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The world's greatest wilderness
The only place on Earth to see the full majesty of nature
There's so much more here
than we ever imagined
I'm standing
where the equator cuts
wide across
the middle of the continent
To the North of me, there's an immense desert the size of the United States of America
To the West
a vast rainforest the size of India
And behind be for thousands of miles
the most fertile savannahs in the world
From the roof of Africa
to the deepest jungle
Rarely seen places and untold stories
There's nowhere in the world
where wildlife puts on a greater show
This is the last place on earth where you can come eye to eye
with the greatest animals that walk our planet
This... is Africa
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David Attenborough's Africa (BBC) - Introduction

6332 Folder Collection
wawa published on March 17, 2013
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