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emo that's my boy so how's the lucky fan
lucky watch me swim over to that coral

okay I'll meet you there
why don't you try to swim through all

those rings of bubbles on the way
hi I'm tad I'm obnoxious hello I'm
Sheldon I miss you - oh it's intolerant

my name's Nemo I'm going to school so
are we but we can't find a friend pearl

the thing she got lost the capes
Oh help you find her don't even think

about it's either school or back home
for you

oh there's a big plan blocking our way
looks like we'll have to go home oh

sorry sorry
well um I'm Mina Todd and Sheldon said

you got lost in here Hey look what I
found in the cave

you can have it Nemo thanks for saving
me see if you can carry it with your fin

all you got to do is hold the action
button yeah that's it the cleanse like

these things look dad we can keep going
what are you doing you caught up and

hook dad I'm fine
let's go bail on us and now we can't

move on guess you'll never get to school
Nemo let me do it be my awesome I can't

move Oh l have to go home hey Nemo maybe
you could do it try pressing the PacSun

button too dark screw them
are you okay how's your fin it's fine

look I can see school come on look over

baby clams let's go play with them hey
Nemo I bet you didn't know that you can

knock bubbles into other creatures and
then dart into them like you did those

rocks really let me try it
clams are stupid Nemo be careful of

those clams before you go Nemo remember
anemones are our homes

if you're ever in danger press and hold
the action button to hide in one I will

dad and one more thing if you collect
those krill they'll protect you in case

you run into anything dangerous okay dad
hey kids
Wow their new Explorer Nemo isn't it all

new explorers must answer a science
question you live in what kind of hole

mmmmmm me and then there me okay okay
don't hurt yourself we're on a field

trip today class so follow me and I'll
show you the wonders of the Ring off we

let's go in the caves it must be a
shortcut come on no it was mr. Rey we

better catch up to him
here we are kids nuts rub off now feel
free to explore and but remember to be

careful and don't wander off cool hey
what's that I know what that is oh oh

sandy plankton saw one he said it was
called a but look at me I'm gonna go

touch the BOD
come on Nemo how far can you go my dad
says it's not safe you know you can't

swim Nemo stop it right now don't you

if you put one fan on that boat are you
listening to me Nemo

he touched the bud that's right you just
paddle your little tail right back here

emo you are in big
I've gotta get that mask
can you help me will you quit what
stop following me okay what are you

talking about not showing me which way
the boat went oh whoa hey I've seen a

boat it went on this way it went this
way problem buddy huh huh do you do you

wait a minute I'm trying to swim here
what those who didn't big enough for you

or something like that
stop it you're showing me which way the

boat went a boat hey I've seen a boat
he'd went on this way he went this way

fool me careful my little tidbits you
don't want to be popping any of them

balloons it'd be bad for your health
might and mine looks like fun let's

bounce a ball not sure don't know she'll
be alright

Wow but anymore in three times and each
balloon and we're all gonna regret

hey there little fella
seen any of my friends around no no no

we must have no mess everybody root
canal and by the looks of those x-rays

it's not gonna be pretty
Oh who's this do you know him Flo hey

Dori this way what can I help you yes
we're looking for a bass remember oh

yeah oh come on then
follow me okay just keep swimming just

keep swimming hey there wow you just
like that other fish back there that was

me Tory really Wow
I don't know how we're gonna get past

this oh I know I know
you do nope I'm sure if we team up we

can do it just tag me with the action
button if you need me to do something

you can't okey-dokey
Sidney P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney
will you turn on the Ring of Fire turn
it on a fire there are no bubbles the

mountain has spoken
Nemo must complete the tasks of Mount

wanna hock a loogie
go forth and return when you have

finished this leads need to be blocked
the mountain is ready Nemo
you may now return and face your destiny

dori dori Oh No how's your bum fin shark

so my lucky fit oh poor Lizzy it never
stopped me tell you what how about I

give you someone film swimming tips try
to keep up with me and do what I do okay

you're doing real good kid thanks sea
snails Erin patty what can I do

let me up I can sort them out for you
attaboy shark bait hey what's that it

arrived last week I think the dentist's
expects us to play with it yeah be my

Hey where'd they go hey the baby dudes I
bet they're hiding help me find them hey

time to go your exits coming up you're

ready shut bait I'll try okay shark bait
now start around and see if you can find

some large pebbles to block that
filterforgood it'll take a few of them

feed them into this funnel
of car to get out of here Gil said all
dreams lead to the ocean I don't what to

do we have still all the pieces went

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Finding Nemo All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (Gamecube, PS2, Xbox)

221 Folder Collection
譚曉曼 published on April 24, 2019
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