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(playful jingle)
- Hi, we're Joel and Lia!

- And today we're
answering your questions,

which you have sent in on Instagram!
- If you haven't followed us on Instagram,
go and follow us now.
- Now's a good time,

we've got three accounts.
- Yes, we do!

We've got Lia Hatzakis,
we've got Joel Wood,

and we've got--
- Joel and Lia!

- So make sure you're following all three.
Let's kick it off with the first question.
- Okay.
- First question, how can I

convince you to come to Canada?
- Well, just pay for our flights.
- All you have to do is logon,

book the flights.
- Pay via credit card.

- For first class.
- First class.

♪ 'Cause we are never ever ♪
♪ Ever ♪

♪ Flying economy ever ♪
♪ Together ♪

- No we are, we are.
- No, we will.

- It's just, you know.
- We wanna go to Canada,

I don't know the time
of this video coming out

but we've literally just filmed
about an hour ago a
Can-adia video, Can-adia!

- Can-adia is our new way of saying it.
- Canada, we'd love to go to Canada.
- We'd love that!
- But don't know when.

- That's what we want, plenty of acting
opportunities for us there.
- Oh yeah!

- That's what lots of people say.
- In Toronto!
- Okay, how long

will you keep the blonde, and why?
- I'm growing it out now if you can't see.
It's quite messy at the moment
'cause it's midway growing out,
so it'll probably be gone in a matter of,
in the next month,
because it'll have grown.

- Yeah, in these, like,
I can see the regrowth

but with the lights that we've got here
in this studio, you can't actually see
as much regrowth.
- Oh, okay.

- But I can confirm that
he is growing it out.

- Yes I am, 'cause my
acting agent told me to so.

- Oh, I know what your answer is to this.
- What?
- If you could choose to have

a different accent, would you?
Which one, and why?
- I'd either choose

to go for Welsh or Australian.
- He loves Welsh.

- I love Welsh.
- He loves Welsh.

- It's so good!
- We did a video with

BambinoBecky on our channel
and she was nervous!

- Yeah, and the opening thing
literally in the first second

was her going--
- "I'm nervous!"

- It was so funny.
- And I just keep on

saying it, it's so good.
- It's so funny.

- What would yours be?
- I would go for,

do you know what, this is
controversial 'cause I know,

you know I'm like, ah, I
hate Paris, I hate France,

but I really, I think people
that have a French accent

but speak English are really cool!
- Oh really!
- Yeah, I think it would be

so cool to speak a little bit like this,
I don't know why, I just
think it's quite attractive.

I'd love that!

But let me think really
about a different UK accent.

'Cause I'd probably go for a
little bit of, maybe Scottish?

- Yeah, Scotland, that'd be nice.
- Although I don't think my boyfriend
would like that, he really doesn't
like that accent.
- Oh, okay.

- What was your first
impression of each other?

Oh god!

- Is it just, you know how when you've
watched celebrities being interviewed
and they get asked the same
questions all over again,

not that we're a
celebrity, but this is all

I can compare it to, is I'm like,
this is the question that I hate the most.
Like, where'd you meet, or what
did you think of each other?

- Yeah, maybe people should
just go back and find

where we talk about that.
- I know!

- 'Cause we've said it so many times.
It's like the Lady Gaga
thing where she's like,

"100 people in the room".

Please edit that in.
- (laughs) So good.

- "One person", it's so funny.
When are you coming to California?
- Hopefully July!
- So we will see.

- If you had a million
dollars to spend solely

on the other person, what
would you buy for them?

- A million dollars.
- A million dollars,

I'd get you a property over there.
- Oh, thanks!
- 'Cause that would--

- Over where?
- Over there,

over in America.
- Oh right!

- 'Cause it would be in dollars.
- Why not in London?
- I mean,

I could get you one in London.
- I'd prefer one in London.

- What would a million
dollars be in pounds?

- About 700,000 pounds?
- Yeah, could get you

something nice for that.
- Yeah, that'd be nice.

- Yeah, yeah.
- I think I'd get you a

Topshop voucher, a million pounds
to always spend in Topshop.
- That would actually be amazing.
I'd be, yeah okay!

I mean, that's alright,
I mean, it's not amazing.

Like, it's not an amazing
investment of money,

but thank you, that's nice!
- I'm pretty sure you could

spend 700,000 pounds on clothes.
- For the rest of my life?
- For the rest of your life.

- You're right!

- Probably in the next five years.
- I would also look stylish!
- Yeah, you would!

- He cares about my style!
- I do!

- That is so sweet, I'm gonna cry.
- Well as I said, as we've said before,
if you look lit, it makes me look lit.
- You look lit (laughs),
that's actually so kind.

- Yeah, oh you're so welcome.
- Thank you!

How has your YouTube partnership
changed your friendship,

for good and for bad?
- Oh.

_ Ooh.
- I've often thought

about this, 'cause I think
that our whole friendship

is built on this channel.
- Yeah.

- And I think for a time, I
feel like we spoke about this

years ago where we were like,
but are we really friends?

What is our friendship
without this channel?

'Cause we only really
speak about work or meet up

to do this, but actually I
think it's a great thing, like,

this has made the best friendship ever.
- Yeah, 'cause as the channel has gone on,
we've actually got closer
and closer and closer.

- Yeah!
- 'Cause there's no,

like even though I look
back at old old videos,

like the other, that one
where we're in your flat

and I'm waxing your legs.
- Oh yeah!

- That, like, we were close.
- Yeah!

- But we weren't as close as we are now.
- No, exactly, and like--
- So it has been built.

- Just in the same way your
guys will get to know us more

the more videos we upload and
the more videos you watch,

we get to know each other,
'cause you'll say stuff in videos

that I'm like, I never
knew that about you!

- Yeah!
- Or vice versa, and so it's

like we've spent years
getting to know each other.

- It's like spending years
getting to know someone

and as well as getting
to know them on camera.

- Yeah yeah!
- 'Cause we could've

just done this every single time,
but gone for a coffee and not filmed it.
- Yeah yeah, but we've done it online.
- We've done it on camera.
- But when they say

"how has it changed your
friendship for the worst",

I don't think it has because
when we started YouTube,

we weren't that good
friends, we were friends,

but we weren't as good
friends as we are now

so it's not like we've
always been best friends

and then we started YouTube,
we were like friends, and just,

it happened, so I don't think
there's any negative to it.

- No, I don't think so, like you say,
it's not like it was like,
we're at the pinnacle

of our friendship, it's so good right now!
And then YouTube and it's just like.
It's like when you move in with someone
and you kind of know
them, like you and Lucy.

How close you've got as
friends since living together.

That's kind of, I think that's
the best way isn't it really.

Okay, interesting.
- Interesting.

- When traveling to the US,
do you use credit cards?

- We use prepaid cards.
- Prepaid cards like Monzo.

And we've now got a joint
business bank account

so we'll probably use that and
have to deal with the fees.

Do you read every single
comment you get on your vids,

even if posted long after
the vid was uploaded?

- It depends, 'cause it depends
when we refresh our phone.

'Cause then we'll see, if we open the app,
the latest comments, so, and that might be
left on a video from years ago,
and so yeah, sometimes we will see it.
But it just, I think nowadays
we get so many comments.

Last time I checked, which
was a few months ago,

we got 30,000 comments a month,
which is a thousand comments a day,
and I reckon it's
probably like 50,000 now.

So it's impossible to see all of them.
- So when a creator
refreshes the comments feed,

it doesn't matter what,
unless you filter out, like,

only show me comments from this video,
you'll just see all the
comments in time order

and a tiny little thumbnail on the side
from what video it's from and the title.
So usually it's the most recent video
and then you get some that are like,
not very nice comments
from something you did

that triggered someone,
so you just sort of see

when you open the page to have a look.
- Yeah, and I'll occasionally reply to it.
If it was a video like a year ago
and someone's left a comment
and it comes up on my feed

and I wanna reply to it, I will, so yeah.
- What is both of yours
favorite dish to make?

Favorite dish, yours could be pudding!
- I'm terrible at cooking.
- Pudding, you love making.

- I love making puddings, but
like, I don't cook in London.

I don't even bake in London.
- Oh, that's sad.

- I know.
- That needs to change.

- I know, I really enjoyed,
we were talking about this,

Hello Fresh, I've always, I enjoyed that.
- Loved that.
- They send you recipe boxes

with every single thing you
need to make the recipes.

- We were lit.
- Loved that.

- When we did that, we had
a discount, it was amazing.

We were cooking loads, we felt like,
it's just really nice to
cook and make your meals

and feel like--
- Yeah, and to learn to cook!

For me that was learning to cook.
- Oh, okay, yeah.
- And it was so good,

but I just hate cooking,
so right now what I'll eat

for dinner is roasted
broccoli, chicken, and omelet,

and that's all I'll eat.
- And I taught you

the roasted broccoli.
- Yeah, you did!

- But you've made it
better with the garlic.

- Yeah!

- I was like, Joel, oven
broccoli, game changer.

- Yeah, it is.
- And now it is, it's good.

- It's changed my life,
but I eat the same thing

day in, day out, and my flatmates like,
"oh, broccoli again
tonight", and I'm like, yeah.

- Oh, I eat different things every night.
- Oh really, I don't get bored though.
- That's good.
- I'm one of those

personalities that doesn't
get bored with the same thing.

- Oh, that's good, yeah, I
get really bored of food.

I don't have a favorite dish to make
but I'm a big lover of food, so just all.
If it's quick and easy, if it can take me
less than 30 minutes
to make, I will make it

and I will enjoy it!

Okay, this one's quite
juicy, how do you feel

your relationship will
change after you both move?

- So to put it in perspective,
at the moment me and Lia live about,
well, if we were in a car, driving,
it would be 15 minutes
away from each other.

But on public transport
it takes about 40 minutes.

So we live fairly close for London.
- But we've never really lived
that close to each other anyway.
- Only in Stratford and Hackney.
- Oh yeah!
- That was an

eight minute tube away.
- Oh my gosh!

- That was so good.
- Eight minutes, that was mad.

That was a time when we genuinely did
used to go to each other's
houses quite a lot.

Oh yeah!
- But other than that--

- We have been doing this for so long.
- I know, that was just a hobby back then.
- Yeah, it was just fun,
we just met up and filmed.

But what's interesting about
the hobby element of it

was that we were both so
committed to this hobby

that we were not willing to
miss an upload for anything.

It was like, and if there
was a technical issue,

I remember that time when
your laptop kept breaking,

you had to get a new one and
you were ripping your hair out

in the Apple store.
- I know!

- We were making no money on YouTube.
It was causing anxiety,
stress, hair loss, everything.

- Being like, but my YouTube
channel, I've got to do this,

and it wasn't any money.
- And your coursework!

- And my, yeah--
- I forgot.

- And I cared about YouTube
more than my uni work.

I'd miss lectures to go and film with Lia,
like, my priorities were
way off, but clearly--

- For the right reasons.
- For the right reasons.

But anyway.
- Isn't that funny?

- That wasn't the question,
what was the question?

- That wasn't the question,
the question was--

- How will we cope after we move?
- 'Cause the way it kinda
works for Joel and Lia

is that we, we kind of always,
when we meet up we at least
film three or four videos.

So it's like, in terms of the channel,
I don't think anything will change.
- I don't think anyone
will notice anything.

- No, you guys won't notice.
- We will notice.

- We will notice.
- But you guys won't.

'Cause Lia's moving outside of London,
I'm staying in London, so that's where
this question probably comes from.
- Yeah, it's like, maybe
we'll go for less coffees.

- Yeah, and it won't be like, oh,
I'm in Central London,
can you, are you here?

It'll be that less often.
- Like yesterday when I said,

"oh, I'm going to the gym
and then I'm gonna meet

Aroudge for a coffee, do you wanna come?"
And you were like,
"yeah, I'm gonna be there

in five minutes".
- Yeah yeah yeah.

Whereas if that was the other way around,
me saying, "oh, are you
around, do you wanna come?"

I will know in advance probably
which days you're in London.

And so I'll know that oh,
well she can't come in

'cause she's an hour away,
an hour and a half away, or.

- Yeah, it will be more structured
because it will be like,
these will be my London days.

And as a result of
that, there will be less

spontaneous meetups and just--
- Or there will be less joint
Instagram Stories of, yeah.

- Or we'll just have to make an effort
to have conversations with each other
but through Insta Stories.
- Through the stories, yeah.

- We'll have to keep doing that.
- Definitely, but it's more realistic.
We're late 20s now, and
this is going to happen.

This channel could never
just stay exactly like it is

'cause we're getting older and, you know,
relationships, moving, and
we can't hold each other back

from being like, no, you can't move away,
you've gotta stay in London (laughs).
- Yeah, you can't, you've
gotta just have a life.

I always see myself being
close to London in a way.

I don't see myself living in
another country for instance

and not being able to just
be in London in an hour.

- But that--
- It sounds hilarious

to you guys, doesn't it!
- It does, that's what I was

gonna say, 'cause an hour to
you guys, you would be like,

what, I drive that every day
to go to work or whatever.

- Or say door to door
from where I'm gonna be

to getting here, it could be like
an hour and 40 door to
door, and to you guys

that's probably nothing
but to us it's a big deal.

- Yeah, in the UK that is a huge deal.
- It's caused me sleepless nights,
tears, you know, I know I want to do it
but it's--
- A sacrifice.

- It feels like a sacrifice, yeah.
But yeah, I don't think
you'll notice on the channel.

- No, I don't, 'cause like Lia said,
we film in bulk so yeah, you
guys won't notice anything

and if you do, let us know, but.
- Yeah, and the question was like,
how will the relationship change,
but okay, I've made it about the channel.
But I think the relationship
will stay strong

because one of the best things about
when me and Joel meet
up and we do fun stuff

is that we really look forward to it!
And we go like, okay,
we're gonna go to Texas

or we're gonna go to the Cotswolds
and then we just go, get the Prosecco in,
get a food shop and we just go up,
it's like being like, I
don't know, it's like having

a little love affair.

- Yeah, I know, a little fling.
- It's like having a fling
with your best friend.

- But as well, because our friendship--
- But no sex.
- No sex.

- No sex.

- But because our friendship is our work
and we've gotta be happy
and with each other

to make the content entertaining,
it means we do have to
protect that relationship.

So it's sort of like, it does
us good to spend time apart

because like you said, we get
excited to come back together.

Whereas it's those times like Vlogmas,
we've probably never felt
so like, give me space,

because it was videos every day.
Whereas when I've come
back from two weeks away

or you've been away for two weeks,
that's when we're at our best.
So it might even make videos even more lit
because we're more excitable
in our videos (laughs).

- Definitely, like yesterday, we met up
and we did half a gym session together,
Joel came as I was
halfway through my workout

and he's just about to
start, and I was like,

this is lit, this is so funny!
But if we did the gym
together every single day

and we exercised together,
we just wouldn't,

we wouldn't have those
jokes and those laughs.

Do you know what I mean?
- So I think it would.

It would do us good.
- It would do us good.

Juicy question, how does Lia's boyfriend
feel about the two of you
going on trips together?

- He hates it, me and
him have so much beef.

We hate each other.

- He hates it, he cannot stand it.
- But what can you do?
- Well, that's a sacrifice.

Kidding guys!

He absolutely loves it, he's like,
"oh, I can't wait for you and
Joel to book your next trip

so I can have the boys over for football"
and like watch and have
boy time at the flat.

Yeah, absolutely loves it, understands it,
supports it, encourages
it, which is really lucky

because definitely didn't have
that in my last relationship.

- No, exactly.
- Shade, sip sip.

- Sip sip, good riddance!
- Sip sip, good riddance.

Someone said "end career goals?"
- End career goals, it depends
because I feel like we have

joint career goals and we also
have separate career goals.

So I always say to people
our joint career goal

is to replace Holly and
Phil on This Morning.

- We'd love to have a daytime TV show.
- Yeah, insert some of Holly and Phil.
(upbeat music)

So we'd like to be them.
- So we wanna be the new them.

- It's the biggest breakfast
show here in the UK

or one of the biggest
anyway, and it's great

and we'd love to be them.
- We'd love to be them.

We'd love to bring a new energy to that
and be like, we'd be us
but we'd be the new them.

- Yep, yeah yeah.
- That would be amazing.

I think like, I know it's
not necessarily a big goal

but I know that YouTube and stuff
can be kind of up and down
for a lot of creators,

like, there's not a lot of people
that survive on this
platform for a long time.

So I think a goal just in general
just to keep the feet
grounded on the floor,

it would just be to continue to be able to
have this as a job for a long time.
- Yeah, I think that's
right, it's just that

because it's such an
unstable career in some ways,

it's like what our goal would just be
to have some stability
with it, but that said--

- But it's only unstable
because no one's, it's so new.

- Yeah exactly, and I think we've proven
that we've had stability over,
for the last year it has been very stable
and people that tend to
warn you and be like,

oh, it's not a very stable career,
they don't really understand YouTube.
And I'm like, this is a legitimate job
for tens of thousands of
people all over the world, so.

And that's part of what
YouTube are trying to promote,

to be like, this is a real thing, so.
- And that's what we had
to go talk about in Leeds.

Sorry, one, last question,
someone said "how was Leeds?"

We went to Leeds and we
were talking to school kids

about what we do for a living.
- And careers advisers at schools--
- And teachers.
- And people, obviously,

a lot of the kids were
like, oh, yeah yeah,

we know all about YouTubers,
we know how they make money,

but we were kind of there to say like,
this could be a job,
creativity, making content,

putting it online, this can be a job.
- Yeah, and it's crazy to think that
we were brought there to encourage kids
to want to make content on YouTube,
'cause it sounds like something
that lots of people will frown upon,
being like, you shouldn't be
encouraging them to do that.

But it's a legitimate career
nowadays, and so I think--

- Is there uni courses in it yet?
- No, I don't think so.
- Like, can you go to college

and learn how to be a YouTuber?
- I don't think so, but
we could start that,

the John and Lia college.
- We could start that,

and we could hire lecturers,
'cause we could be

head lecturers, and we could
hire our friends that really

are very good at talking
about that kind of thing.

- Yeah yeah, definitely.
- That is the end

of the Q and A, thank
you so much for watching

if you've watched all the
way through to the end.

We really appreciate loyal legends.
- Yeah, we love answering your questions
so if you've got any more,
leave them down below

and we'll try to get
to you in the comments.

But don't forget to click
subscribe if you haven't already.

- [Both] We post videos thrice weekly.
- And if aren't already aware,
we've got two extra channels,
Joel Wood, Lia Hatzakis,

we will link them in the end
card and in the description.

Go subscribe to those for more content.
- Yeah, and we'll see you next time.
- [Both] Bye!
(playful jingle)

- [Joel] Everyone's so polite aren't they,
they always ask nice thoughtful
questions, they're legends.

- [Lia] Yeah, there was
nothing that triggered me

about that quick Q and A.
- Yeah, no they're lovely.

Good legends.

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