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Andrew Yang: Venture for America is a nonprofit that
recruits and trains top college graduates from
around the U.S.
who want to learn how to build a business.
So they work in an early-stage company with an
existing entrepreneur in Detroit, New Orleans,
Baltimore, Cleveland, other U.S.
cities that could use a boost.
They work there for two years to help that business
expand and grow and also train themselves as
The goal is that they'll become a manager or leader
at that company or they'll start their own company
after the two-year fellowship.
What we see is that when they work in these
early-stage companies and startups, they really become
a different sort of person -- the kind of person that
understand how to build a business and then
understands those challenges and what it takes to take on
the same challenge if they start a company.
2012 fellow, Brian Rudolph , moved to Detroit, works at
an e-commerce company there funded by Dan Gilbert , and
then while he's there, you know, there aren't great
food supplies there and he's gluten-free, so he makes
himself a pasta out of chickpeas in his kitchen in
Detroit and it's pretty terrible, but he keeps going
and does it over and over again and fast forward to
today -- his business, Banza, which is a chickpea
gluten-free pasta company, has raised a million dollars
and employees 15 people.
And the pasta's delicious.
It's being distributed in hundreds of stores around
the country.
And that's someone who graduated from college less
than three years ago now?
So that's what our young people are capable of if you
put them in a position to have mentors and support and
role models.
Well, certainly, it's part of the history of this
country where the people that came to the U.S.
were doing something very entrepreneurial.
Often, they had to build new lives for themselves -- new
homes, new businesses.
They would migrate West to unspoiled territory and then
explore it and settle.
I think that that's what really people want to
preserve and sustain, which is that spirit of enterprise
that's made this country great for its entire history.
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PAGE Ambassador - Andrew Yang of Venture for America

32 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on April 29, 2019
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