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Koala Koala Koala Koala Koala Koala Koala Koala
Koala Koala-ty
We're the Irwin's.
And this is Australia Zoo.
Our dad Steve, built this zoo
to protect our world wildlife.
Today, we strive to carry on his mission.
So come with us, this is Wild Times.
This is Reggie, and he's one
of our amazing Sumatran Tigers.
Sumatran Tigers are actually one
of the smallest of the Tiger species.
He's only about 105 kilos at the moment which is about 230 pounds
but he will get quite a lot larger.
They are very powerful animals,
they've got those big front arms,
that beautiful striped coloration.
Now that really helps for camouflage.
They are the perfect camouflage predator.
Tigers being an apex predator, obviously,
top of the food chain in their environment.
Very, very powerful animals.
A cat can bring down a prey
three times it's own body weight.
Canine teeth about this long, as you can probably imagine.
In saying that though, they are obviously
are very, very affectionate animals.
You know, they raise their young
like any other mammal would.
They're very stealthy.
They've obviously got the stripes
to break up their body outline.
Put it this way, if you're in a forest with a tiger,
you wouldn't see one until it was too late.
Unfortunately, they are endangered.
There's only about 400 left in the wild, but finally,
we're starting to see an increase in population.
Wild tiger populations, unfortunately,
are facing a number of threats.
Human-tiger conflict, is a huge one.
Logging of forests for farmland
and for timber, and also through poaching.
Unfortunately they're being poached
every single day for their bones and body parts.
So we are very fortunate to be supported
by Wildlife Warriors here at Australia Zoo.
That charity puts money straight back
into the tiger protection and conservation units.
Those guys really are at the forefront
of saving one of the most endangered animals
in the world, the Sumatran Tiger.
Crikey, crikey, crikey.
Crikey has many different uses.
It can be wow, like crikey, something amazing just happened.
Or it can be complete disbelief.
Crikey, something really weird just occurred.
Or it can be crikey, if you're really scared,
like somethings about to get you.
So it can have many different uses.
This is Ravi the red panda.
Isn't he cute?
He's only three years old and his likes
are fruit, fruit, and fruit.
These guys are found in the Himalayas, near Nepal
and China and they live from about 5,000 feet
to about 15,000 feet in the foothills.
They are known to eat bamboo, but they also eat
all kinds of fruits and eggs and birds and lizards.
That's what panda means, hey?
It is, bamboo eater.
So it's funny, 'cause a lot of people think that red pandas
are like giant pandas, - Yeah.
But they're really not.
No, in fact, they're not related to pandas at all.
Isn't that amazing?
But if you look at his little face,
see how he's got kind of a mask?
So people think oh, maybe he's actually related
to raccoons, but he's not in the Procyonidae family at all,
he's actually in the Ailuridae family.
Oh, that's a good, that's your word of the day.
Yes, which drives scientists crazy,
because he's kind of not related to anything.
Their feet actually have this amazing, sock-like, feature.
And that's because they have little fur underneath
their feet as well, so they never get cold
when they're in those freezing temperatures of the Himalayas, so it's like
they're always wearing a little sock.
And it's amazing that they can climb,
essentially wearing bunny slippers.
Course, here at Australia zoo it's actually the subtropics
so we had our wonderful zoo artist
build him a log that looks like a log,
but it's tricky, because inside--
It's air conditioned.
It's air conditioned.
Which is pretty awesome.
So the irony is--
Ravi usually just goes up a tree and lays in the shade
and we keep catching the keepers in the log--
- Yeah. - On hot days.
He never uses it.
Keepers love it.
Most of Australia's 140 marsupial species
are found nowhere else on the planet.
You're not a marsupial.
Next week on wild times.
Thank you for keeping watch over all of us.
I feel very safe.
I feel like I'm in good hands.
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Bindi And Terri Introduce Us To Ravi the Red Panda! | Wild Times

140 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on April 26, 2019    餓犬 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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