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- [Albert] Christmas is a time when a family
ought to be together and it is a time
of peace and goodwill.
It was great to film, difficult to film
the Christmas episode when it's
in the middle of July in England.
Not the easiest thing in the world.
Fake snow a-plenty.
(children shriek)
- [Child] Faster! Faster!
- We are introduced to Christmas trees,
which Victoria finds quite extraordinary
that you would bring the forest inside the house.
- [Albert] This tree shall be suspended by its trunk
from the center of the ceiling.
- Such extravagance.
In my day we were perfectly happy with an orange.
- [Jenna] All sorts of traditions,
Christmas crackers, I think the Christmas carols,
which we still know today and sing today.
- [Albert] Are you familiar with these English carols?
- [Albert] I like them very, very much.
- It's very interesting. Christmas cards for example,
you just kind of see Christmas being invented
before it was actually Christmas.
- [Albert] Have you seen this?
It is a card depicting Christmas scenes.
It gives it that validation if you like
and a connection, an immediate connection
with Christmas time.
And then within that,
it can't just be a historical documentary.
It needs to have drama in there as well.
There are stories that happen
within the Christmas episode that are absolutely true.
I hope people enjoy it.
I enjoyed making it a lot because
who doesn't like Christmas?
- [Victoria] Merry Christmas, my angel.
(soft music)
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Victoria, Season 2: A Victoria Christmas

84 Folder Collection
TK published on April 23, 2019
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