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The biggest thing with Downton Abbey is that it has attracted a wide ranging audience.
It's an international phenomenon as well and what we've done with this exhibit is that
we have connected it directly to the history of the City of Toronto and to the history
of this family and I think that people really like that connection with reality and with
what is real. I think that's the strongest point for this exhibit.
We also have costumes on display from our City collection because again there is really
a nice comparison between the fictional world of Downton and what really happened in the
City of Toronto.
I think that this exhibit would draw in a younger audience. Vintage fashion is really
kind of hip and cool and there is always an interest in kind of vintage shopping in Toronto
and that's a really good connection to make with the young people living here right now.
Nancy Reynolds, Museum Site Coordinator, Spadina Museum
So we have a wide selection of dresses from the show. So for instance we have a group
of working dresses. We also have comparison between daywear and eveningwear we have quite
a nice collection of those. We have a couple of the men's outfits.
It's really unique. It's the only chance that I'm probably going to get living in this area
to see this kind of show.
It's a really good entry into the history of the City of Toronto at this time. All of
the panels that we have draw comparisons between what the characters were wearing and what
people from this family and the City of Toronto that were sort of similar social standing
would have worn.
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Dressing for Downton: Costumes from Downton Abbey at Spadina Museum

116 Folder Collection
TK published on April 23, 2019
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