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Hey, you!
Yeah, you.
Stop scrolling.
Do you want to come with me to
the final Game of Thrones premiere ever?
That's right, guys.
I'm Emilia Clarke, and to support a great cause,
I'm teaming up with Omaze
to offer you and a friend the chance
to be my VIP guests at the premiere of season eight.
You'll walk the red carpet.
We'll share a toast at the exclusive HBO after-party,
which will be lit AF.
And of course, you'll get to see the start of
the final season before anyone else.
Now, as we approach the end of Game of Thrones,
I can't help but feel a little bit sentimental.
It almost feels like a graduation of sorts.
So in that spirit,
I thought I'd try to award my castmates
with some yearbook-style superlatives.
Should we give it a go?
Don't start scrolling.
Here we go.
The first one:
"Best Reaction to Finding out
Their Character Was Being Killed Off"
There's been some interesting ones.
Jason Momoa probably had a pretty good reaction,
seeing as his introduction to me was
rugby-tackling me to the floor, screaming, "Wifey!"
The death was just...
I mean, three days later I think
we were still recovering from that reaction.
"Most Likely to be a Stark in the Streets
and a Wildling in the Sheets"
Alfie Allen.
Do you know what I mean?
He's pretty badass in the streets and—
"Best Eyebrows"
Is that even a...
I'm just gonna answer with my eyebrows.
Here's the next one:
"Biggest Prankster"
David and Dan.
They wrote a storyline where
Kit's whole face got scarred...
'cause they knew it'd really mess him up...
and it did.
"Best Instagram Account"
Kit's fan Instagram account is excellent.
I would say that Sophie or Maisie.
You can pause this for a moment
and find Sophie's Instagram Stories,
'cause "that's the tea" is pretty excellent.
But then Maisie's is just like
literally the coolest thing I've ever seen.
It makes me feel about 92.
"Most Likely to Have Insisted on Doing a Nude Scene"
The abs, people.
The abs.
Most likely to cry at the final Game of Thrones premiere.
No, I can't answer Kit for everything.
All of us.
Every single one of us.
If you don't cry, you don't have a heart.
I'm gonna cry.
My mum's gonna cry.
You'll be crying 'cause it's epic
and it's the last one.
And Nikolaj will just, it'll just be all tears.
That's it.
He'll just be this beautiful, broken man.
This Danish, broken...
And that's it.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
it's been a pleasure.
For your chance to hang with me
and the Game of Thrones class of 2019,
click the link,
or go to omaze.com/emilia and enter now.
We'll toast drinks at the HBO after-party.
And the very best part of it all is that
every donation supports
a really, really, really great cause.
Go to omaze.com/emilia, donate, even just a little bit,
and I'll see you at the premiere.
It's gonna be somewhere really cool.
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Emilia Clarke Gives the Game of Thrones Cast Superlatives // Omaze

223 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on April 18, 2019
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