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Incarnation is indeed a huge mystery.
Thousands of years no one has understood the truth of incarnation.
That is a fact.
Almighty God comes in the last days
and reveals the mystery of incarnation to man by Himself.
Apart from the Bible, any belief is a heresy!
God's work is all recorded in the Bible.
We should believe in God according to the Bible.
Almighty God has every sect shaken by His coming.
Is He truly God Himself who created all things and rules over everything?
Is He truly the Lord Jesus crucified by the Israelites two thousand years ago?
Today "Ironclad Proofs" will provide to you ironclad facts and evidences.
With the ironclad facts and ironclad evidences, mankind will get the answer.
Focus on "Ironclad Proofs," focus on the work of God,
and focus on the destiny of mankind!
Keep moving!
Anti-revolutionist Lin Bo'en! You still believe in Jesus?
Say it! Answer!
Speak up!
What? Damn you! Damn you!
You're so stubborn! How dare you say something like that! It's imperialistic!
We'll beat you to death!
Move on! (Go!)
Wait! Anti-revolutionist Lin Bo'en! Do you believe in Jesus? (Well, say it!)
I, I do.
Damn you.
Fuck! How dare you say that!
Sentenced! Seven years imprisonment!
Gao Shi'an! A historical anti-revolutionist!
Sentenced! Eight years imprisonment! Sun Guangyuan! An alien class element!
Sentenced! Ten years imprisonment! Yang Shoucheng!
A reactionary academic authority!
Sentenced! Fifteen years imprisonment! Lin Bo'en! An active anti-revolutionist!
Sentenced! For life imprisonment! Guo Zhiqiang!
An active anti-revolutionary traitor! Deprived of political rights for life…
After many years of believing and after all the tribulations I've gone through,
I finally realize that the Lord Jesus incarnate is the only one true God.
His word is deeply rooted in my heart. It gives me faith and strength.
Only Christ is the truth, the way, and the life.
It's worth suffering in order to gain Christ.
Believing in Jesus Christ is a real glory. I haven't lived my life in vain.
Early in the 1950's, Lin Bo'en accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior.
He pursued hard and served fervently.
He believed, to gain Jesus Christ is a treasure.
He took suffering for the Lord as a glory.
During these decades,
Lin Bo'en was arrested and imprisoned twice because of evangelizing.
Seventeen years of Lin Bo'en's life, he had to suffer painfully in prison.
He almost died several times.
Despite everything he went through, suffering in pain,
it never hindered his faith in Jesus Christ.
Many years passed, and he never stopped his pursuit of the Lord Jesus.
And now let's discuss the verse.
The "Word" here refers to God, the word of God. (Amen!)
The Lord Jesus Christ, He was God's Son, who deserved the same respect. But He
The Lord Jesus was for sure not an ordinary man.
Christ He is, who came down here from heaven.
He was the God who assumed flesh to become a man.
Truly, Jesus Christ was God incarnate. (Amen!)
The Bible says,
What we need to know for sure is the Lord Jesus is Christ,
the Son of the living God.
And importantly, what we need to know is
the Lord Jesus Christ is the appearance of God.
Just like what the Lord Jesus said,
And now without experiencing many tribulations and sufferings,
one cannot recognize the Lord Jesus is the appearance of God.
Brother. Please share your experiences with us.
Yes. I want to hear, too.
All right. Thank the Lord.
Now, when I talk about experience, my first imprisonment comes to mind.
It was the winter of 1967.
I was arrested then while preaching the gospel.
Mengfu. (Yeah?)
Take good care of the church you're in. Do your best as their preacher.
As you work more towards preaching the Lord's word,
and you suffer more for the Lord,
more experience and knowledge of the Lord's word will you have,
and more reality will you have.
If you only preach but do not suffer for the Lord,
you cannot possibly have true knowledge of the Lord Jesus.
Thus, you will have little reality.
Some tribulations and persecutions will come to you someday.
You'll feel weak and fall down.
And then you would fail your faith.
Trials test us all. Sometimes we may fail.
You have suffered very little in your life, far from enough!
Only if you suffer a lot and bear testimony,
will you surely be raptured at the Lord's return.
With no trials, no testimonies, believers like that, can they be caught up?
Dad, speaking of rapture,
you see we found out some new things.
I'd like to share them if that's all right.
Oh? Go ahead then.
From what I understand,
rapture is not being lifted to heaven to be with the Lord. (Mm.)
That's just our imagination.
The true meaning of rapture is that one has to accept God's new work
and then he comes before God.
Mm. Son, go on.
Well, at the end of the Age of Law,
when Lord Jesus did the work of the Age of Grace,
those who heard the Lord Jesus' words
and recognized them as God's voice soon finally accepted His salvation.
This is rapture to God's presence.
At the end of the Age of Grace, when the Lord Jesus comes again to speak,
if someone hears of it, discerns it as God's voice,
and then accepts His work at His return,
they will be raptured to God's presence. This is the true meaning of rapture.
Dad, someone can be lifted before God,
but it really doesn't matter how long they've believed or suffered.
The key is to just discern God's voice and discover God's footprints.
As the Lord Jesus came to work,
those who were raptured to the Lord's presence and gained salvation,
Lord's voice was recognized only by them.
They found that the Lord's voice had authority and power deriving from God,
so they followed Him and were raptured to His presence.
On the other hand, in spite of years of belief and suffering,
those who ignored the Lord's voice,
eventually they were not able to recognize Lord Jesus as Christ.
Such people were forsaken by the Lord.
So, discerning His voice when the Lord comes again,
and accepting God's work in the last days,
that's the key for man to be raptured before God's throne.
Mm, to be able to discern God's voice?
Mm, Mengfu. (Yes.)
Sounds good, but I've never heard such a thing.
This is profound insight. Not simple that you have such knowledge.
Did you hear about it from somewhere?
Dad, have an apple, please. (Mm.)
Dad, with regard to rapture and the Lord's return,
one of my friends who is a believer, Lu Xueming, he knows a lot about it.
He's devout. (Mm.)
Tomorrow he's coming to visit you.
And I thought we could have a fellowship together.
Mm. All right. But I invited Elder Wang and Elder Liu over as well.
So please, can they also join us tomorrow?
Of course. That's no problem.
Sure. That sounds great. (Mm. Ahh.)
So the Lord said He will come back, and take us to the kingdom of heaven.
However, what you're saying is that
the Lord has become flesh to do judgment work in the last days.
It is said right in the Bible the Lord will come upon a cloud all in glory.
That sounds a lot different.
You're saying that the Lord has become flesh in secret. This is a big thing.
Because I can't figure it out, please just explain this to me.
Yes. He will come on a cloud. He said it. The Lord will come here.
There's no reason to dispute it.
Heaven and earth shall pass away, but the Lord's word will not.
So what He says will have been fulfilled.
This is what the Lord meant to tell us clearly.
Thousands of years here, aren't people waiting for Him to come upon a cloud?
I think that you just said the Lord will take us to the kingdom of heaven.
That is definite. (Mm.)
Our Lord is faithful indeed. And so His promises will surely come true.
Now we need to know His judgment.
The second incarnation will carry it out during the last days.
This relates directly to how man is raptured into the kingdom of heaven.
If we study the Bible carefully, it's easy to find this.
It says the Lord will return through incarnation.
So the Lord showed all this to us.
Such as,
Many have mentioned that "the Son of man comes," or "the Son of man descends."
When we talk about the Son of man,
it refers to a person born to a human and with normal humanity.
So the Spirit then can't be called the Son of man.
Jehovah God is the Spirit. We can't call Him the Son of man.
The angels people saw, they're spirit entities.
They can't be called the Son of man.
Any spiritual being that looks like a human also isn't the Son of man.
Lord Jesus incarnate was called the Son of man, Christ,
because He was the incarnate flesh of God's Spirit,
becoming an ordinary man who just lived among us.
So then when the Lord Jesus said
"the Son of man comes," "the Son of man descends,"
He meant in the last days He would become flesh again.
Especially the words
"But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation"
better prove that the Lord would come through incarnation.
If God didn't become flesh but appeared as the Spirit,
He wouldn't suffer as much,
much less be rejected by this generation again, which is beyond doubt.
Therefore, the Lord Jesus Christ will come back through incarnation
and come to do the work of judgment of the last days.
I often read these verses,
which indeed mention "the Son of man comes" and "the Son of man descends."
Does the Son of man here really refer to God's incarnation?
People do question:
Hasn't the Lord promised to rapture us into the kingdom of heaven?
And why will He come to do the work of
"judgment beginning with the house of God"?
Actually, the judgment work of the Lord is to make overcomers.
Well, that is, I mean, to take the saints.
Let's see why the Lord does the work of judgment in the last days.
There is evidence in the Bible.
The Bible mentions about God's judgment in the last days.
It's a lot, at least two hundred verses.
Many verses also prophesied the Lord will do the work of judgment in the flesh.
Such as,
It's also written in John,
The letter of Peter still mentions,
Et Cetera.
All these verses clearly show to us that
God will surely become flesh to do the work of judgment during the last days.
God becomes flesh in the last days.
He judges, purifies, and saves man through His expression of words.
Whoever seeks and accepts the Lord when hearing the Lord's voice
is indeed a wise virgin attending the feast with the Lord.
This just fulfills the prophecy of the Lord Jesus,
The wise virgins they hear the Lord's voice and go out to welcome Him.
Unknowingly, they're taken up before the throne to meet the Lord,
accept God's purification, judgment, perfection in the last days.
Finally, their corrupt disposition will be cleansed
in the judgment of God's word and they will become overcomers.
Obviously, if we want to receive the Lord's promise,
we must first come before Almighty God, Christ of the last days.
We must accept His judgment and chastisement
in order to be perfected and purified.
Otherwise, we won't be qualified into the kingdom of heaven.
Without the fact of God's work in the last days,
no one understands how these prophecies will be fulfilled and accomplished.
God becomes flesh as the Son of man in the last days to do the work of judgment,
which has indeed fulfilled these verses. (Mm.)
Let's read a passage of Almighty God's words. (Mm.)
Page 1257.
Almighty God's words have shown us the way to the kingdom of heaven.
Christ in the last days is the gateway to the kingdom of heaven.
If we don't experience the work of judgment by Christ in the last days,
we won't attain purification or perfection
and will never enter the kingdom of God.
This is the authority manifested by Christ, the incarnate God.
It's enough to prove the Lord will definitely return through incarnation
to do the work of judgment in the last days,
which is a fact fulfilled by God already. (Mm.)
If one wants to be taken into the kingdom of heaven directly
without experiencing God's end-time work,
he still lives in his imagination and notion which will never come true.
Here, have some water, everyone. (Thank you.)
Help yourself. (Please. Thank you.)
Your fellowship about the words "the Son of man descends,"
which means the Lord's incarnation, does make sense.
Oh, thank God.
But I still don't understand. If the Lord really comes through incarnation then,
how do you explain the many verses that prophesy the Lord arriving on clouds?
And every single eye shall witness Him?
Mm. Yes. According to your fellowship, it is contradictory.
Mm. Brother Lu. (Mm.)
Would you mind please fellowshiping more with us?
All right. (Mm.)
Before you mentioned that the Bible prophesies in many places
that the Lord will come upon a cloud with great glory. This is a fact.
However, there're prophecies in the Bible mentioning He'll come in secret.
For example,
Apparently, the Lord's return will be in two different ways.
One way will be in secret. The other will be in public.
Almighty God's work of judgment in the last days, which we testify today,
is the Lord's work when He comes in secret.
Because the incarnate God comes to the world as a man,
looking ordinary and normal,
it is secret for all humanity.
No one recognizes Him as God, nor does anyone know His true identity.
After the Son of man works and speaks,
those capable of recognizing His voice start to then know Him.
Yet those who can't discern His voice,
will treat Him as just an ordinary man so as to deny and reject Him.
Just as when the Lord Jesus did His work in the flesh,
He was like an ordinary man outwardly.
So people denied, rejected Him and also condemned Him.
But some people through the Lord Jesus' work and word,
well, they recognized Him as the incarnate Christ, the appearance of God.
Now is when Almighty God is working in secret to save man.
He is expressing His words to judge us, purify us, perfect us.
During this time,
people can't see the scene of the Lord coming on clouds in public.
Not until He has gained a group of overcomers,
so His hidden work of incarnation comes to an end.
And then great disasters fall. The good's rewarded, the evil's punished.
He will openly appear to all nations.
That time, the prophecy of the Lord's public descent will be fulfilled.
Just as what is written in the Bible,
So then at this point, we might as well consider:
When people see the Lord publicly appear to them on clouds,
they should be wild with joy as we can imagine.
But right here it says that all kindreds of the earth shall wail.
So why is that we wonder?
That's because when God appears to the public,
His hidden work of salvation in His incarnate flesh will have been finished.
Then God will reward the good and punish the evil.
And then, all those who refuse to accept God's hidden work
will thoroughly lose the chance to be saved.
Those who pierced Him, that is,
those who resisted and condemned Christ of the last days, Almighty God,
will see Almighty God whom they resisted and condemned
is exactly the returned Lord Jesus.
How could they not beat upon their breasts and weep unceasingly?
So then, at that moment the scene
"all kindreds of the earth shall wail" will appear.
Let's read some words from Almighty God. Page 1433.
Brother Wang. (Yes?)
May I read it? (Sure.)
In Almighty God's words, we get to know
that God's work in incarnate flesh in secret in the last days
is the most crucial part to perfect man. (Mm.)
This is also an extremely rare opportunity for us to be perfected
in God's management plan.
All those who accept God's hidden work and are perfected
are the most blessed ones and have God's special grace. (Mm.)
If we don't cherish this once in a lifetime chance,
and miss God's work of making overcomers,
we will only end up mourning and sorely regretting.
Your sermon is reasonable. It's the enlightenment from the Holy Spirit.
Oh, thank God. (Yes.)
You bear witness
the Lord has been incarnated as the Son of man to do the work of judgment.
He'll make a group of overcomers before the disasters.
He'll appear to all people and all nations.
These are in line with the Bible.
It's likely
that the Lord returns in secret as the Son of man through incarnation,
and then appears to the public.
Understanding the biblical prophecies in this way,
we'll see no contradictions between them.
So if the Lord does come in this way, it's secret and practical. How wise it is!
Mm. The Lord is incarnated again to do judgment work in the last days.
And this will thoroughly save us from sin and make us holy.
This fellowship is practical and has light.
Thus Lord Jesus has been incarnated as the Son of man, which is quite possible.
This is most important.
We will pray and we will try to seek the Lord. We should be very cautious. (Mm.)
He'll appear as the Son of man.
This is something that most people easily neglect.
After the fellowship just now,
I think that when we investigate the Lord's return,
we should pay most attention to the words the "Son of man."
The words the "Son of man" are a mystery.
I've believed in the Lord for years,
yet this is the first time I've ever heard
that God has been incarnated to do the work of judgment.
Though it conflicts with my past imagination and notion,
it's in accordance with the Bible, practical and also beneficial.
However, there's still one thing I don't understand.
I've been a Christian for half of my life.
I've worked hard for the Lord all along and waited for His coming again.
Why didn't the Lord reveal to me when He came?
The Lord cannot possibly forsake me.
I am very confused by that.
I would like to know what you think. Fellowship about it. (Mm.)
Yes. I think maybe we all thought the same thing.
Since we've worked hard for the Lord,
He should reveal to us first when He returns. (Yes.)
Since people have followed the Lord half of their life,
worked hard and waited for His return,
they believe that when He comes, they'll be given a revelation.
This is man's imagination, incompatible with the fact of God's work. (Right.)
At that time,
the Jewish Pharisees travelled around the world preaching God's way.
Did the Lord then give them revelation when He came?
In addition, did any one of the disciples
follow Lord Jesus because they received revelation from Him?
None of them did.
Although Peter received God's revelation
and recognized the Lord Jesus as Christ, the Son of God,
it was just after he followed Him for a period of time,
heard a lot of the Lord's preaching, and after a while knew more about Him
that he got the Holy Spirit's revelation and knew the Lord Jesus' true identity.
Peter didn't receive the revelation before he followed the Lord Jesus.
This is a fact.
Whoever followed the Lord Jesus recognized He was the upcoming Messiah.
This is all because they had heard a lot of His teachings.
It's not because they received the revelation first,
and then recognized Him, and then followed Him.
In the last days, Almighty God has already arrived secretly to do judgment work.
There are several millions of people who accept and follow Almighty God.
They didn't accept God because of receiving the revelation from the Holy Spirit.
All of us here have followed Almighty God after recognizing His voice
by reading Almighty God's word and fellowshiping the truth.
That's right.
It's sufficient to prove that when God incarnate comes to work,
He'll never reveal it to anyone to believe in Him and follow Him.
Besides, in the last days God does the judgment work by expressing the truth.
Work in the last days is the work that God speaks to the entire universe.
So everyone can hear God's voice.
God's expression in the last days
is His first time to speak publicly to the entire universe
and to the whole entire human race since the beginning of creation.
God has mentioned several times in Revelation,
In the last days, God finds His sheep
through expressing all of His words and expressing the truth.
God's sheep will hear the voice of God.
Those who are able to understand God's voice are God's sheep.
They are the wise virgins.
Those who can't discern God's voice, they are the foolish virgins.
This way, men're divided into categories.
How wise and righteous God truly is!
God is fair and just to everyone.
Yes. God has expressed so many words and uttered so much voice.
If people still can't hear or recognize, aren't they the very foolish virgins?
In every denomination and sect,
there're some people hearing God's voice and returning to God.
Aren't these people the treasures who were "stolen away"?
The Lord comes in secret just in order to gain these treasures.
He will make these people who're first raptured to His throne the overcomers
before the disasters.
Those who just wait for God's revelation but are unable to recognize God's voice
from the words expressed by Him,
just prove that they don't love and respect the truth or know the Lord.
They could never be God's sheep.
These people will naturally be the objects rejected and eliminated by God.
Just like what the Lord Jesus said to Thomas,
The Lord Jesus also said,
You can see the Lord's wisdom is right here.
If the Lord revealed Himself in advance,
then why would He say God's sheep hear His voice and listen to His words?
Wasn't it contradictory?
God reveals whether one belongs to God
by whether he can hear or not hear the Lord's voice.
This is where God's justice and righteousness lies.
Those who haven't received God's revelation
yet can recognize God's voice and directly accept Almighty God,
are truly the blessed ones.
So then investigating the truth doesn't depend on receiving God's revelation.
The key is to discern God's voice from Almighty God's word.
Those who find God's word as the truth and thus accept God,
are the true believers who love the truth and thirst for God's appearance.
If a person simply longs for God's revelation,
it's difficult to say
whether he really understands and loves the truth and knows God's voice.
So people accept the Lord's coming,
entirely because they hear the Lord's voice and see that His word is the truth.
Thus they accept and obey the Lord's appearance and work.
Those people are the only ones who're truly raptured before God.
If people just wait for God's revelation
without seeking out the words of the Holy Spirit to the churches,
they deserve to be eliminated and rejected by God's work.
They are the ones who will mourn and grind their teeth in disaster.
Well, today your fellowship is very practical. It edifies me a lot.
However, I believe that I still need to investigate.
Let's end things here. Thank you for coming.
Dad, Xueming said to me
the next time you're free, he wants to fellowship further with you.
Mengfu. (Yes?)
If you accept the Eastern Lightning, I won't oppose it!
But why don't you seek carefully before you accept, not jump in!
How dare you decide when you haven't believed for that long?
Why did you do this? Why didn't you talk to me?
Do you not see me as your father anymore?
Dad, don't get angry. Here have some water.
Please sit down. Just wait. Let Mengfu tell you the story.
Come on, Dad. Have a seat.
Yeah, Dad. Have a seat.
Dad, when Xueming first witnessed that God is incarnated the second time,
and expresses the truth
to do the work of "judgment beginning with the house of God,"
I was also shocked and tried to discuss it with you.
But then I thought I should try to figure it out first before telling you.
During this period, I've read a lot of Almighty God's words.
I've seen Almighty God's word and it's the truth.
Every word has power, authority. I'm thoroughly convinced.
So I'm certain that
Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus, the appearance of God.
Dad, listen. Me and Su Hua, we were going to tell you after we went home.
But you've come at the right time. So now, we have the chance to tell you.
Yes, Dad. We just wanted to tell you.
Dad, only Christ can express the truth and God's voice.
Only Christ can express the truth, which is of course true!
I don't need you to tell me that.
Dad, since we already know that Christ is the truth,
we should investigate further.
All words expressed by Almighty God are indeed the truth.
God's word is rich. The content is this: revealing mysteries,
the judgment of humans' corrupt nature, and the guidance of the human life,
the determination and destination of man's end and all other aspects of truth.
As long as we read Almighty God's word more,
we'll understand the truth, know God, and be gained by God.
Almighty God's word is just the Holy Spirit's word to the churches.
This is prophesied in Revelations.
Where there is the Holy Spirit's word, there is indeed God's voice.
Dad, during your whole entire life,
wasn't your pursuit of Christ the most valuable thing?
Christ's substance is the truth, the way, the life.
Only if we read Almighty God's word, experience His work in the last days,
and gain the truth, then we will have truly gained Christ.
Dad, please investigate carefully.
Don't miss the opportunity of the Lord's return.
Miss the opportunity? How could I miss the opportunity?
How long have you read the Bible?
I've read it my entire life! I think I know more than you do.
Do you think I need you to teach me?
I have suffered so much for the Lord. I have borne witness.
Could the Lord forsake me?
The Lord will reveal that to me.
I'm very sure about it!
Dad, does Almighty God have to reveal Himself to those who know the Bible well
when He comes?
And does God have to reveal Himself to those who work hard for the Lord
when He comes?
When the Lord Jesus came, did He give revelation to
those chief priests, scribes and Pharisees
who served Him and knew the Bible well?
Instead, the Lord chose the people who were able to recognize His voice,
and who thirsted for the truth.
Like Peter and also John, did either of them follow the Lord Jesus
because they received revelation beforehand?
I mean,
didn't they follow the Lord Jesus because they recognized the Lord's voice?
From this we know that
those who seek humbly and thirst, and search for the truth,
only they can be enlightened and see God's appearance.
Otherwise, they will easily be against God.
Just like what the Lord Jesus said,
Dad. How many people who think they know the Bible
truly and utterly understand God's will and purpose?
Unless you search, the Lord will not reveal to you.
He's right, Dad.
These words that he speaks, they do hold some weight.
It seems Mengfu is better at preaching now than me. You've surpassed me.
Just remember to pursue hard.
But of course, rest assured, I know the Lord will not forsake me.
You know I couldn't fall asleep last night.
I mean why did the Lord not reveal this to us first when the Lord returned?
Instead, Mengfu knew about it earlier than us.
This fulfills the Lord Jesus' word,
We've believed in the Lord for so long. We shouldn't fall behind now.
We should seek it as soon as possible.
Zhenxing. (Mm.)
I think I'll ask Mengfu to invite Brother Lu to our church next time.
That's good.
Let's go back soon. Gather everyone, our main co-workers. (Mm.)
Let's investigate Almighty God's work in the last days. (Praise the Lord.)
If Almighty God is capable of revealing the mystery of incarnation to us,
then without a doubt I know,
we can be truly sure that He is the returned Lord Jesus Christ.
Yes, thank the Lord. This decision is right. I know it.
Thank the Lord.
Well, we are the elders of the church.
We should lead the brothers and sisters to seek and search for the true way.
Bringing God's sheep before the throne of God is our duty.
Thank the Lord.
Doing this is right. It's after the Lord's heart.
It will be blessed by the Lord.
Right. We elders should be responsible
for the life of the brothers and sisters in our church.
Let's go. We better hurry.
The Elders have arrived!
Brothers and sisters, peace to you! Sorry, we're late.
There they are. So good to see you. All of you, have a seat. Hello.
Hi. Good to see you. Oh, how have you been? All right. Let's start soon.
Yes. So good to see you. I agree. So, how's everyone doing?
Praise to the Lord. Let's continue our fellowship. (Yes.)
I've believed in the Lord for many years.
Although I know the Lord Jesus is the God incarnate.
I still don't understand much about the truth of His incarnation. (Mm.)
If the Lord comes again and appears just as He was then,
working as the Son of man,
we won't be able to recognize Him, and we can't welcome His coming. (Yes.)
The incarnation truly is a mystery.
Very few people out there can understand the truth of it. (Yes.)
Today, please fellowship with us just what incarnation truly is. (Yes.)
We all have no idea about the question from Brother Lin.
If the Lord Jesus comes again as the Son of man,
we really could not recognize Him. (Yes.)
Maybe we will resist and condemn Him just like the Pharisees. (Yes. Sure.)
The Lord will come again as the Son of man? Impossible!
The Lord Jesus made it clear to us! He'll come on a cloud for all to see!
That's right! This is clearly prophesied in the Bible!
How in the world could you deny it?
That is what the Bible says. It's undeniable. Exactly what the Bible says.
What other way is there to see it?
You say He'll come on a cloud.
Are you sure the Lord will come again upon a cloud?
The bridegroom is coming at midnight. What if you hear that?
Those wise virgins hear it.
They hear the bridegroom's voice and welcome the Lord,
attending the feast with Him.
Do you dare deny that'll happen?
Mystery is behind the Lord's coming.
You know this verse. I know that you do.
God's thoughts are always higher than man's thoughts.
And God's wisdom cannot be fathomed.
It is the truth. There are mysteries in God's work.
Since you can't gain insight, don't make a conclusion.
Don't judge blindly just by a single verse.
You will all mislead and deceive others, and also resist God as well.
Mm. Yes. I think that's right.
Everyone, regarding this issue, we must all strive to seek the truth.
Mm, right. (Yes, that's right.)
Yes. God's wisdom is unfathomable.
The Lord's return is a mystery.
Nobody should jump to conclusions just based on one verse.
It'll be better for us to seek it. (Mm. That's right.)
Oh, thank God.
That's a very good question.
Incarnation is indeed a huge mystery.
Thousands of years, no one has understood the truth of incarnation.
That is a fact.
Almighty God comes in the last days
and reveals the mystery of incarnation to man by Himself.
Only then do we understand the truth of incarnation.
Let's read some passages from Almighty God.
Page 1362.
From Almighty God's words, we know
incarnation means that God's Spirit becomes a flesh,
that is,
God's Spirit is realized in the flesh with a normal humanity and normal mind.
He becomes an ordinary man to work and speak among mankind.
This flesh has a normal humanity and complete divinity.
Though ordinary and normal in appearance, this flesh can undertake God's work,
express God's voice, lead mankind, and also save mankind.
That's because He has complete divinity.
This complete divinity is the inherent disposition of God,
which His Spirit possesses.
Also God's holy and righteous substance,
what God has and is, His almightiness and wisdom,
and His authority and power are all realized in the flesh.
This flesh is Christ and indeed is
the practical God who comes to the earth to do the work of saving mankind.
In appearance, Christ is an ordinary and normal Son of man,
but there are substantial differences between Him and created humans.
The created man has humanity without any divine substance,
yet Christ not only has normal humanity.
More than that, He has complete divinity.
He has God's substance. So, He can fully represent God:
He can express the truth with God's identity,
express God's disposition and what God has and is,
and He can bestow to man the truth, the way, the life.
This is beyond any created man's capability.
When Christ works, speaks and expresses God's disposition,
and what God has and is,
He expresses all of these in the flesh.
No matter how He expresses God's word and work,
He lives in normal humanity all along.
So He is of normal flesh, not supernatural.
So this now proves God has come into the flesh
and He has become an ordinary man.
It's this ordinary and normal flesh
that fulfills the work of "the Word appearing in the flesh."
This is the incarnate practical God.
Because Christ has complete divinity,
He can represent God, and express the truth, and save all mankind.
Because Christ He has complete divinity,
He can directly express God's words instead of conveying them.
He can express the truth anytime, anywhere to supply and water man.
He can lead the entire human race.
Because Christ has complete divinity, God's identity, and God's substance,
we can say that He is God incarnate, is the practical God Himself. (Yes.)
That's right. We've never heard that before.
Thank the Lord.
I used to think that when God incarnate comes,
He would do what the Lord Jesus did before,
performing wonders, healing the sick, bringing life to the dead.
A word from Him comes along with miracles. That is God incarnate. (Yes.)
Now I realize it doesn't seem so. (Ahh, thank God.)
God incarnate in the last days is an ordinary and normal flesh.
He seems normal outside and looks nothing special from other people.
However, He has divine substance which can't be seen by our own eyes.
He can express God's voice.
He can express all the truth and provide man with life.
Only because His humanity is so ordinary, (Yes, praise God.)
no one believes that He is the incarnate God Himself.
Now I think I understand. Inside my heart, I feel brightened.
I've believed for most of my life.
Honestly, I thought God incarnate should perform miracles, signs, and wonders.
I thought that He should look a certain way, lofty and outstanding.
Through Almighty God's full disclosure, I am ashamed.
Actually, God incarnate is just an ordinary and normal flesh, not supernatural.
No wonder why the Pharisees said,
"Isn't he the Nazarene?" "Isn't he the carpenter's son?"
It's because the Lord Jesus' flesh was too ordinary. (Mm. Yes.)
God's incarnation counters everyone's conceptions and imaginations. (Mm. Yes.)
It's truly a mystery.
I need to investigate this much more carefully. (Oh, thank God.)
The mystery of incarnation is not about
whether His flesh looks lofty or looks ordinary,
but that inside this man, this completely ordinary looking man,
there is a hidden divinity.
This hidden divinity can't be discovered and cannot be seen by anyone.
Just as the Lord Jesus came to work,
if people couldn't hear His voice or didn't experience His word or work,
then no one would know that the Lord Jesus was Christ and the Son of God.
Thus, incarnation is the best way for God to remain hidden among man.
When the Lord Jesus came,
nobody could tell from his appearance
that the Lord Jesus was Christ, the God incarnate,
nor could anyone find that there was divinity hidden inside His humanity.
Not until the Lord Jesus expressed the truth and did redemptive work
did man believe and find His words had authority and power.
They began to follow Him.
It was after the Lord Jesus was resurrected and appeared to man
that man truly saw the Lord Jesus was the incarnate Christ,
the appearance of God.
If He hadn't expressed the truth and done the work,
no one would've followed Him.
If He hadn't testified Himself as Christ, the appearance of God,
no one would've recognized Him.
We have a conception and imagination:
If He's really God's incarnate flesh, He would be an extraordinary flesh,
like a great man, so majestic, lofty, dignified.
His words don't just have authority and power.
He also shows us signs and wonders.
That is the God incarnate.
If the flesh looks ordinary like a common man, and has a normal humanity,
he can't be the God incarnate.
Let us all then recall this.
When the Lord Jesus was indeed incarnated to speak and work,
no matter how He expressed the truth and expressed God's voice,
no one recognized Him.
And when someone testified the Lord Jesus, they said,
"Isn't he the son of Joseph?" "Isn't he a Nazarene?"
Why did they talk about Him in that way?
It's because the Lord Jesus looked like a normal man on the outside.
He looked like an ordinary man. He didn't look like a great man at all.
So they didn't accept Him. (Mm. Yes.)
Actually, God incarnate shall indeed have normal humanity.
People will know that the flesh God takes on is ordinary and normal.
He is just a normal man in appearance.
If God takes on an extraordinary flesh, a special flesh,
without normal humanity,
the significance of His incarnation is gone.
Therefore, Christ has to have normal humanity.
Only that can prove He is the Word become flesh. (Yeah.)
Let's read Almighty God's word.
Page 1365.
Brother Wang. Can I read it? (Yes.)
From Almighty God's words, we can clearly see
the God incarnate needs to have normal humanity, or he can't be the God incarnate.
From His appearance, God incarnate is an ordinary and normal man.
His humanity is not supernatural.
If people judge Christ according to their imaginations and conceptions,
they'll never truly acknowledge Christ and accept Christ.
At most, they'll accept Him as a prophet sent by God, or a man used by God.
To know Christ, we must investigate His work and words,
and check to see whether what He expresses is God's voice,
or whether His expression is the disposition of God, and what God has and is,
whether the truth and the work He expresses actually save mankind.
Only this way we are able to know and to accept and obey Christ. (Mm.)
If people don't seek the truth or investigate God's work,
even if they do hear Christ's words and see the facts laid before them,
they won't be able to know Christ.
Even if they live with Christ by day and by night,
they'll still treat Christ just as an ordinary man,
and they will resist and they'll also condemn Him.
Actually, to acknowledge and accept Christ,
we only need to recognize God's voice, and then admit that it's God's work.
But to truly know Christ's divine substance,
in order to truly obey Christ and love the practical God,
what we must do is discover the truth from Christ's work, and from His words.
We need to see God's disposition and what God has and is.
We need to see God's holy substance, almightiness and wisdom.
We need to find God's loveliness, His kind and thoughtful heart.
If we do all these things,
we'll obey Christ truly and worship the practical God inside.
Yes. We believers in the Lord all know
the way the Lord Jesus preached, the words He expressed,
the mystery of the kingdom of heaven,
His requirements for man are all truth and the voice of God.
It's very clear. (Yes.)
They're the expression of God's disposition and also what God has and is.
The signs that He performed, healing the sick, calming the wind and waves,
feeding men with five loaves and two fish, and raising the dead and so on,
these are some of the manifestations of God's authority and power.
During that time, the truth seekers
like Peter, John, Matthew and Nathanael,
recognized the Lord Jesus from His works and words.
They found He was the Messiah who was to come and so they followed Him.
They gained His salvation.
The Jewish Pharisees,
though having heard the Lord Jesus' sermons
and witnessed His signs and miracles,
only believed that He was just a normal and ordinary man.
He had no influence or fame.
So they condemned and resisted Him fiercely, fearlessly.
And so, finally they just nailed Him to a cross. They committed a heinous crime.
The Pharisees' failure is really thought-provoking.
It has fully revealed their antichrist nature of hating the truth and God.
The foolishness and ignorance of the corrupt mankind is revealed.
Now then, the incarnate Almighty God, like the Lord Jesus,
does all of God's own work in His normal humanity.
Almighty God has expressed all the truths
that corrupt mankind must possess to be saved (Yes.)
and does the work of "judgment beginning with the house of God"
in the last days.
He not only reveals and judges mankind's satanic nature and their corruption.
He also shows the six-thousand-year management plan of the salvation
that He has for humans.
He shows how to break away from sins, to become holy and be saved by God.
He reveals to man God's inherent righteous disposition, what God has and is.
He displays God's unique authority and power.
Almighty God's work and words have fully shown God's own identity and substance.
Today, people follow Almighty God,
because they hear God's voice from Almighty God's work and words
and see the appearance of God's words in the flesh,
thus returning before His throne
to accept His purification and perfection.
But the religious people who still resist, deny, and condemn Almighty God
have undoubtedly made the same mistake as the Jewish Pharisees.
They treat Christ of the last days—Almighty God as an ordinary man.
They don't seek to investigate the truth expressed by Almighty God.
Finally, they nail God to the cross again, and have provoked God's disposition.
Obviously, if we hold on to our perceptions and imaginations
without seeking and investigating the truth expressed by Christ,
we won't recognize God's voice as uttered by Christ,
nor will we accept or obey Christ's work.
As a consequence, we will never have God's salvation in the last days.
If we don't know the truth of incarnation,
we will not obey or accept God's work.
Besides, we're likely to be punished and cursed by God
for condemning Christ and resisting God.
So, seeking the truth and knowing the mystery of incarnation
is so extremely important and crucial for us all to be saved.
Thank the Lord. You've fellowshiped about incarnation very clearly to us.
I feel much more enlightened. (Thanks be to God.)
Christ is normal Son of man outside,
but the divinity hidden inside is most difficult to perceive.
If we don't seek Him with our hearts,
or know of Him from Christ's words and works,
it's indeed difficult to know Christ's divine substance. (Yes. Right.)
Yes. Think of Judas.
He lived with the Lord Jesus and ate with Him morning and night,
but he never knew that the Lord Jesus was Christ.
Later, he betrayed the Lord Jesus, became an eternal sinner.
It's really a lesson to us. (Mm. Yes.)
Almighty God has revealed the mystery of incarnation so clearly.
It seems that He is truly the returned Lord Jesus. (Yeah.)
Mm. I can't agree more.
Back then, because the Lord Jesus performed all these miracles and wonders
in His normal humanity,
people just failed to recognize Him. (That's right.)
Only those who thirsted and searched for the truth recognized Him as Christ.
It seems that believing in God incarnate
is not really easy when you think about it.
We believe in the Lord Jesus today all because of the Bible,
not because we got a chance to meet Him and experienced His work.
We just believe. (Yes.)
Hearing your fellowship, I'm wondering:
If now I really see the Lord Jesus' work among man,
can I truly believe in Him? Can I truly obey His work?
It's really difficult to say.
It's no wonder that when Almighty God comes to work,
there are so many religious people resisting and condemning Him.
It seems that according to the Bible it's easy to believe.
But it isn't easy to believe and accept the Lord Jesus
once we see He comes to work again.
What we are is ignorant of the truth of incarnation.
We really don't know at all.
Praise to the Lord. Almighty God's words help me understand.
Incarnation means God's Spirit takes on flesh and becomes a man. (Yes.)
In appearance He's an ordinary and normal Son of man, not supernatural. (Yes.)
Yet what's hidden inside Him is divinity, which no one can discover. (Yes.)
Just like when the Lord Jesus worked, no one discovered His divine substance.
Therefore, no one recognized that He was the God incarnate. (Mm. Yes.)
Now, it seems that only from the incarnate God's work and word
can we truly know the God incarnate. (Yes. Mm.)
If we measure and condemn the Christ by our imaginations,
we will very likely treat Christ as just an ordinary and normal man. (Yes. Mm.)
We'll resist and condemn Christ easily.
Mm. For those of us who wait for the Lord's coming,
but don't know what incarnation really is,
the truth that you're talking about here is so important. It's significant.
Thank God. (Yes. It's very important.)
Before, we fellowshiped that
the Lord would return to do the work of judgment in the last days.
I have no objection to that.
However, I have one question.
Go ahead.
Why does God have to do the work of judgment
during the last days through incarnation?
Yes, why is He incarnated?
During the Age of Law, God used Moses to work.
Can't God also use man to do His judgment work in the last days? (Yes.)
I don't understand it, so please explain.
Will you please fellowship with us again?
Brother Lin, that's quite important, your question.
I'd like to talk about it. Good question.
It's right. Yes. A good question indeed.
Keep this in mind! We shall not forget!
The Lord Jesus will take us into the kingdom of heaven! (That's right.)
He won't be incarnated to do the work of judgment! (Amen!)
Right! When Jesus returns, He can't become flesh! (Amen!)
You say it's impossible for God to become flesh. Is that for us to decide?
When the Lord Jesus came to earth, people didn't acknowledge Him or accept Him,
because He was not named Messiah. But the Lord Jesus was Messiah.
Isn't it a fact? How do you explain that?
God's incarnation is a mystery.
In it there is God's will, disposition, and His almightiness and wisdom.