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  • so we start off in the opera house at an auction this is where we Raoul Vicompte

  • De Chagny but then we go into a flashback where the Opera House is about to put on

  • a new opera and we find that the Opera House is getting new owners this lady

  • tries to sing a song but a curtain comes crashing down and she's out of there so

  • then our heroine Christine Daaé steps up into the role after the performance a

  • much younger Raoul comes to congratulate Christine which doesn't sit too well

  • with this guy no not this guy this guy he takes her to his lair via a boat and

  • then tries to seduce her with awkwardness but then our favorite diva

  • from before returns and she's not too happy our boy The Phantom has written

  • everyone notes telling them what to do when how to act during an opera called

  • Il Muto things start off okay until you know who shows up Christine runs to the

  • roof of the opera house where her and Raoul sing a song pledging their undying

  • love to each other but guess who's showed up and heard it all that's right

  • you guessed it act 2 starts off with the big ensemble number masquerade but then

  • our masked man shows up to give them the Opera he's been working on Christine

  • goes to the graveyard to sing to her dead father the Phantom shows up as he

  • does and then they performed the Phantom's opera I wonder who could be

  • under that cloak oh yeah we then find out why the Phantom wears his mask as he

  • drags Christine back to his lair Raoul goes after her but he nearly gets

  • himself killed in the process Christine kisses the Phantom he lets Raoul

  • go tells Christina loves her and that's the show thank you for watching and yeah

so we start off in the opera house at an auction this is where we Raoul Vicompte

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