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Gentlemen, Antonio here.

All right.
Today, we're going to talk about sleep specifically
how you can use these five tips to get more

and better sleep every single night.
Guys, look around you, people are walking
around like they're zombies.

I mean literally I was just reading some of
the data, the average American is getting

less than 7 hours and in some cases 6 to 5
hours of sleep depending on what industry

and, you know, depending on what study you
look at, but guys that is well below what

most people need and you've probably heard
8 hours of sleep, well, that's an average.

Some people and very few of them need as few
as six hours, five hours.

Most people need about eight if not a little
bit more.

Me, personally I am a selfish sleeper, I like
to get at least eight hours, I would prefer

ten hours of sleep.
And, many of you guys are also thinking, Antonio,
how am I going to be able to cram more things

into my day.
Go check out this other video I've got on
the priority matrix, most likely you're

staying busy with things which aren't giving
you much return on investment.

In addition, I'm going to give you four
more tips to the five tips I'm about to

dive into over here at the support article
at Real Men Real Style.

So, again, go check out the support article,
I'm going to link to the research I'm

going to give you more tips, I'm going to
go into more details there.

But, you guys are here for the five tips so
number one, prioritize sleep.

I alluded to it, but sleep affects your mood,
it affects your memory, affects your physical

In fact, go look at the routines of the top
athletes in the world and you're going to

see that they nap they sleep, they are selfish

I was just talking to my friend, Ben Greenfield
and this guy over in Spokane, Washington,

he talks about how he gets about ten hours
at least and it's a priority.

And this is a guy with kids and I'm going
to talk about barriers here in a second, but

I've got four kids, I understand that some
of you guys also are law students, perhaps

you are working two jobs and like, Antonio,
where am I going to find it.

Guys, understand that lack of sleep is going
to shave years off of your life.

And you may be working hard now, but what
if you can't enjoy it, what's the point.

Also, think about weight gain, think about,
you know, just the overall health of your

If you don't prioritize sleep, nobody else
is going to prioritize it for you.

And, when you have a family, I know for me
the biggest barrier I've got four kids,

I have a wife who has a very different sleep
schedule than me.

Because of that, I had to set up systems in
my life which I'm going to get into here

in a second.
But, the point is it is a priority and therefore
with my kids we've set up a routine.

I try to set up systems that protect me and
enable me to get at least what I feel I need

for a minimum because if I don't I'm not
going to perform well at my company.

So, number one, prioritize it.
Number two, let's look at your food.
So, a lot of you guys are just shooting yourself
in the foot because you're drinking coffee

all day.
And, you know, okay, don't drink coffee
right before you go to bed, but did you know

it sticks in your system for six to fourteen
hours after you drink it.

My personal rule no coffee no caffeinated
drinks or anything afternoon.

In addition, let's think about alcohol.
So some of you guys like to drink maybe like
a couple of glasses of wine before going to

bed, be – try to move that a little bit

The issue with alcohol is it can help you
fall asleep, but the second half the deep

sleep is what it interferes with, so alcohol
can have a very negative effect.

Now, if you are used to drinking just a glass
of wine with dinner, that's probably good

to go.
Now, what foods actually help you sleep better?
Well, I've done a little bit of, you know,
quite a bit of research on this and I think

it was it tryptophan?
Actually, and trytophan can be found in eggs,
it's going to be found in cheeses, it's

going to be found in turkey and chicken, in
nuts and things like that.

But, this right here this is going to increase
the amount of serotonin levels in the brain

and this supposedly helps with sleep.
So, eating foods like that, you know, for
dinner and not having a huge dinner, you don't

want to eat a lot of spicy food that you're
not used to eating because then you're going

to have a stomach ache and then wake up in
the middle of the night.

So, number three having a bed time routine.
With four kids, this is incredibly important.
I can tell you guys it takes ninety minutes
for us to go to be and, I'm very realistic

about that.
When I'm not realistic when I think I can
get everyone to bed in less than thirty minutes,

most of the time I fail and I get frustrated
and all of a sudden it's 9:30, 10:00 at

night and it's just not going very well.
I know some of you guys don't have kids,
you've got, you know, but if you are studying,

don't save your studying 'til that last

You are not going to help yourself by cramming
all night the night before and going into

that test without any sleep.
So, take it from me, I've gone through all
that, you need to start preparing on day one.

Number four, create the right environment.

So, you want to have a nice bed.
I can tell you guys I'm testing a bed and
a mattress, I'll get into that at later

video at a later point.
But, over the last two years I've been using
quality sheets, quality comforters.

I've set an environment that when I get
into my bed, I look forward to getting into

my bed.
Sure, I've got a beautiful woman in there
with me, but it helps when you've got great

sheets, when you've got a comforter that's
just wonderful.

I want you guys to go check out my friend
Steve over at Vero Linens, an amazing company.

Guys, you know, I'm not getting paid for
this, I've just been using their sheets

for couple of years.
I love them.
And what I really like about this is he actually
goes directly, I mean he skipped the middle

man he gets his stuff out of Italy.
I mean this is really high-end sheets, but
when you lay in something like this, you're

going to notice the difference.
Think about it, you go to a hotel, guys, been
to a five, four star hotel, you get into that

bed and you're like, man, I could stay here
all day.

Why don't you have that at home?
You spend one-third of your life in your bed,
have a great mattress, invest in – you know

one thing I didn't even know about comforters
until I went over and I started following

Steve's YouTube channel which I'm going
to link to right here, a great YouTube channel,

very informational.
But, I didn't realize there were different
levels of down feathers and a lot of them

smell really bad and they're more susceptible
to being infected by mites and things like

So, you want to go with a higher quality down
comforter which isn't going to just last

you one year and after one cleaning fall apart.
You want something that's going to retain
its shape that can be cleaned multiple times

and can last you about five years.
Number five, if you allow electronic devices
into your room, you're setting yourself

up for failure.
The phone, get yourself an alarm clock, don't
use this.

You will get notifications.
You'll forget that you signed up for this
new app and it's sending notifications all

night right before your exam.
Gentlemen, get rid of the smartphone in your
room, get rid of your tablet, get rid of the

I don't even have a television in my house.
You know why?
Because I've set up a system that I spend
more time with my kids and I'm sure – I

sure as heck would not allow it into my bedroom.
So, be very careful about the electronic devices
you allow in your room.

Gentlemen, those are the five tips, if you
want more information, go check out the article

at Real Men Real Style, I'm going to a lot
more there.

Let me know in the comments how many hours
of sleep you get a night and I look forward

to seeing you in the next video.
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5 Tips To Get Better Quality Sleep | Hibernate Like A King | Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

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