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  • Konnichiwa from Go! Go! Nihon. Today we're in front of Intercultural Institute of Japan-

  • -which is located right near Akihabara, famous for its electronics and otaku culture.

  • We're sure that you're curious about how it's like studying so close to Akiba, so follow me and let's take a look!

  • - Good morning, everyone! - Good morning!

  • Today, we're going to continue the debate.

  • No fighting, okay?

  • I'd say the school's atmosphere is bright and everyone is really cheerful.

  • Of course, it's not only laughs, people take things seriously as well.

  • We like to mix those two things, so we have both a bright and serious attitude in the school.

  • - Okay, so let's try a battle. - (Battle?!)

  • It's been great, everyone here is very nice.

  • When I got here, I couldn't speak a word of Japanese and everyone helped me out with everything.

  • Not only the academic things, but with all that has to do with normal life,

  • -bank account. And whatever you would actually need, I could get help from anyone here in the office.

  • The school is really good. I am very happy.

  • The teachers are all very nice and extremely patient especially with western people.

  • My goal is to be able to play games, read manga, and watch anime without any help at all.

  • And read books, yeah. That's pretty much my goal.

  • I think the teachers are great, we study at a great pace...

  • Yeah, I really have no complaints. This is from the heart.

  • A Japanese teacher that teaches just Japanese is not enough.

  • After a student has graduated, and gets asked "Who taught you at Intercultural Institute?",

  • -when they get asked that question, we want their teacher to have made such an impact on them,

  • -that they easily remember the teacher's name.

  • We really strive for that and believe that's important.

  • Everyone, I warmly welcome you to Japan.

  • I hope we get to experience a lot of new things together with you. We'll be waiting!

Konnichiwa from Go! Go! Nihon. Today we're in front of Intercultural Institute of Japan-

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