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  • I'm David Shaw.

  • And this is AI News.

  • Today, we look at deep neural networks and the need for data

  • scientists to annotate data.

  • There's a lot of data out there, but many roadblocks

  • to fully utilize it.

  • For example, there are so many new tasks

  • that AI can be applied to, but not

  • enough properly annotated data.

  • In addition, some data requires a license agreement

  • and can't be used in commercial product development.

  • Annotating data is a long and time consuming process.

  • And there are many ways to do it.

  • To help with this process, Intel developed

  • a program called Computer Vision Annotation Tool, or CVAT.

  • CVAT is open source and provides useful annotation instruments.

  • It's a browser-based application for both individuals and teams

  • that supports different work scenarios.

  • The main tasks of supervised machine learning

  • can be divided into three groups, object detection, image

  • classification, and image segmentation.

  • Read this article to learn more about CVAT, including

  • the basic architecture and future development of the tool.

  • Follow the links to download CVAT from GitHub,

  • and start creating today.

  • And I'll see you next week.

I'm David Shaw.

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Computer Vision Annotation Tool: A Universal Approach to Data Annotation | AI News | Intel Software

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