So I just have important
notes on the board and I'm actually going to read the lyrics and review it as
we go along. So let's start. Spider-man, Spider-man
does whatever a spider can. All right. So when you say, does whatever a spider can,
it means that he has the same skills and the same ability that a spider has.
All right. So I mean the first thing you could look at is his strength. We know that a
spider could hold up to a hundred and seventy times their weight. So his
strength was supposed to increase that much. So like for example if he was
really just like 150 pounds you know, he was a teenager. Say, he was that much then
he could hold over 25,000 pounds. That's what it would mean.
So first his strength. So he has the strength like a spider because a
spider can lift a lot more than their body weight. And well of course we all
know about the the spider web that he can shoot out of his wrist. Literally, so
of course these would be other skills or abilities that a spider has. So when we
say Spider-man, Spider-man does whatever a spider can. That's what they're talking
about. Another one that they don't often cover in the movies, this idea but
this idea was very true in the comic book. Like if you had read the comic book
as a kid and originally the cartoon that was the original very old cartoon that
was on the TV series. We often heard about spidey sense. That you know , just
like a spider may have a little bit of what they call like a sixth sense of
danger. I don't know I yeah and I do kind of remember this like as a kid when I
read Spider-man and sometimes I seen a spider and it does seem like a spider
does have a little bit. Like if you focus in on a spider,
sometimes this, it seems like the spider knows.
He kind of freezes and he stops and then if he thinks he's going to go after him.
Then he will run very, very quickly, but he does seem like he has some sort of a
sense. This ability. So that's why in the comic book you often hear about a spidey sense that they
don't, we don't. We didn't usually see this in the movies All right. So let's
let's continue along with the lyrics here. So Spider-man Spider-man does
whatever a spider can, spins a web. All right. Of course if we say spin just if
an insect spins, especially a spider. It makes a thread it produces from its body.
So that's what we say, we say that an insect could spin a thread or a web. So
spiders definitely spin a web. So yeah so spins a web any size , of course very,
very big. We see this. It is pretty amazing of course. If this were really
possible that somebody could be you know get DNA of a spider in them and they
could actually shoot webs from their wrists, boy ! They would have to eat a lot
to produce that much energy to produce that many webs. But anyway, that's what it
means. So spins a web anytime. Catches thieves just like flies. Yeah, well. This
is pretty good. This is pretty cool. This idea that he could you know, of course
he's supposed to be like a spider, so it's a spider web. Catches thieves just
like flies, very often he would put a web, spider web around especially regular
criminals like regular burglars or something like that. Of course in the
comic books he usually fights supervillains
too. So but anyway, that's what we mean. Catches thieves just like flies, look out
here comes the Spider-man. All right that's how the song goes.
Yes. Is he strong ? is he strong ? Is he powerful ? Well, we kind of covered that
already. Because he's supposed to have the ability of a spider. Is he strong
listen bud. All right this was part of the lyrics. Bud, bud as we say but is
actually short for buddy. Okay. So bud short for buddy often use
when talking to a man you do not know. Usually in an annoyed way.
It's not always very polite, like sometimes you say hey buddy that's my
seat. Hey hey buddy, can you move ? Kind of like that. It's not really offensive, but
it sounds like you might be a little annoyed at someone and they, we usually
use it with a man. But it's part of the song. It's kind of cool. It goes in with
the lyrics . Listen bud , he's got radioactive blood. Well, of course if
you've watched Spider-man movies or you seen the you know, you read the original
comic book, you know that's the origin of Spider-Man. He gets bitten by a
radioactive spider and that's how he eventually gets to have the powers of
like a spider mixed in with him. So he's got radioactive blood. Can he swing from a
thread. All right. Well just like we said here. With a spinning web. It's a thread, a
thread is like a long piece of something, especially a fiber like something you
make a material out of. So yeah, so he could spin a web so . Can he swing from
a thread ? Take a look overhead. So hey there, there goes the Spider-man. Right.
That's exactly how they use it. And then it goes into another chorus. In the chill
of night at the scene of a crime. So here of course if we say chill in this sense,
chill could have two meanings that both could apply here.
You could have chill meaning a feeling of fear. You know, Maybe it is scary being
out in the middle of the night or it could be a feeling of cold. We do know
the temperature actually does go down you know after midnight or late at night.
So that's what they say. So in the chill of night at the scene of a crime. Like a
streak of light, he arrives just in time. All right. So if we say streak, a streak
here is a line of something that is different in color. I remember when I
used to watch the old cartoon they actually almost had like a spotlight
come down like a police spotlight. So that would be like a streak of light. But
of course you could have other streaks. So we often see you know, women might
have a streak in the hair, for a special style or design. So this is what
we mean by streak. So in the chill of night at the scene of a crime. Like a streak of light
he arrives just in time. Spider-man, Spider-man. And then of course
they repeat the other chorus again. You know, does whatever a spider can. Yes
Arrives just in time. Oh, he arrives just the time. Spider-man, Spider-man friendly
neighborhood Spider-man. Oh wealth and fame he's ignored, action is his reward.
All right so if you say wealth and fame, he's ignored. Basically it's, it's showing
that Spider-man's not doing this for the money. He's not doing this to become
famous. He's not actually making money from it. He was just doing it out of his
sense of morality. Remember even in the first movie they kind of had that line
you know, that remember his Uncle Ben supposedly told him. You know with, with
great strength comes great responsibility. So he's actually doing it
out of his sense of responsibility. So he's he's not doing it for fame. He's not
doing it for wealth. So that's how it goes. Basically friendly neighborhood
Spider-man wealth and fame, he's ignored. I think means he has ignored it. He's
ignoring wealth and fame that's not what he's about. That's not what he's going
for. Action is his reward. Well maybe, maybe the accomplishment of
feeling like you're doing the right thing.
Action is his reward. To him life is a great big bang-up. All right .Bang-up. Yeah
this is I think it's a little bit it was it was more commonly used I think in the
60s and 70s. A bang-up is an act of doing physical damage. You know, It's obviously
he's got a fight. So life is a great big bang-up. Whenever there's a hang-up.
All right. A hang up,, hang up I think was a kind of a common term . Aso around the
60s and 70s When this song was originally written. If someone has a
hang-up. He or she has a feeling of anxiety or fear of something. All right.
So that's what they mean by that. To him, life is a great big bang-up. Whenever
there's a hang-up. You'll find the Spider-man. Well that's that's pretty much the way
it goes. Actually I think it's kind of a cool theme song for a superhero. One
of the best I've actually heard. So anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it's
clear. I hope it was enjoyable for you. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.
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English Tutor Nick P Music Lyrics Explained (1) Spider-man Theme Song

99 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on April 29, 2019
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