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At the start of Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister
is a rich dwarf who loves drinking and sex

. He’s also smart and sensitive.
He feels unloved and mistreated, so he uses
his sarcastic drunk persona to protect himself

from emotional pain . Tyrion’s relationship
with his family is complicated.

He loves his brother Jaime, but his father
Tywin and sister Cersei treat him as an embarrassment

to their proud family.
So from the start, Tyrion’s loyalty to the
Lannisters is in question – Jaime asks whose

side he’s on . Tyrion visits the Wall – he
pisses off the edge of the world , and makes

friends with Jon Snow.
Tyrion gives Bran a special saddle so he can
ride after he’s crippled – as a dwarf,

Tyrion has sympathy “for cripples, bastards
and broken things” . Catelyn Stark arrests

Tyrion on false charges, and brings him to
Lysa, who locks him in a sky cell.

Tyrion goes free after a trial by combat,
thanks to the mercenary Bronn . They’re

almost both killed by hill tribesmen, but
Tyrion then convinces them to join him – Tyrion’s

really good at talking his way out of danger,
and turning enemies into allies.

Tyrion’s father Tywin has, quote, “always
been a cunt” , treating Tyrion as a “constant

disappointment” . He gives Tyrion a chance
to prove himself , sending Tyrion to the capital,

to rule as Hand of the King . But Tywin forbids
Tyrion from bringing his mistress, the prostitute

Shae . Tywin and Tyrion have a history with

Tyrion had once married a common girl called
Tysha, and Tywin thought she was unworthy

– so he had her gang-raped . Tyrion and
Tywin’s relationship is poisoned with misogyny,

shame and resentment.
So in defiance of his father, Tyrion brings
Shae to King’s Landing.

In Season 1, Tyrion’s smart funny persona
masks deep insecurities and pain.

In Season 2, Tyrion rules as Hand – creating
conflict with Cersei , who wants the power

to herself.
He also butts head with Joffrey, the psycho
little fuckwit king . Tyrion forms an uneasy

alliance with Varys, who sees potential in
Tyrion . And Tyrion secretly continues his

relationship with Shae . Tyrion and Cersei’s
rivalry spirals into violence.

Cersei’s furious when Tyrion sends her daughter
to Dorne . So Cersei tries to hurt him by

beating Ros, who she thinks is Tyrion’s

And Tyrion threatens Cersei – promising
to turn her joy into ashes in her mouth . King’s

Landing is attacked by Stannis, and Tyrion
defends the city.

He destroys Stannis’ fleet with wildfire,
and personally leads an attack . His face

is cut by a Kingsguard, and he’s saved by
his faithful squire Podrick.

Shae declares her love to Tyrion, and asks
him to start a new life with her . But Tyrion

feels he belongs in the politics of King’s
Landing . So in Season 2, Tyrion finds new

purpose, playing the game of thrones.
But Tywin returns, and takes all the credit
for saving the city from Stannis , and he

replaces Tyrion as Hand of the King .
So in Season 3, Tyrion confronts Tywin and

demands recognition for helping the family
– he asks his father for love and approval.

But Tywin gives him cruelty and contempt.
He describes his hatred and disgust for Tyrion,
for his drinking and whoring and for being

a dwarf.
He blames Tyrion for his mother’s death
in childbirth, says Tyrion will never inherit

the family castle , and that he’ll kill
Tyrion’s next whore . Tyrion keeps on trying

to prove himself, working as Master of Coin
– but Tywin still refuses to acknowledge

him . Tyrion makes a point of rewarding Podrick
with a trip to the brothel – Tyrion gives

Pod the love and approval that Tyrion wishes
he got from Tywin . Tyrion takes solace with

Shae, and also confides in Bronn.
Tywin makes Tyrion marry Sansa Stark , which
puts Tyrion in in “awkward” position . He

wants to keep Shae happy . But he also wants
to do right by Sansa.

Tywin tells Tyrion to get Sansa pregnant , so
the Lannisters can claim the north.

Tyrion refuses to force himself on Sansa , and
all the old resentments over Tysha return

. Tyrion gets drunk and threatens King Joffrey,
and Tywin reminds Tyrion how much he hates

him . So by the end of Season 3, Tyrion’s
stuck in a deeply uncomfortable marriage,

his mistress is pissed, his father hates him,
the king hates him, and the realm is wracked

with war . How long can it go on, Tyrion asks

In Season 4, Tyrion tries to help his wife
Sansa as she grieves for her murdered family.

When Jaime comes home without a hand, it kinda
brings the brothers closer – now that they’re

both cripples of a sort.
Cersei finds out about Shae, so Tyrion tries
to break up with her, to send her away to

Shae refuses to leave him , so Tyrion gets
hurtful, saying Shae’s a whore, that she’s

not good enough – echoing Tywin’s hate.
Tyrion hurts the one he loves in trying to
protect her.

At Joffrey’s wedding, Joffrey publicly humiliates

And When Joffrey’s poisoned, Cersei accuses
Tyrion of the murder . The trial goes badly,

and gets worse when Shae testifies against
Tyrion – probably under duress by Cersei.

Tyrion feels deeply betrayed – by the woman
he loved, by his father, and by the whole

city, who turn against Tyrion after he’d
saved them from Stannis.

A lifetime of pain and hate comes pouring
out, he says “I wish I was the monster you

think I am” . Tyrion demands trial by combat,
but his champion Prince Oberyn is killed.

So Tyrion is sentenced to death by his own
father for a crime he didn’t commit . In

the finale, Jaime and Varys break Tyrion out
of jail.

And Tyrion finds that Shae has become Tywin’s

This shows the total hypocrisy of Tywin’s
hatred for “whores”, and it shows the

depth of Shae’s betrayal – she calls Tywin
“My lion” , which was her pet name for

Shae takes a knife, and Tyrion strangers her.
The he apologises to her corpse – cause
after all, Shae didn’t ask for any of this

when Tyrion took her in Season 1.
Finally, Tyrion confronts his father, who
still refuses to respect Tyrion’s feelings.

Tywin says “You're no son of mine” , and
Tyrion replies “I have always been your

son” . Because Tyrion and Tywin are alike.
They have the same insecurities around power
and pride, women and love, and in the end,

they have the same brutality.
Tyrion kills his father, and leaves the country
with Varys.

In Season 4, Tyrion’s struggle for love
and acceptance ends with betrayal and murder.

In Season 5, Tyrion is depressed and hopeless
, filled with guilt and self-loathing for

killing Tywin and Shae . Varys wants him to
help Daenerys , and Tyrion goes along with

it cause he’s got nothing better to do while
he drinks himself to death . In Volantis,

Tyrion is captured by Jorah, who also wants
to take him Daenerys.

In Valyria, Tyrion sees Daenerys’ dragon,

Tyrion has always been fascinated by dragons,
and seeing one for real brings a sense of

hope and wonderment back to his life . Tyrion
needs something to live for, and Jorah says

that the Daenerys is worth believing in . Jorah
and Tyrion are attacked by stone men, then

they’re captured by slavers, Tyrion talks
about his cock, and he ends up meeting Daenerys.

He convinces Daenerys to take him on as a
political advisor – he’s useful to her

cause he knows the politics of Westeros, and
he knows Queen Cersei . And Tyrion and Daenerys

have a lot in common.
Both of their fathers were powerful cruel
politicians . Both of their mothers died in

Both of them like political power, but also
have compassion for the weak . So Daenerys

and Tyrion get along.
They try to make peace in Meereen by working
with Hizdahr and opening the fighting pits,

and that all turns to shit, but Tyrion sees
Daenerys take flight on her dragon, showing

him that there is magic and hope left in the

In Season 5, Tyrion finds someone to believe

In Season 6, Daenerys is gone.
And Tyrion is left to bring peace to a divided
and dangerous Meereen . It’s a huge political

challenge – and a chance to prove himself
to his new queen . Tyrion starts by unchaining

Dany’s dragons , and he gets the red priests
to support Daenerys . But the main threat

is the Sons of the Harpy, and Tyrion learns
that they’re funded by the nearby slave

cities . So Tyrion makes a peace deal with
the slavers – though Grey Worm and Missandei

warn him that it won’t work . For a while,
there’s “peace” in Meereen . Varys leaves,

and Tyrion says he’ll miss him . Tyrion
tries to make friends with Grey Worm and Missandei.

Tyrion’s a long way from home, and he’s
lonely . Just when Meereen seems safe, the

slavers attack . Tyrion’s peace deal fails
, and everything turns to shit just as Daenerys

So Dany is not impressed.
But she still listens to Tyrion’s advice.
He convinces her not to go full fire and blood
on the slavers , and instead to just kill

some, and warn the rest not to attack again
. He oversees Dany’s alliance with the Greyjoys.

And he tells her to break up with Daario , so
she’s open for marriage.

Daenerys sees the value in Tyrion’s advice,
and he’s impressed by her compromises and

“self-sacrifice” . They respect each other,
and Tyrion starts to fall in love with her

. He declares his loyalty to Daenerys , and
she names him Hand of the Queen . From Daenerys,

Tyrion finally gets the respect and approval
that he never got from his father.

In Season 7, Tyrion comes home to Westeros
– with Daenerys’ invading army.

Tyrion helps plan the war against his siblings,
Cersei and Jaime.

And he says not to attack King’s Landing
with dragons, because that would kill thousands

of people – including Tyrion’s family
. Tyrion encourages Dany to team up with Jon

. Tyrion’s friendship with Jon helps build
this powerful alliance . But Tyrion’s war

plans fail – his strategy loses Daenerys
the Dornish, Greyjoys and Tyrells . Daenerys

questions Tyrion’s loyalty – maybe Tyrion
doesn’t want her to destroy the Lannisters

– cause they’re his family . When Daenerys
burns a Lannister army, Tyrion watches in

horror as his brother Jaime is almost killed
. He walks through ashes of his family’s

army, and Randyll Tarly condemns Tyrion for
betraying his family and homeland . Tyrion

is disturbed when Dany burns the Tarlys.
Tyrion still believes that Daenerys could
be a great queen , but his loyalty is torn

between her and his family.
Tyrion meets with Jaime and tries to explain
his feelings about their father.

Tyrion arranges the peace meeting between
Dany and Cersei.

And when it breaks down, Tyrion faces his

Cersei hates him for killing Tywin, but Tyrion
wants her to know that he never meant to hurt

their family – he feels terrible about the
deaths of her kids and of Tywin.

Tyrion tries desperately to make peace, and
Cersei tricks him – she uses her pregnancy

to convince Tyrion that she’ll help Daenerys
fight the dead, when Cersei’s actually planning

to betray them . On the way north, Tyrion
is disturbed when Dany and Jon have sex – partly

because Tyrion kinda loves Dany, but also
cause this complicates the political situation.

So in Season 7, Tyrion’s loyalties are torn.
He wants Daenerys to make the world better.
But he also wants to protect his family – Jaime,
and Cersei, and her unborn child.

So what’ll happen with Tyrion in the final

It looks like Jaime will join Daenerys against
the dead . And Jaime could tell Tyrion that

Cersei’s planning to betray everyone , which
might make it easier for Tyrion to side against

But still, Tyrion has sympathy for “broken
things”, and Cersei is the brokenest of

all – maybe Tyrion will still wanna protect
his sister and her unborn child . There are

theories that Cersei and Tyrion made a secret
deal to make Cersei’s child heir to the

Throne, or something.
Tyrion might get back with Bronn and Pod – the
old squad together again.

He’ll prolly reunite with his ex-wife, Sansa.
Sansa appreciates that Tyrion was good to
her , and Tyrion knows Sansa’s smart – maybe

they could form a political alliance, and
Tyrion could advise her.

Tyrion might get closer with Dany’s dragons.
There are theories that Tyrion is a secret
Targaryen, but we’ve already got of those.

Still, it’d be cool if Tyrion rode a dragon
– and he does have experience designing

special saddles.
If Tyrion survives to the end, maybe he’ll
help Daenerys “break the wheel”, and introduce

democracy to Westeros, like he said last season
. Or maybe he’ll rule Casterly Rock, to

spite Tywin who said he never would . Maybe
he’ll start that winery he mentioned in

Season 6 . Or maybe he’ll die at the age
of eighty with a belly full of wine and girl

on his cock, as in Season 1 . But Tyrion’s
story is defined by tragedy.

There are hints in the books that Tyrion might
lose his tongue.

Or that he’ll lose his life.
Tyrion might never get the love and acceptance
that he craves.

But most of all, let’s hope that we get
the punchline to that joke about the jackass

and the honeycomb .
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Tyrion Lannister recap for Game of Thrones Season 8 (Seasons 1-7)

90 Folder Collection
Jerry Liu published on April 18, 2019
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