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  • - This is Mr. Mac.

  • He's an Aldabra Tortoise,

  • a giant tortoise species that can live

  • past 180 and may have the longest life span

  • of any creature on the planet.

  • (orchestral music)

  • Hailing from the Aldabra Atoll,

  • a small cluster of coral islands in the Indian Ocean,

  • the Aldabra Tortoise is massive.

  • Endowed with a domed shell, long neck,

  • and strong claws, they can grow to be longer

  • than four feet and can weigh as much as 500 pounds.

  • They live in grasslands and subsist on a diet

  • of dry, nutrient rich vegetation.

  • An Aldabra Tortoise has never met

  • a blade of grass it didn't like.

  • And it won't be deterred from eating it

  • even if it takes a while to reach it.

  • But the tortoises have had a harder time

  • finding food because of habitat destruction

  • caused by humans and increasingly climate change.

  • This is the Aldabra Tortoise.

  • (orchestral fanfare)

- This is Mr. Mac.

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