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Welcome back
I'd like to show you the full flow of inferencing with OpenVINO
Thru the flow you'll be able to see the various utilities that are included in the OpenVINO
package. Let's begin
In a very high level
We want to start with a DL based model that is already trained.
We want to prepare it for inference
We want to implement the inference in our application
We want the inference to run on multiple devices CPU, GPU, VPU or FPGA
And we might even want to implement custom layers per each of these devices..
And now in a little more details.
the assumption is that you already have a trained model.
The model is usually described by few files, .pb file for TensorFlow
.params for Mxnet and so on. Here I'm showing a Caffe model file,
Connectivity is described by the prototex.. weights and biases are in the .caffemodel
file In Video #6, we'll show you how to easily
use our model-downloader to get a public model.
Now we have to prepare this model for inference, we need to optimize it, change the data format
if needed etc. All of these tasks are performed by the Model-Optimizer
Check out Video 8 for an explanation on the Model Optimizer concept
In Video 9, we'll demonstrate the basic functions, video 10 more advance ones and so on
Now that we have the model ready for inference, we are using the "Inference Engine" API
in our application to actually do the inference Check out video 15 for a short explanation
of the concept, In Video 16 we'll show the API using a sample
code and so on..
On Video 19 we'll show you how easy it is to run inference on difference devices with
the Inference engine, You only have to code once, and you can run
the same model on a CPU or a GPU or many other devices which is really cool
And if you want to code your custom layers for CPU or GPU,
We'll show you how to do it on Videos 25 and 26..
So this is the full flow, it is simple and we will go over each stage in details.
In coming videos..
in the next video let's just try to run a demo that demonstrate the full flow..
Subscribe to out channel and we'll send you a new video each time we have a new feature
of OpenVINO..
Thank you.
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(03) OpenVINO toolkit - Full Inference flow

283 Folder Collection
alex published on April 27, 2019
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