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Last Mother's Day, I didn't get a call from Serena until 9pm.
9 pm?
Just because she's the GOAT doesn't mean she can't take time for her mother.
It's true.
That boy Snoop Dogg.
He's so busy, he can't even call his mama?
If Dwayne doesn't call me soon, I'm gonna lay the smackdown on him.
OBJ still has an M-O-M.
How can you forget your mama?
Hey Portal, answer.
Happy Mother's Day!
Oh! It's so good to see you.
Oh hi mom-s.
Are you just hanging out with the moms of other famous people?
What's up Neil?
Hi, Venus and Serena's mom.
Jonah Hill's mom.
Snoop Dog's mom.
Odell's mom.
This is weird.
Can you just give papa and Mamaw a minute, please?
We love you Mamaw!
I love you!
Am I in trouble, cause it kind of feels like I'm in trouble.
No honey, there's nothing wrong.
Although he does look thin.
He does look thin.
Thank you?
Come on over here and let us look at you.
Honey, have you been getting enough sleep?
You look so pale.
Something is off.
Okay ladies, I'm fine.
We just called to say happy Mother's Day.
I think it's the hair.
It's definitely the hair.
What? Where did you - there's nothing wrong with my hair!
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Portal - Mother's Day

5199 Folder Collection
reborn2439416 published on May 12, 2019    Ingrid translated    Evangeline reviewed
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