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- Holy (beeping), what?!
(soft music)
- This is oddly ominous.
- Okay.
Okay, this is- okay.
(soft music)
- This feels like, like a saw puzzle.
(soft music)
- This is-
I don't- okay, I'm just gonna, just go with what I think
I should do, which is open the gift.
- Am I to assume there's no instruction here?
Am I allowed to touch stuff?
I don't know why I'm sweating.
- Holy (beeping) what?!
Oh my god!
Wait, wait, wait!
This isn't a riddle, is this just like a gift?
- Is this an elaborate prank?
(soft music)
Can I tell you something?
Today's my birthday.
- Oh my god!
It's the moon bounce shoes.
- This is gonna be so mean if it's just the box.
Is this really mine?
Oh my god.
This was the dream for me.
The one big tragic joke of my childhood is
that I never got a Power Wheels,
it was the one thing I always wanted.
We straight up couldn't afford it,
which in retrospect, I feel bad now
as an adult, 'cause I'm sure my mom felt like (beeping).
- This is like Christmas.
I needed this, I've been having a really (beeping) week.
Can I keep these?
Is that a part of this?
Okay- oh my god.
This is my favorite thing ever!
My mom always told me that these were gonna like,
break my foot, 'cause I used to ask
for them for like every Christmas,
and like me and my brother were really rowdy
and destructive, so she never let us have them.
And now I'm an adult so suck it, Mom.
I can do what I want.
Oh wow, this is a lot more involved
than I thought it was gonna be.
- It's a Jeep, which is a huge deal for me.
I actually love Jeeps specifically.
I used to have a Jeep.
I'm a little bit Jeep obsessed.
If I were to get a Power Wheels,
it would be this Jeep.
Oh so this is what it looks like
on the inside of the box, I've never known.
Oh there's a lot of pieces.
- Look how many bands there are to put this together.
There's like a million of these.
These are like all slimy.
Like I feel like I could literally grease my scalp
with this, I don't know, do people grease their scalps?
Is that a thing?
As a kid I really liked these
because I was always interested in space,
and the thought of like feeling like I could walk
on the moon, like really made me just excited.
- This is significantly more complicated
than I thought it would be to put together.
I would actually appreciate some help
if you guys wouldn't mind.
(soft music)
Okay, so we finished putting it together.
I just gotta add the battery,
which is the final step to making this a real,
honest to God Power Wheels.
Oh, there's like a little cage for it.
- I didn't read the instructions at first.
I was advised to read the instructions,
and if you weigh, oh 160 and up,
which you know, I'm over 160 pounds
'cause I'm an adult, and you're supposed to put
five more bands per slot.
I put about five on each, so I hope I don't just like
step on this and fall straight through.
Man, my mom always said these were dangerous,
and how would she know?
She never walked in them.
- All right.
I'm a little larger now than when I first requested this.
Oh boy.
Some ominous pops.
Man, shout out to the parents that did put this together
for their kids, 'cause A, it's really complicated,
but B, like if it messes up, you like miss a screw,
um that's dangerous.
Okay, I don't- here, I'm gonna have to, oh god.
I'm also noticing there's not a break pedal.
There's just one pedal?
- My toes hang over the top of them.
I'm gonna break an ankle.
Okay, whoa, these, okay, okay.
Holy (beeping)!
This is so fun!
This is legitimately probably the most fun
I've had all year.
Oh my god!
I don't know why my mom never let me have these.
These are not dang- I mean, they're kinda dangerous.
Okay wait.
Standing still is like almost impossible.
- Oh (beeping).
I want to say, not only is the toy that I wanted forever
when I was a kid, and not only is today my actual birthday,
but I had to sell my beloved, actual red Jeep
in order to move to LA in the first place
before I started working here.
So this is like all sorts of layers
of heart strings for me.
Here we go.
I'm doing it!
I'm doing it!
I just unplugged it.
- [Crew] You pulled the light out.
- Yeah.
- Oh (beeping).
This is probably the most fun I've had
in quite some time.
I'm out of breath, and I'm glad
I can cancel my gym membership now.
'Cause this is it.
This is fun but Jesus Christ.
Whoo, okay.
- It's a little awkward for my size,
but the magic is still there for me.
This is absolutely a childhood dream come true.
(soft music)
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Adults Get Surprised With Toys They Always Wanted

102 Folder Collection
Winnie Liao published on April 18, 2019
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