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(gentle music)
- To me, ma'am, you're every inch a queen.
- All I want is for us to be friends.
- I wish I could dance with you every night.
I'm afraid.
- I know, ma'am, but I also know how much courage you have.
Not all queens marry, ma'am.
- Dancing is easy if you have the right partner.
- Close your eyes.
- [man] You do know that the Queen must marry.
- Then she will look to her husband.
I believe when you give your heart,
it will be without hesitation.
But you cannot give it to me.
- No man would give you up, Drina,
unless he knew that it was his duty.
- I think I will never be happy.
- Victoria.
- Albert.
- Ernest has requested a duet.
- [Ernest] Seemed to me that you play together rather well.
- Do I remind you of your mother?
- I will hold them here, next to my heart.
(Dash whimpering) - [Victoria] Is he hurt?
Should I ask my question now?
- Well, I wish you would.
(Victoria chuckles)
- Will you marry me?
- Only if you let me kiss you first.
- I wish I were an ordinary woman.
- Not bad, eh?
- I hardly think you're in much danger
from a harmless flirtation with a married woman.
- [Ernest] You think that this is harmless?
- Why does the allowance mean so much to you?
Is it so that you can keep a mistress?
- [Albert] The only woman I want is you.
- I don't know your name.
- There's nothing we cannot face.
(gun fires) (crowd screams)
My love.
- I wish I could make you happy.
- It's started.
- [Victoria] Albert!
- A love like ours can burn down a city.
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Victoria: The Most Romantic Moments of Season 1

58 Folder Collection
TK published on April 23, 2019
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