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Can you believe Downton Abbey is about to start its fifth series? And talking about
time being fast, we asked the cast what would happen if we were to put them in a time machine.
Now if you were to bring your character in a time machine, and she was living in present
day 2014, where do you think she would be based and what do you think she'd be doing?
It's hard to know. I think he would have been a writer.
Yeah, I think he's sort of a sage. He's a thinker, John Bates. So there you go. He would've
been a writer, a penniless writer on disability benefits.
That's an interesting one. I think he'd probably be living... Well, he would have lost all
this. That would have all been gone by the Second World War.
They would be living in New York together, and they would own...
In what year?
No today. Like right now. So if Barrow and Branson were here.
We'd have like a franchise of Burger Kings or something, really resent each other.
It'd be gay Irish bars that would be all around the States. So yeah.
What would they be called?
I think we'd have use their names. B&B.
Hey, are you going to go down to B&B? Yeah, I am!
So he'd be living in a crumbly flat in Pimlico, but working an investment bank and making
gazillions in that way, but losing them as well.
I think maybe Anna would be... Maybe she'd be a nurse or something like that possibly.
Because she's very caring.
Edith is a writer, so I'd like to think of her in 2014 as being like a blogger.
Well, I think the old Lady Rose would be like definitely out partying in like... I don't
know maybe in Brixton or somewhere.
But now... I think she'd just be like following bands around the country. She'd be a massive
groupie, but this year actually, she's much calmer, and I think perhaps she's looking
for love and she's wanting to feel kind of safe after all the drama of last year, so
maybe she'd be like hanging out in like, I don't know.
Well, I think she'd be based in London, and I think she'd probably be the editor of the
Guardian women's page.
That is so fabulous.
Living in Chiswick in a band called Sadie & The Hotheads. She's sort of similar to me.
Where would she be living? Maybe somewhere West because, you know, she's money.
Somewhere really... I don't know. Chelsea or some gorgeous pad overlooking the river.
I think she'd be quite a business woman.
What music do you think she'd like listening to?
Something quite sassy. I don't know. A bit of jazz.
Classic FM as she writes her column and then maybe some like dirty like house music. Just
like on an evening with her pearls. I'm making it really slow for some reason.
I think she'd go the Proms quite a lot.
John Bates. What music would he like?
I think he'd be a jazz man.
I don't know. I'll go for Mumford and Sons because I like them as well. I can't see Anna
in a nightclub.
And what do you think her biggest gripe would be about modern day society?
Mobile phones.
So annoying.
Yeah, really annoying.
I think conflict.
Technology. She hates it.
Barrow, this traffic's unbelievable. I remember when there was four cars in the whole of London.
Going up to a bar and ordering a drink. I don't think she'd understand. Where is the
personal waiter?
We quite often joke about it when we're on set, when there isn't a servant to open the
door, we're like how do I do get through?
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Downton Abbey Season 5: Cast time-travels with their characters to 2014

81 Folder Collection
TK published on April 23, 2019
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