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I want to see the boss!
You sell fakes!
We sell all genuine products.
Now you're lying to me?
I'll destroy this place!
It's just for years
we have been lying to our customers.
That's limited edition.
It's from Korea.
We have made some money,
but I feel uneasy a lot of the time,
as if I'm going against my conscience.
But if we really do business honestly,
we can't make much money at all.
And with the bribes we must pay officials,
we won't make anything at all.
It's hard.
If we want a way out of this life,
and want to walk the right path,
and have a meaningful, valuable life,
we have to go in front of God,
and accept God's salvation.
God can help us escape our torment,
and bring people light.
I really have to believe!
We can't continue lying just to earn dirty money.
We should be honest and conform to God's requirement.
Wei's a gambler.
He lost it all. He's long gone now!
We have a delivery tomorrow.
What should we do?
Our deadline is tomorrow.
If we can't make delivery,
then we'll have to pay breach fees.
We used shoddy goods to fill the order and deceive them.
We were not being trustworthy.
A little lie once in a while can't hurt, right?
The moment when money is involved,
why do I involuntarily deceive others?
I couldn't practice truth when I was in trouble,
because I was bound and constrained by Satan's nature.
Total honesty is walking the right path.
We're very sorry.
So this time, we want to give genuine goods.
We also want to give you this breach compensation.
We accept responsibility for this.
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2019 Christian Movie Trailer "The Sun Never Sets on Integrity" | Based on a True Story

161 Folder Collection
Susie published on April 25, 2019
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