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This is Tammi and Lucho.
They're tamanduas.
And this is their first date.
When a tamandua feels threatened, it will rear up on its hind legs
and use its sharp, powerful claws to slash out.
Sometimes it can be hard to break the ice.
Tamanduas are the smaller cousin of the giant anteater.
And while both species enjoy snacking on ants,
tamanduas are excellent tree-climbers,
while their larger relatives prefer to stay firmly on the ground.
Tamanduas have excellent defense mechanisms for enemies both large and small.
If a predator gets too close, the tamandua will release a powerful stinky spray,
four times as strong as a skunk.
And its thick, coarse fur keeps angry ants from reaching its skin when dining in an anthill.
Despite these protective adaptations,
the tamandua remains a threatened species in their native Central and South America.
Habitat loss and hunting are both looming threats.
This is the tamandua.
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The Tough-Skinned Tamandua Is Hard as Nails

230 Folder Collection
許大善 published on April 21, 2019
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