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  • Topic: Atmospheric refraction.

  • Why do stars twinkle?

  • Because they blink their eyes.

  • No.

  • The twinkling of stars is due to atmospheric refraction.

  • Atmospheric refraction is the bending of light caused by the earth's atmosphere.

  • I thought atmospheric refraction is the bending of my body due to earth's atmosphere.

  • Please listen.

  • Earth's atmosphere is changing continuously.

  • When the light of a star travels through space towards us.

  • The continuously changing earth's atmosphere refracts.

  • Bends the light by different amounts and in different directions every moment.

  • When the atmosphere refracts more starlight towards us, the star appears bright.

  • When the atmosphere refracts less starlight, the star appears dim.

  • In this way, the amount of starlight reaching our eyes increases.

  • Decreases causing the star to appear twinkling.

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