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I'm David Shaw.
And this is AI News.
Today, we look at deep neural
networks and the need for data

scientists to annotate data.
There's a lot of data out
there, but many roadblocks

to fully utilize it.
For example, there
are so many new tasks

that AI can be
applied to, but not

enough properly annotated data.
In addition, some data
requires a license agreement

and can't be used in
commercial product development.

Annotating data is a long
and time consuming process.

And there are many
ways to do it.

To help with this
process, Intel developed

a program called Computer
Vision Annotation Tool, or CVAT.

CVAT is open source and provides
useful annotation instruments.

It's a browser-based application
for both individuals and teams

that supports different
work scenarios.

The main tasks of
supervised machine learning

can be divided into three
groups, object detection, image

classification, and
image segmentation.

Read this article to learn
more about CVAT, including

the basic architecture and
future development of the tool.

Follow the links to
download CVAT from GitHub,

and start creating today.
And I'll see you next week.
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Computer Vision Annotation Tool: A Universal Approach to Data Annotation | AI News | Intel Software

139 Folder Collection
alex published on April 26, 2019
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