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  • How do glasses work?

  • They work very hard to make us look intelligent and studious.

  • No.

  • When light from an object reaches our eyes, the cornea and lens refract the light.

  • In a person having perfect vision, the refracted light is accurately focused on the retina.

  • The retina then sends information to the brain, informing it about the object.

  • However, in some people, the light does not get properly focused on the retina causing blurry vision.

  • When light gets focused before the retina, the defect is called myopia.

  • Myopia can be corrected using glasses having concave lenses.

  • Whereas, when light gets focused behind the retina, the defect is called hyperopia or hypermetropia.

  • Hypermetropia can be corrected using glasses having convex lenses.

  • Apart from these, there are other defects also like presbyopia.

  • Astigmatism which can also be corrected using glasses having appropriate lenses.

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How do glasses work? | #aumsum

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