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Apple products are the best, and they're very user-friendly!
When you hear your friends make that statement, do you ever question it?
Even though you disagree, you keep your mouth shut because you don't want to be an outcast.
That's conformity.
When conformity within a group leads to dangerous results, it's called Groupthink.
There are eight symptoms of Groupthink, which we can see on these three budding entrepreneurs.
Dave, Frank and Sylvia are planning to launch a startup which sells "used tissues" online.
You and I, we both know that's the lamest idea ever.
But, sometimes things play out differently, when group dynamics are involved. Here's a sneak peek.
Dave says, "We should start selling used tissues!"
"No one has done that yet, and if anyone can do it, it has to be us."
That's "Illusion of invulnerability."
Then Frank says, "I know, right? No one is as smart as us to have thought about this killer concept."
This is "Stereotyping" others.
Silently Sylvia thinks, "Yes, coz it's a stupid idea!"
But she doesn't say it, which is "Self-censorship."
Then Dave says, "Sylvia, you agree, right? You seem so excited!"
That's "Illusion of unanimity."
Sylvia finally says, "Um, used tissues, you guys!? Seriously? What about the germs? Ew!"
But Dave counters, "What germs! We are selling sentiments here."
"Used tissues have a history, and you gotta respect the sentimentality."
That's "Unquestioned belief."
Frank reassures, "I'm sure Sylvia agrees that selling used tissues is a brilliant idea!"
"She just doesn't know it yet."
This is "Direct Pressure."
Sylvia shrugs, saying, "Yeah, I guess."
"Maybe we can launch "tissues for issues" and make it a noble-cause specific project?"
Which is "Rationalising."
"We'll have to test it though."
"No tests, we are going to launch a Kickstarter Campaign! We are going to be huge," says Dave.
He's being a "Mindguard," which is a person who prevents dissent.
And, thus the three fools launched a "used tissues" business.
Now that you know the symptoms of Groupthink, leave us a comment below, and tell us if you have ever been a part of "Groupthink" knowingly or unknowingly.
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Groupthink - A short introduction

9116 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on June 8, 2019    Doris translated    Evangeline reviewed
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