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  • Ok, so I'm screwing it up.

  • I don't want to, I just wish that I knew what I could do to...

  • Nigel?

  • Nigel, Nigel

  • No

  • I don't know what you expect me to do.

  • There's nothing in this whole closet that'll fit a size six.

  • -I can guarantee you.

  • -These are all sample sizes- two and four.

  • - All right. We're doing this for you. And- - A poncho?

  • You'll take what I give you and you'll like it.

  • - We're doing this Dolce for you. - Hmm!

  • And shoes

  • - Jimmy Choo's. - Hmm.

  • - Manolo Blahnik. - Wow.

  • Nancy Gonzalez. Love that

  • Okay, Narciso Rodriguez. This we love

  • - Uh, it might fit. It might. - What?

  • Okay. Now, CHANEL. You're in desperate need of CHANEL.

  • Darling, shall we?

  • We have to get to the beauty department, and God knows how long that's going to take

  • I mean, I have no idea why Miranda hired her.

  • Me neither. The other day, we were in the beauty department.

  • She held up the Shu Uemura eyelash curler and said, "What is this?"

  • I mean, I just knew from the moment I saw her-

  • she was going to be a complete and utter disast-

  • Miranda Priestly's office.

  • No, actually she's not available, but I'll leave a word.

  • Ok, thanks. Bye.

  • How did-

  • Are you wearing the Ch-

  • The Channel boots? Yeah, I am.

  • You look good.

  • What?

  • She does.

  • Oh, shut up, Sue.

Ok, so I'm screwing it up.

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