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Why are flamingos pink?
I will explain.
A baby flamingo is not pink.
It is actually born with grey feathers.
So, does it spray paint itself with pink color?
Flamingos get their pink or orange color from their food which is mainly algae and shrimps.
These organisms contain carotenoids.
Carotenoids are reddish orange colored pigments.
When a flamingo eats algae and shrimps, its liver extracts the colored pigments.
The pigments are then absorbed by fats.
These fats start depositing in the flamingo's growing feathers.
Which eventually cause the flamingo to turn pink or orange.
Now, an interesting fact is that we also eat fruits that contain carotenoids.
Such as carrots, apricots, mangoes, etc.
But we do not eat enough of these fruits for them to affect our skin color.
How do fireflies glow?
Using a magic wand.
Fireflies glow because they produce light by a biochemical reaction.
In the lower abdomen of fireflies.
There is a chemical called luciferin and an enzyme called luciferase.
When oxygen enters into their lower abdomen through tracheal tubes.
It basically reacts with luciferin in the presence of luciferase.
This reaction produces light.
This production and emission of light by a living organism is called bioluminescence.
Bioluminescence is a cold light.
This means the light produced generates very less heat.
Thus, preventing the firefly's abdomen from getting overheated.
It is not hot.
However, one more interesting fact.
Is that not only adult fireflies but also their eggs and larvae are bioluminescent.
They look so stunning.
How are pearls formed?
It's a top secret.
I can't reveal it.
All right.
I will tell you.
Pearls are the result of a biological process within living sea creatures.
Like an oyster as it protects itself from foreign substances.
The oyster looks beautiful.
An oyster has two shells.
Inside the shells, there is an organ called mantle.
Mantle covers and protects all the internal organs of the oyster.
Whenever any foreign substance like a grain of sand or a parasite makes its way into the oyster.
Gets stuck in between the shell and mantle.
The mantle's natural reaction is to cover that foreign substance to protect the oyster's internal organs.
For this, the mantle secretes a mineral called nacre around the foreign substance in layers.
Over time, layer upon layer of nacre leads to the formation of a pearl.
Why can we see our breath in the cold?
So that we can make weird shapes.
Our lungs help us to exchange gases.
They are always moist and warm.
Now when we breathe, we inhale oxygen rich air and exhale carbon dioxide rich air.
However, as the lungs are warm and moist.
The exhaled air is warm and has more moisture in the form of water vapor.
In cold months, when this warm and moist exhaled air comes in contact with the cool air.
The moisture in the exhaled air condenses to form tiny water droplets.
Thus, we can see these tiny water droplets as cloud or fog in our breath.
Why does helium make you sound funny?
Because helium converts you into a joker.
Air mainly consists of gases such as nitrogen and oxygen.
It is present in our surroundings, lungs, mouth, nose, etc.
When we speak, air from our lungs passes through the vocal folds making them vibrate.
These vibrations make the air in our mouth and nose to vibrate back and forth, producing sound.
The speed of sound in air is about 340 meters per second.
My running speed is 500 meters per second.
Please listen.
Helium is lighter than nitrogen and oxygen.
Being lighter, sound travels faster in helium as compared to air.
Hence, when we inhale helium and try to speak.
The sound produced travels faster, thus producing that funny voice.
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Why are flamingos pink? plus 4 more videos.. #aumsum

79 Folder Collection
AumSum published on April 18, 2019
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