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(bell dings)
- Hey.
Come on in.
Let's get ready for bed.
Well hello. Welcome to my bathroom.
So the first thing I usually do
is that I let my hair down.
Which is gonna take a while
'cause I got like 1000 pins in there.
But bear with me, okay?
Well in the meantime let me tell you how my night went.
I went on the date with this gorgeous boy.
His name is Dylan. (laughs)
Just gonna put it up in a little bun.
First step is I always start
with the hardest, the strongest makeup which is the eye.
I'm using My Perfection Eye Makeup Remover
by Giorgio Armani.
So I love this makeup remover
because it's super oily.
Not super oily, but like the perfect amount.
And it makes it easier to remove all the hard makeup
like black eyeliner, or this case, my mascara.
You see, it's already gone in the top.
It's so easy.
Before I would always just like rub my eye
and they told me that it's actually not good
and I should be gentle
even though it's faster when you rub it
you gotta just like soak it a little bit
and then wipe it off.
Much better for your eyes.
You don't pull it too much
so it doesn't get wrinkly.
You don't get wrinkles that fast.
My mom told me not to pull my eye so much
because then I stretch the skin.
And since then I'm very careful.
Even when people are not watching.
I promise.
I always remove my makeup before going to bed
even when I'm really tired
and like I just had a long flight
or really just wanna get in a hot bath
or wanna jump into bed,
I always remove my makeup first
because if you're not wearing makeup
your skin can breath during the night,
it can rest and you're gonna have gorgeous skin.
Next step is that I'm going to use this oily,
foaming cleanser all over my face
To remove all the foundation
and make sure my skin is as clean as it can be.
Some water.
I like to move my hands in circles
but I don't think it makes any difference.
It's just maybe it's all those years of modeling
that I'm like, oh this would shoot pretty.
You can do like this if you want.
That took off the majority of the makeup.
Sometimes when I have like,
you know we would do a massive black eye
or glitter, that's the worst,
it could take like hours to actually remove it
because you're eyes are one your most sensitive part
of your body, I feel, I think, maybe it's just my eyes,
but you can see even now it's a little red.
Now that my makeup is off,
before I get into the cream I like to use,
this uh, I can never pronounce this,
Acqua Pantelleria,
which is kinda like a primer for your facial cream.
Super easy.
Just do like that.
And you tap it onto your skin.
It's very calming
and it smells amazing.
Good friend and makeup artist also told me
to always put the cream down to your neck.
So you age the same way, your face and your neck.
Which makes sense I guess.
This is my favorite cream for the night
because it has a very light texture.
And I really don't like to go to bed with a greasy skin.
If you would leave the makeup on or put oil on,
I feel like you would get pimples.
Which as you can see I don't have.
At all.
This is not a pimple.
So I'm using Crema Nera by Giorgio Armani.
It's the Supreme Reviving Cream.
I'll just massage it into my face.
With a little help.
This one.
This feels so good.
Before going to bed it's like a little facial massage.
I usually use this more in the morning
because it helps you with like to depuff
if you had a long flight
and brings out your cheek bones and your jaw line.
And it feels great.
Sometimes I put it in the freezer
and like ice it
so then it's ice cold and it's even better.
Like works even better.
That should be it
for my face.
One very important thing.
I'm a lip balm addict.
So day and night,
I think I can also like sleep with my lip balm.
I put a lot.
My recent favorite one is the Neo Nude Ecstasy Balm.
There ya go.
And I guess that's my nighttime routine.
Now it's time to sleep.
Thank you for watching.
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Barbara Palvin Nighttime Skincare Routine Go To Bed With Me

68 Folder Collection
賴芊芊 published on April 23, 2019
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